Starshine Academy at the Sonoran Sky

Now it was the teachers turn to learn. Seated at tables in the ballroom were thirty or so of Rocky Points’ best educators. They had come to pick up new tools, and to hear about a philosophy where the science of how people learn is combined with respect for the individual. For more than 10 years, Star Shine Academy has been making this vision a reality for the children of Phoenix.

“Do all of you have water for the kids in your classrooms?” Trish McCarty is the director and Founder of the Academy. She leads todays’ orientation that includes lots of interaction with the local teachers. Big things and small can have an impact on classroom learning. “Studies show us that without enough water, the brain will not be in the mode for learning, it just won’t happen.”

Nuts and bolts details about how to make sure a day at school is always a day of learning, are mixed with examples of the beliefs that Starshine feels makes a better classroom, and a better world. At the Starshine Academy in Phoenix, children work in a community garden, and make decisions about what they want to learn, and help each other acheive their goals.

“Music is a BIG part of the program” says Steve McCarty. A successful musician, Steve and his wife Trish are tireless advocates for improving the lives of children through education. “So much research shows that music is a universal language. It can be used in so many ways stimulate the learning process.”

The McCarty’s are regular visitors to Rocky Point, and are excited to share what they do with the local community. “This orientation will help us identify the educators that we want to work with” says Trish. “The goal is to bring the Starshine principles here, and document the improvement in the outcome for local children.” If we succeed, we we can get the support we need to have a regular presence here.”

This event was hosted by the Sonoran Sky Resort and took place in their Los Volcanes Ballroom. Want to learn more about Starshine? You can go check out their website at, or at their Facebook page.

By Richard Scott

Trish McCarty shares the stage with Rocky Points' First Lady (herself an ex-teacher) Mrs. Rafaela Felix Figueroa.

Trish McCarty shares the stage with Rocky Points’ First Lady (herself an ex-teacher) Mrs. Rafaela Felix Figueroa.


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