Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky


It’s high tide, and the waves lap close to the deck where you are seated. More like swinging, actually. A row of individual hammock/chairs spin in the soft breeze, and you spin right along with them. If only someone would hand you a Pina Colada…As if by magic, a hand stretches out in front of you, holding a long cool glass topped with a cherry. Beads of moisture cover the glass, letting you know it is cold, cold, cold. Beach vibe perfection.

The Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky Resort sits right on the sand, lounge chairs and hammocks shaded from the afternoon sun. People staying at the resort can choose to slip into the pool above the bar when they want to cool off. Heck, they will even keep serving you! Open to the public, people often walk down from other places where they are staying.

One of the few spots to have a drink right on the beach (why is that?), the Tiki Bar is a casual little place that you just might like. Reserve your stay at the Sky with Seaside Reservations.


by Richard Scott

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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Have you been here?


September in Rocky Point sees temperatures cooling down from the Summer highs. A few more clouds too.  In other words, the weather is getting close to perfect. With lots of events coming in the next couple of months (including the Rocky Point Rally), it’s a great time to get away. Let Seaside Reservations help you book that special place by the sea. Do you know which Seaside Resort is in this picture?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
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The new WiFi Café



Brand new this September comes the WiFi Cafe. Located in the main building of the popular Sonoran Sea Resort, the WiFi Cafe brings a new nice place to hang out to those staying on Sandy Beach.

Open to guests as well as the general public, WiFI is half cafe and half convenience store. Though small, the store has a strategic selection of the things guests staying at the Sonoran Sea want to have, when they prefer NOT to drive into town.


At the counter you can ask to have your favorite coffee drink created on the espresso machine. I had a basic latte, and it was strong, foamy, and just right. Probably that’s because the coffee portion of the business is oversseen by Puerto Viejo, the fine coffee roasters located in the Old Port neighborhood.

Take your drink up the winding spiral staircase to a cozy loft above the store. There you will find a lounge full of plush high backed sofas and foot stools. Comfy and stylish. Loose the beach vibe when you want and find some quality time with your Ipad.

WiFI cafe is open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week.

by Richard  Scott

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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Starshine Academy at the Sonoran Sky

Now it was the teachers turn to learn. Seated at tables in the ballroom were thirty or so of Rocky Points’ best educators. They had come to pick up new tools, and to hear about a philosophy where the science of how people learn is combined with respect for the individual. For more than 10 years, Star Shine Academy has been making this vision a reality for the children of Phoenix.

“Do all of you have water for the kids in your classrooms?” Trish McCarty is the director and Founder of the Academy. She leads todays’ orientation that includes lots of interaction with the local teachers. Big things and small can have an impact on classroom learning. “Studies show us that without enough water, the brain will not be in the mode for learning, it just won’t happen.”

Nuts and bolts details about how to make sure a day at school is always a day of learning, are mixed with examples of the beliefs that Starshine feels makes a better classroom, and a better world. At the Starshine Academy in Phoenix, children work in a community garden, and make decisions about what they want to learn, and help each other acheive their goals.

“Music is a BIG part of the program” says Steve McCarty. A successful musician, Steve and his wife Trish are tireless advocates for improving the lives of children through education. “So much research shows that music is a universal language. It can be used in so many ways stimulate the learning process.”

The McCarty’s are regular visitors to Rocky Point, and are excited to share what they do with the local community. “This orientation will help us identify the educators that we want to work with” says Trish. “The goal is to bring the Starshine principles here, and document the improvement in the outcome for local children.” If we succeed, we we can get the support we need to have a regular presence here.”

This event was hosted by the Sonoran Sky Resort and took place in their Los Volcanes Ballroom. Want to learn more about Starshine? You can go check out their website at www.StarShine.org, or at their Facebook page.

By Richard Scott

Trish McCarty shares the stage with Rocky Points' First Lady (herself an ex-teacher) Mrs. Rafaela Felix Figueroa.

Trish McCarty shares the stage with Rocky Points’ First Lady (herself an ex-teacher) Mrs. Rafaela Felix Figueroa.


Sunday, August 17th, 2014
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Breaking News: Sandy Beach Sea Turtle Eggs



As I came home from a muggy afternoon. I sit down and answer a phone call from my niece. I talk with her and look out the window to notice a group of people gathered around the protective fencing directly below. I rush down the elevator. “Great” I think, they must be hatching. “I’m anticipating getting to see them making a run for the water.” As I approach the beach it seems odd to me that I don’t see tracks or little turtles. I only and see children and adults standing inside the fenced area exactly where the eggs should be.
I tap a gentleman on the shoulder. “Sir, what’s going on? Are the turtles already gone?” It turns out its “Larry” who owns several properties I manage.
Larry proceeds to tell me that the turtle that laid her eggs here must have confused her location. Unfortunately it was too hot for the eggs to survive and when the Ocean Biologists checked on the eggs none the embryos had survived.
The little black bag that this child is holding is what is left of what our little city or Puerto Penasco held our breath for waiting for the Turtles to return to the sea.
Steve Schwab

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
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Luck be a Lady? Las Vegas Night for Charity

imageSomething special for this 4th of July weekend is the chance to feel like a high roller in Vegas, baby! The Sonoran Sky Resort turns their Los Volcanes ballroom into a full on Casino for Las Vegas Night. Blackjack. Roulette. Poker. Dancing girls. O.K., no dancing girls, but for the past two years this fun event has been packed, and a gets thumbs up from all who have come to play.

What’s Las Vegas without a buffet? Your entry fee gets you a great one, as well as a big stack of chips to get you started. Then it’s up to Lady Luck! Play til you drop, or til you win. Winners choose from some terrific prizes. Raffles will be going on too, and there will be a photo booth to remember your night of fun. Won’t your friends be jealous? And best of all, money raised from the event goes to the local community.

“I want people to know that 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity” says Sheri Jaymes, Senior Sales Associate at the Sonoran Resorts. Credit belongs to the Sonoran Resorts Sales team. They organize this event, make sure there are volunteer dealers who do it like the pros, and work with the City of Rocky Point’s DIF, the social services organisation that this event will benefit.

*Las Vegas Night is in the Los Volcanes Ballroom at the Sonoran Sky Resort, easy to find on Sandy Beach.

*Saturday, July 5th, 7pm to 11pm. Doesn’t that make you feel lucky?

*cash bar

*cost is $35 dollars and includes a dinner buffet, and $300 worth of ‘Charity Chips’. Tickets are available at the door, or stop by the Sonoran Sky Sales office.

Thursday, June 26th, 2014
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Brews and Brushes

Van Gogh would have loved the Princessa Resort.

Van Gogh would have loved the Princessa Resort.


Colin’s Cantina will be the setting for Brews and Brushes, a different way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Princessa Resort.

“Art is therapy” says Jenny Kirgis, “I also believe everyone is an artist.” Jenny is a painter with a passion for teaching, and she is bringing that passion to Colin’s Cantina on June 12th for the first Brews and Brushes class. The theme for the day will be Van Goghs Sunflowers.

Jenny teaches regurlarly in Arizona. A sometimes resident of The Princessa Resort, Jenny wants aspiring artists to take home a beautiful piece of artwork, as well as to create a great memory.

All supplies are included in the cost of the class, along with either two glasses of wine or beer, as well as snacks. Now that’s the way to paint!

To get to Colin’s Cantina, enter The Princessa Resort. It’s just inside the first gate. The class is from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, June 12th. That’s sunset time, always an inspiration in Rocky Point. Register at Colin’s Cantina, or by phone at 480-250-1364 (where you can also get more information). Cost is 40 dollars and seating is limited.                               By Richard Scott

Thursday, June 5th, 2014
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