5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

vacation rental hotel balcony with a view of the oceanMove aside, hotels – vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular among travelers. Rental properties offer a number of advantages compared to hotel stays, such as expanded amenities, more overall space, and better value for your hard-won vacation dollars.

Vacation rentals are perfect for large group getaways and multi-generational family trips, allowing for plenty of space and breathing room.   

Rental condos, villas and homes are gaining traction in Mexico’s famous beach towns, not just for extended family holidays, but among Millennials and independent travelers, too. Statistics show that Millennials, who spend millions on travel every year, prefer vacation rentals over traditional hotels.

Whether you’re planning an action-packed holiday with friends, or a romantic escape, there are a few good reasons why vacation rentals offer more privileges and bang for your buck.

Rental properties offer more space

Travelers can enjoy more space for less money when choosing a vacation rental. Even 5-star resort accommodations with living room suites are bound to be smaller than a vacation home. This extra elbow room comes in handy when you’re in a large group and need some privacy, or a quiet place for the kids to nap.

Vacation rental amenities

Vacation rentals come with tons of private amenities you’ll seldom find in a hotel room. Imagine having a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal, or doing laundry as needed with your own washer and dryer. Some properties even feature hot tubs, swimming pools, fitness centers and golf privileges. These added amenities offer added convenience and flexibility.

Better value compared to hotels

A rental villa or condo will almost always boast more space and privacy than a hotel room, but at a lower cost. When you factor in hotel parking, fees for Internet service and dining out for all meals, vacation rentals are more cost-effective, especially when you can share the lodging cost among family and friends.  

Vacation rentals are more kid-friendly

Rental units make it easier and less stressful to vacation with children, particularly babies and toddlers who need a quiet place to nap. In addition to multiple bedrooms, some rentals feature game rooms, on-site playgrounds, high chairs and beach toys. If your kid throws a temper tantrum, you won’t have to worry about thin walls or bothering your hotel neighbors.   

More suitable for large groups

With several bedrooms, bathrooms, and common living areas, vacation rentals simply provide more space, leading to a happier experience for large groups. Why cram into a block of hotel rooms when you can spread out and enjoy the best of both worlds in a luxury condo or rental home? For help booking your next tropical getaway, call Sea Side for unbeatable deals on luxury vacation rental properties in Mexico. 

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Monday, December 11th, 2017
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Condo or Beach House – what’s your preference?

Make the first cup of coffee, throw open the door, and walk right out onto the beach. A light morning breeze cools your face as you look left, then right. A dozen pelicans wait at the waters’ edge, sure that some fish will show up soon. Someone is walking their dog about a half mile away. That’s it. Stretching to the horizon in both directions, the beach is yours. But they said this was going to be a busy weekend. Is it always this quiet in Las Conchas?


Book your stay in Rocky Point with Seaside Reservations, and you will have a lot of options. The classic getaway usually involves a swanky condominium perched above the Sea of Cortez in one of the many high rise developments available. It’s a great way to go – all that you need to have a good time is right where you are. Between the beach, pools, swim up bars, and the comfort of your own patio, you’ve got the bases covered.

Sandy Beach’s high rises are just West of the center of town, while the rows of houses in Las Conchas are just to the East. A house is great if you want a a big family or two to stay in the same place. At the same time, smaller places are available too. Either way, the lower density makes even the predictably busy times like the Fourth of July or Labor Day seem quiter. Come down on an off weekend, and you could literally have only a handful of people as far as you can see. And you are still close enough to town to hit the hot spots, or smile as you see how easy it was to avoid them!

Whatever you prefer, let Seaside Reservations help you select a great place to stay. Don’t forget, we also offer a concierge service exclusively to those who book with us.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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Rocky Point Rally – Who’s Who

Rocky Point Rally number fourteen is just around the corner (Nov. 6 – 9). Will there be a big turn out? Last years Rally topped seven thousand, which is pretty darned good. But you never know.

One thing for sure is that there are people in Rocky Point who always play a big part in the show, no matter what. As a Gold Sponsor for this years Rally, Seaside Reservations wants to take the time to recognise those who are always in the thick of it.

While you may see Jill Michell on her bike during the Rocky Point Rally, you are just as likely to see her behind a bar. Working.

“They asked us at the last minute if the band Mogollon could be in front of my bar a few years ago. Which was great, my little place on the Mirador was packed. Except we didn’t have time to stock up, so after a while we were full of people just sorta hanging out” says Jill.

This year, that won’t be the case. South Side Jillz, her new place, opens this month in time for the Rally. “This building was on the original Playa Hermosa, then they built the land out around it. It is a real piece of Rocky Point history, and I’d like to give back and get the place up and running” she says.

Located at the top of Calle 13, bright blue, can’t-miss-it South Side Jillz is a natural turn around point for bikers cruising the bars and other entertainment options the street has to offer. Count on finding pool tables and maybe the longest bar in town.

While we talk, we hear another bike roaring up the street. Max Fu stops in. He is part of the Rocky Point Riders, the towns own motorcycle club. Time to get some bike photos.

Monday, October 20th, 2014
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Choosing The Right Property Management Company For Your Vacation

Choosing The Right Property Management Company For Your Vacation

Vacationing is an important time in life that allows people to relax, recharge and regroup. As such, it is important to ensure that you enjoy the best accommodations possible when planning your next vacation. Whether choosing coastal Mexico or some other part of the world, having the right property management company in your corner is essential to long-term vacation success.

Custom Property Management Services

Coastal Mexico in particular requires special attention with regard to a property management company. This is due largely in part to the fact that many of Mexico’s coastal regions are still small and undiscovered. That is why it is important to work with a property management company that understands the small quaint little areas of Mexico. Areas such as Barra De Navidid and Rocky Point as well as others all require custom property management services that have prior experience in these quaint and beautiful areas. This can ultimately ensure a more favorable vacation experience.

The Premier Provider Of The Best In Coastal Mexico Beach Houses

Most importantly, working with the right property management company can result in substantial savings and more affordable luxury accommodations. As more and more people turn to coastal Mexico for great opportunities and great bargains on luxury vacation rental properties, one company will continue to be regarded as the premier provider of the best in Mexican vacation rental properties. Sea Side Reservations is known the world over as being the premier provider of the best in coastal Mexico Beach houses, rental condos and vacation rentals. The company has a tried and tested reputation for providing quality customer service and fair deals on a wide range of properties throughout Mexico.

An Enjoyable Vacation Experience

Ultimately, choosing coastal Mexico for your next vacation experience is a wise decision especially considering that it is more affordable and more accessible than ever before. By working with a quality property management company like Sea Side Reservations you will be far more likely to have an enjoyable vacation experience from start to finish. Best of all, Sea Side Reservations works with a wide range of budgets and a variety of people from across the country and around the world. The next time vacation plans call for a visit coastal Mexico contact the leader in the industry by calling or going online to learn more about Sea Side Reservations.

Saturday, August 30th, 2014
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Servicio de Concierge

By Richard Scott

Sea Side Reservations ofrece ahora servicios de Concierge, esto incluye servicios mas personalizados.
Puerto Peñasco es un lugar donde encuentras fácilmente lo que necesitas al mismo tiempo que te diviertes; aún así, organizar un evento especial es mejor si cuentas con la ayuda de alguien que conoce perfectamente el lugar y como hacerlo … ésta es la especialidad de Lidia Sandoval, quien ofrece servicios de concierge a nuestros huespedes que reservan un lugar con Sea Side Reservations Mexico.

Lidia nació en Puerto Peñasco y conoce a las personas y lugares de su Puerto muy bien, pero su habilidad y experiencia como concierge las adquirió en uno de los destinos turísticos más reconocidos del mundo: Puerto Vallarta.
“Donde yo trabaja antes, cada piso del hotel tiene su propio concierge !. En Puerto Peñasco yo ofrezco mi ayuda a todos los huéspedes que reservan con Sea Side Reservations, no importa si es en uno de nuestros desarrollos turísticos o en una residencia privada en Las Conchas” dice Lidia.

Que hace un concierge por tí? “Tenemos 347 reservaciones este fin de semana, a todos ellos les envié un correo electrónico dándoles la bienvenida y haciéndoles saber que estamos aquí para ayudarlos y qué es lo que podemos hacer para que su visita a nuestro Puerto sea lo mas placentera posible” dijo con simpatía Lidia.
“Iniciamos con detalles como: encender el aire acondicionado del condominio una hora antes de que estén los huéspedes, surtimos la despensa de comestibles si así lo desean, hacemos reservaciones en los diferentes Restaurantes de la ciudad, reservamos paseos en barco para ver el atardecer o para pescar, etc; con estos servicios nuestros visitantes se sienten como si estuvieran en su casa mientras están en un condominio.
Una cena privada preparada por un chef personal, amenizada con música de saxofón en vivo, creando momentos románticos e inolvidables”.

Lidia Sandoval pertenece a la Asociación de Concierges de la Costa del Pacífico de Mexico, trae a su experiencia y entusiasmo a Sea Side Reservations y a su lugar de origen. “Estoy muy emocionada de aportar algo especial a el lugar que tanto amo”dijo.

Puedes contactar a Lidia en seasideconcierge@seasidemexico.com o al teléfono 638)383.0700, ext. 106

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
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Beautiful Bella Sirena


Bella Sirena means the ‘Beautiful Mermaid’. Part of that beauty comes from the lush landscaping, pristine pools, and luxurious interiors.  A unique and beautiful resort, plan your next stay with Seaside Reservations.

Friday, August 1st, 2014
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New! the Concierge @ Seaside


The exquisite Bella Sirena Resort

As resort towns and vacation destinations become bigger, or at least more established and mature, the range of experiences and mix of services changes. Originally all about going fishing and hitting the dunes for some off-road action, Rocky Point is seeing more and more of the activities and offerings you would expect to find in long established beach get aways like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

This includes more personalized service. Rocky Point is an easy place to get around, and find all that you need in order to have a fun time. Especially the more you come here. But even then, having help putting together a special event, or finding just what you want to make your stay closer to your idea of perfection, sometimes goes better with a little help. Getting things to be just so is the specialty of Lidia Sandoval, who is bringing concierge service to those reserving a place to stay through Seaside Reservations Mexico.

Rocaportense (Rocky Point native) Lidia knows the people and places of her home town well, but her skills as a concierge were honed south of here, in one of the most well established tourist destinations on earth, Puerto Vallarta. ¨Where I worked before, each floor of the Resort had it´s own concierge! In Rocky Point, I will help all of the guests who reserve through Seaside Mexico, no matter if it is at one of our resorts or a private residence in Las Conchas” says Lidia.

What can a concierge do for you? “We have 347 check-ins this weekend. To all of them I have sent an email to welcome them, and let them know we are here, and what we can do just for them” Lidia tells me. “We start with the little things – turning on the AC in their condo an hour before they arrive, stocking the kitchen with groceries if they want. With the places that Seaside offers being so nice, many visitors want to spend a lot of their time in Rocky Point  just enjoying being ‘home’ in their condominium. A private dinner party prepared by a personal chef, accompanied by saxophone and song from a live musician, makes for an unforgettable occasion. Of course we can arrange sunset cruises and fishing trips too, everything that you could want.”

A member of the Pacific Coast Concierge Association of Mexico, Lidia Sandoval brings her enthusiasm and experience to Seaside, and to her home town. “I’m excited to be the one bringing something special to the place that I love.” Concierge service is offered to all guests reserving with Seaside Reservations. Lidia can be contacted at 383 0200 or 602 218 5320 seasideconcierge@seasidemexico.com

by Richard Scott

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
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Choosing A Vacation Rental As Compared To A Hotel

Choosing A Vacation Rental As Compared To A Hotel

Travelers with little experience as well as seasoned travelers that have vacationed around world are discovering that vacation rentals are a smart and affordable alternative to hotel accommodations. Today’s modern vacation rentals that are professionally managed by property management teams can provide a far more enjoyable vacation experience than ever could be realized in a traditional hotel setting. For this reason furnished vacation rentals have quickly grown in popularity in recent years.

Choose A Vacation Rental That Is Fully Furnished

One consideration with regard to choosing a vacation rental is that in many ways they can be far more affordable than the cost of a traditional hotel room. In short, you get more for your money when you choose to stay in a vacation rental property. For example, a large family with children will typically find it less expensive to choose a vacation rental that is fully furnished then to consider multiple hotel rooms to accommodate a large number of people. With a fully equipped kitchen, families can cook and save money by not dining out as often.

Increased Privacy And A Greater Sense Of Home

Furnished vacation rentals with a garage and pool also make daily activities easier and more convenient for families with children. Increased privacy and a greater sense of home round out the furnished vacation rental experience. Without question, choosing to rent a condo, villa or home as opposed to staying in a hotel simply makes great sense today. Enjoying separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms and private patios as well as professionally managed properties that are available anytime ensures that the vacation rental experience will be beyond compare.

A Safe And Totally Comfortable Vacation Experience

An industry leader in furnished vacation rental properties is Sea Side Reservations. Specializing in furnished vacation rentals in and around coastal Mexico, Sea Side Reservations has helped countless clients achieve their vacation goals and objectives when it comes to luxury vacation rentals that are always impressive. Most importantly, Sea Side Reservations delivers responsive on-site property management as a way to ensure a safe and totally comfortable vacation experience. A few other property management groups offer the level of service and professionalism that Sea Side Reservations provides clients on a daily basis. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about the best in furnished vacation rentals in coastal Mexico.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
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