Best of San Felipe, Mexico

The sun rises over the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe, Mexico.In search of the perfect destination for sunshine, warm, swimmable waters, and miles of unspoiled beaches? Welcome to San Felipe, a desert-meets-sea resort town just two hours from the U.S. border.  Situated between the Sea of Cortez and the Colorado desert on Baja California, San Felipe lures more than 300,000 visitors each year with its pristine shoreline, leisure sports and striking landscapes that beg to be explored.

Although San Felipe has its fair share of adventure activities, hotels, bars and vacation-worthy attractions, the scene is much quieter and less developed compared to points further south on the Baja Peninsula.

No matter your vacation style and preferences, San Felipe has a lot to offer, whether you want to relax by the lapping waves, play a round of golf, or barrel down rugged roads on an ATV.

Off Road Adventures

Strap in for the ride of a lifetime! All-terrain vehicles are popular in San Felipe for good reason. This town has become one of the world’s premier off-road destinations, and hosts several crossroads races including the prestigious Tecate Score San Felipe 250. There are many places to rent quads in town, or for a more personalized experience, schedule a guided tour that features world-class routes across beautiful desert landscapes.  

Beach Time

There are literally miles of postcard-perfect beaches sprawling north and south of San Felipe. If your holiday plans include plenty of rest and relaxation, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find quaint beach palapas directly in front of the Malecon (the pedestrian boulevard), and the waters are warm enough to swim in (mid 70’s) year-round. Other than beachcombing and swimming, you’ll also see banana boats for rent, and the occasional offer for horseback rides in the soft white sands.

Sport Fishing

Visitors come from far and wide just to go fishing in San Felipe. October through late April are the best months for fishing although local game fish can be caught year-round. Local pangueros (fisherman who own small 20-foot open boats) will take you out to Konsag Island, where halibut, grouper, trigger fish, corvina and mackerel are abundant. Bigger species including dorado, bonito and tuna can be found further offshore.

Championship Golf

El Dorado Ranch in San Felipe is home to one of the top golf courses in Baja California: Las Caras de Mexico. This 18-hole championship golf course features unbridled views of mountains and ocean and boasts a full-service clubhouse and pro shop facilities. Don’t miss an opportunity to play this signature course, designed by Bradford Benz.

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Discover The Beauty And Ambience Of San Felipe Mexico

Discover The Beauty And Ambience Of San Felipe Mexico

There has been a clear shift in the trend of vacationers to seek out affordable luxury when it comes to tropical vacation destinations. San Felipe Mexico is the perfect example of an area of coastal Mexico that has only continued to grow in popularity in recent years because of its friendliness, amazing affordability and easy access from the United States. In fact, the area is just a little over 100 miles south of the border crossing with California.

A Wide Range Of Local Food And Drink

One example of a unique festival that occurs each year in San Felipe Mexico is the Oktoberfest celebration. This is an October event that makes available to visitors a wide range of local food and drink. Best of all, this event is charitable in nature where some of the proceeds go directly to help the animals of San Felipe. The festival is located in Haywood Park and guarantees a good time for all who choose to visit.

Baja East Coast Food Extravaganza

Another fun and exciting event that occurs each year in San Felipe Mexico is the annual San Felipe shrimp Festival. This is a locally organized type of food event in San Felipe that is simply beyond compare. The festival is known as an original Baja East Coast food extravaganza that must not be missed. Visitors are able to sample a wide range of fantastic shrimp and seafood dishes. Along with fine food choices, the event also allows visitors to browse and shop among many stands that are filled with local products and unique items that cannot be found anyplace else in the world.

Planning A Vacation

The event also includes live music and entertainment and is sure to be a great experience when friends and family attend. The annual San Felipe Shrimp Festival If conveniently situated directly in the heart of downtown San Felipe. With easy access and some of the best food in Mexico, visitors and locals that have attended in the past would agree that the annual San Felipe shrimp Festival is an event that all should attend. Exploring San Felipe and taking full advantage of all that the area has to offer can be as simple as planning a vacation to this wonderful part of Mexico. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about furnished vacation properties in San Felipe.

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Explore San Felipe In A Most Delightful Way

Explore San Felipe In A Most Delightful Way

San Felipe is a beautiful and majestic part of coastal Mexico that should be experienced at least once in order to be fully appreciated. The area is just a short drive south of the border crossing with California. In many ways the area is still a remote desert community that maintains much of its original Mexican charm. Today, the area is exciting, dynamic and inviting.

Dressing In A Light And Comfortable Way

From Baja races to fishing and boat racing, the area is an outdoor lovers delight. Conveniently located to Southern California, San Felipe has seen an influx of travelers and vacationers that enjoy an affordable luxury vacation experience in tropical coastal Mexico. With an ideal climate and a desert atmosphere, travelers and vacationers can enjoy dressing in a light and comfortable way while taking full advantage of the areas impressive weather. Once considered simply a fishing port, San Felipe is now an exclusive vacation destination beyond compare.

Enjoying A Vacation In A More Relaxing And Complete Way

San Felipe offers many benefits when it comes to a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. From world-class restaurants to attractive and relaxing sandy beaches as well as exciting nightlife, the area has something for virtually everyone. Travelers and vacationers from across the globe are discovering that one of the best ways to enjoy San Felipe is to consider furnished vacation rental accommodations. This is a unique and innovative way of enjoying a vacation in a more relaxing and complete fashion. Few other accommodation options can come close to all that furnished vacation rental properties in coastal Mexico have to offer.

A Wide Array Of Amenities

Most impressive of all is the fact that these properties are privately owned, privately maintained and well appointed. These properties are also fully furnished and well stocked with a wide array of amenities such as linens, towels and kitchen supplies. This helps to ensure that vacationers have everything they need to enjoy a vacation like never before. Equally impressive is the fact that San Felipe has a large number of furnished villas, condos and private residential homes that are readily available for rent to vacationers and travelers. Few other experiences compare to experiencing coastal Mexico in a fully furnished vacation rental. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for exclusive San Felipe furnished vacation condos, villas and private residential homes.

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San Felipe Travel Tips And Tricks While On Vacation

San Felipe Travel Tips And Tricks While On Vacation

Perhaps one of the most inviting and pleasant coastal Mexico vacation destinations of all is San Felipe. The area is friendly and inviting and it offers a wide selection of outstanding restaurants, great nightlife and excellent shopping. Few other coastal Mexico vacation spots can compare when it comes to affordable luxury in a tropical paradise. Here are a few simple tips to consider when traveling to beautiful San Felipe.

Eating New Foods And Making New Friends

For example, those wishing to get the most out of any vacation experience should step outside their comfort zone and try some new and interesting activities. From deep-sea fishing to sailing and snorkeling as well as kayaking or even hiking, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor activities in coastal Mexico. Trying something new also includes eating new foods and making new friends. Even something as simple as watching a beautiful sunset on the beach can sometimes be incredibly rewarding.

Getting Involved In A Wide Variety Of Sports

Another key aspect of getting the most out of any vacation to San Felipe is to simply get out and explore. Exploring one’s surroundings while on vacation is one of the best ways to discover many of the incredible opportunities available for excitement, intrigue and rewarding experiences. From visiting local attractions to boating and getting involved in sports, the possibilities are endless when travelers to San Felipe. Step outside your comfort zone and explore your surroundings. Something as simple as trying to learn the local language can be an exhilarating experience.

Delectable Authentic Mexican Food And Incredibly Friendly Locals

One thing is certain and that is that San Felipe offers something for everyone. As a beautiful tourist town on the coast, San Felipe provides for an atmosphere that is beyond compare. Genuine Mexican culture, delectable authentic Mexican food and incredibly friendly locals make for a complete experience every time. One often overlooked an excellent tip when vacationing in coastal Mexico is to bring a wide variety of important essentials. This can include everything from an alarm clock to a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. Many of these items are often misplaced or forgotten when planning for a vacation to coastal Mexico. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about San Felipe furnished vacation villas, condos and private residential homes that are beyond compare.

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Discover Mexico As It Once Was By Visiting Inviting San Felipe

Discover Mexico As It Once Was By Visiting Inviting San Felipe

A few other areas of coastal Mexico can compare to the splendor of San Felipe. Conveniently situated just a little over 100 miles south of the Mexican border crossing with California, San Felipe is a splendid and delightful part of coastal Mexico that must be experienced. Largely a remote type of desert community, San Felipe has approximately 25,000 full and part-time residents. While the population does tend to peak during certain times of the year, it remains relatively steady otherwise.

Mild Temperatures Throughout The Year

These noticeable peaks in activity in San Felipe are typically associated with such activities as Baja races, hunting and fishing season as well as boat races and many common major holidays. Even when the population numbers do swell in the area it still retains its small town feel. Those in search of a weekend getaway or even an extended vacation can enjoy all that San Felipe has to offer. With mild temperatures throughout the year, the area is ideal as a primary vacation destination any time of the year.

A Variety Of Activities And Ideal Weather

In many ways, the area still retains its fishing-port look and feel. This is because shrimping is one of the major industries that keep the economy stimulated in the area. While tourism is an important part of the economy, shrimping and other related activities are still as important as they were 100 years ago. With beautiful beaches, a variety of activities and ideal weather, San Felipe is a key destination for those that enjoy a memorable and enjoyable coastal Mexico vacation experience.

A Relaxing And Rewarding Travel Experience

Best of all the area has many delightful and impressive restaurants as well as a fun and exciting variety of nightlife related activities. With beautiful white sandy beaches, San Felipe is a travel destination that can make all the difference for those looking for a relaxing and rewarding travel experience. One of the best ways to get the most out of any coastal Mexico vacation is to consider a furnished vacation rental property as opposed to a motel or hotel or even a resort. This is a smart way to make a vacation even more enjoyable and more unique. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to explore your options with regard to San Felipe furnished vacation rental properties.

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All Roads Lead To San Felipe

All Roads Lead To San Felipe

Vacationers have many choices when it comes to coastal Mexico, however one area in particular that is comfortably situated on the Sea of Cortez is known as San Felipe. This unique part of Mexico is a little over 100 miles to the south of the Mexican border with California. With less than 25,000 full-time residents, San Felipe is a remote part of coastal Mexico that still holds on to its traditional roots.

Driving Distance Of Southern California

As a coastal region with a desert climate, San Felipe offers unique and invigorating weather and activities that are simply beyond comparison. From boat racing to Baja races and world-class fishing, San Felipe is an area that is enjoying a growing number of tourists especially during peak season. Best of all, the area is within driving distance of Southern California making it convenient and easy to access. From extended vacations to short weekend getaways, few areas compare in terms of convenience and affordability for a luxury resort vacation experience.

Excellent Restaurants With Delicious Local Fare

With a thriving economy, the area provides opportunities for both locals and visitors. It has an upbeat feel and air about it that is unique and definitive. The area is so popular that is known around the world for attracting many international visitors each and every year. From Californians looking for a quick weekend getaway to international travelers looking for an extended resort vacation, San Felipe is simply an area that must be experienced to be fully understood. Excellent restaurants with delicious local fare as well as fun and inviting nightlife makes this an area that has it all.

There Is Little Reason Not To Choose San Felipe

Those whose travel plans call for a visit to San Felipe will enjoy affordable vacation rental properties that are widely available throughout the region. Explore all that San Felipe has to offer by planning your next vacation for this popular and enjoyable coastal region of Mexico. World-class beaches, convenience in terms of easy access from Southern California as well as flight access means that there is little reason not to choose San Felipe for an exquisite and delightful get-away. Beautiful weather year-round along with friendly locals and a wide variety of activities all provide the perfect backdrop for the best vacation ever. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about San Felipe vacation rental properties.

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