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As resort towns and vacation destinations become bigger, or at least more established and mature, the range of experiences and mix of services changes. Originally all about going fishing and hitting the dunes for some off-road action, Rocky Point is seeing more and more of the activities and offerings you would expect to find in long established beach get aways like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

This includes more personalized service. Rocky Point is an easy place to get around, and find all that you need in order to have a fun time. Especially the more you come here. But even then, having help putting together a special event, or finding just what you want to make your stay closer to your idea of perfection, sometimes goes better with a little help. Getting things to be just so is the specialty of Lidia Sandoval, who is bringing concierge service to those reserving a place to stay through Seaside Reservations Mexico.

Rocaportense (Rocky Point native) Lidia knows the people and places of her home town well, but her skills as a concierge were honed south of here, in one of the most well established tourist destinations on earth, Puerto Vallarta. ¨Where I worked before, each floor of the Resort had it´s own concierge! In Rocky Point, I will help all of the guests who reserve through Seaside Mexico, no matter if it is at one of our resorts or a private residence in Las Conchas” says Lidia.

What can a concierge do for you? “We have 347 check-ins this weekend. To all of them I have sent an email to welcome them, and let them know we are here, and what we can do just for them” Lidia tells me. “We start with the little things – turning on the AC in their condo an hour before they arrive, stocking the kitchen with groceries if they want. With the places that Seaside offers being so nice, many visitors want to spend a lot of their time in Rocky Point  just enjoying being ‘home’ in their condominium. A private dinner party prepared by a personal chef, accompanied by saxophone and song from a live musician, makes for an unforgettable occasion. Of course we can arrange sunset cruises and fishing trips too, everything that you could want.”

A member of the Pacific Coast Concierge Association of Mexico, Lidia Sandoval brings her enthusiasm and experience to Seaside, and to her home town. “I’m excited to be the one bringing something special to the place that I love.” Concierge service is offered to all guests reserving with Seaside Reservations. Lidia can be contacted at 383 0200 or 602 218 5320

by Richard Scott

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