5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Mexico

Beach wedding arrangementMore couples are trading in conventional hometown weddings for week-long celebrations in exotic lands. Destination weddings are a great way to visit amazing locales while bonding with your closest family and friends. According to TheKnot, more than 50 percent of American brides-to-be fancy a casual bash over a black-tie affair, which explains why many are seeking laid-back destinations where the weather is warm and the beaches always inviting.

Millennial couples, in particular, are fueling the popularity of tying the knot abroad. It’s no surprise that many are planning on saying “I do” in Mexico, given its world-famous beaches, natural beauty and proximity to the U.S.

A tropical beach ceremony in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta has lots of appeal for adventure-loving couples, and believe it or not, far-flung nuptials are often more affordable in the long run.

Here are a few important things to know when planning a destination wedding in Mexico.

Start planning early

Ideally, couples will have the wedding date nailed down as early as possible. This will allow you to scope out and book the perfect venue and ultimately secure better rates. Try and send out your Save the Dates at least 9 months in advance, which allows guests ample time to arrange accommodations and flights.

Research the weather

Weather plays a large factor in any wedding celebration, especially for those who want a sunny barefoot bash on the beach. Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid the rainier months of July-October that also coincide with hurricane season. The months of May and November may be perfect for a sunset ceremony on the Riviera Maya, but weather patterns vary from the Yucatan Peninsula to Baja California. Do your research first to ensure the best odds of a rain-free wedding. 

Have marriage paperwork in order

Mexico has specific requirements for a legal civil marriage, and these can vary from state to state.  

Necessary documents include:

  • Current passports that are valid for at least 6 months
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates that must be notarized and translated by the local Mexican consulate
  • Medical tests: some states require couples to have a blood test and chest x-ray two days prior to the event
  • Marriage Application form available at local registry
  • Copies of your Tourist travel permits (FMM cards)

In addition, foreigners who are marrying in Mexico must have four witnesses present at the ceremony. Ensure that each has a valid passport or government-issued ID.

Consider a wedding coordinator

Professional wedding coordinators can prove invaluable when marrying abroad. Using their local expertise, they can hire the most reputable vendors, inform couples on local marriage requirements and ensure your big day runs like clockwork. A local planner is experienced to handle all the details, saving you considerable time and stress.

Possible waiting period  

If you were previously married and divorced, Mexico imposes a 12-month waiting period before you can legally apply for a marriage license. Authorities will require a certified copy of the divorce decree.

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Togethering: A Multi-Generational Travel Trend

Multi Generation Family Giving Children Piggybacks On Holiday Smiling To CameraThere are many travel trends making headlines this year, from rural tourism and volunteer vacations to foodie-inspired trips. But there is another movement making waves across the hospitality industry, giving a huge boost to tourism in Mexico and other vacation destinations: multi-generational family travel.

A survey conducted by Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell found that nearly 80 percent of all travelers took at least one holiday with extended family in the past five years, and these vacations often included other families as well as friends.

Dubbed “togethering,” this trend is fueled – at least in part – by increasing numbers of Millennial parents who want to reconnect with older relatives, or extended family they rarely get to see. It is not uncommon for large groups to include grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Togethering joins multiple generations

In addition, Millennials tend to favor “togethering” travel with their parent-friends and their children, resulting in an upswing of joint-family vacations. Travel industry experts predict that “togethering” will continue to gain traction as more families seek to spend leisure time with friends and relatives, enjoying new experiences together.

Data has also suggested that Millennials place more importance on “experiences” over “objects,” and prefer to spend their discretionary funds on large family holidays, allowing distant relatives across several generations to reunite in a communal experience.

In lieu of get-togethers in hometowns, more families are booking destination vacations, particularly around the holidays when they have extra time off. Hotel and vacation rental occupancy rates have been rising during Thanksgiving and Christmas, times when most families usually head home.

Multi-household vacation rentals

With its breathtaking beaches, fascinating culture and kid-friendly adventure tours, Mexico offers the perfect backdrop for “togethering.” From Oaxaca and Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta, travelers will find plenty of well-equipped accommodations that cater to large groups.

Some of the more popular lodgings are rental villas and condo units, which offer ample space for families and friends to relax together, and cook meals on their own time.  Moreover, vacation rentals tend to be more cost-efficient compared to an all-inclusive resort or hotel, sometimes by as much as 40 percent!

For those considering a “togethering” holiday south of the border, Sea Side Reservations has a wide array of vacation rentals in Mexico’s most enchanting towns, from Baja California to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Teotihuacan Treasures on Display in San Francisco Museum

Pyramids of the Sun and Moon on the Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacan ancient historic cultural city, old ruins of Aztec civilization, Mexico, North America, world travelThe MesoAmerican ruins of Teotihuacan, located outside of Mexico City, are one of the world’s most visited archaeological sites and among the largest cities in the ancient Americas. Archeologists knew little about this mysterious culture and its people until a chance discovery some 11 years ago. Unusually heavy rains formed a sinkhole, which led scientists to a massive tunnel 60 feet below the temple complex. Over the next decade archeologist Sergio Gómez Chávez and his team unearthed a treasure trove of artifacts dating back more than 1,800 years, some of which are currently on exhibit at San Francisco’s de Young museum.

Treasure trove discovered in Teotihuacan

Among the captivating items discovered were crystals fashioned into eyes, ornate jade statues and necklaces made of human and crocodile teeth. Within the tunnel lay an incredible man-made landscape filled with miniature mountains, walls embedded with fool’s gold (powdered pyrite) and pools of liquid mercury.

This subterranean discovery offered clues about this once populous metropolis, which has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. At its peak, Teotihuacan was home to more than 200,000 residents and covered 21 square miles, making it the biggest city in the western hemisphere.  

The name Teotihuacan translates to “birthplace of the gods,” a title bestowed by the Aztecs who revered the stunning architecture of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

For those who are unable to visit this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mexico, the exhibit ‘Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire’ will be on view at San Francisco’s de Young museum until February 11, 2018.

Teotihuacan exhibit in San Francisco

This exhibit marks the first display of Teotihuacan artifacts on the U.S. mainland for more than 20 years. Organized through a joint partnership between San Francisco’s Fine Arts Museums and Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), the exhibit will feature never-before-seen relics, ceramics, paintings, mural fragments, and stone sculptures along with ritual items from the site’s three pyramids. The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for audiences to learn more about the ancient city of Teotihuacan and its role in Mexico’s cultural landscape.

The exhibit contains 200 artifacts crafted from a variety of materials, including jade, marble, obsidian, alabaster, green stone, slate, shells, lime and volcanic rock. Many of these discoveries are thought to have religious significance, perhaps being used for ritual ceremonies and events.

The de Young exhibit will also feature four greenstone statues adorned with garments and beads, believed to be the earliest shamans of Teotihuacan.

While these impressive archaeological discoveries shed light on this once powerful cultural center, many mysteries remain.

Additional Teotihuacan Resources:

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4 Great Eco-Tourism Adventures in Mexico

Man zipline flight in jungleEcotourism combines the best of environmental conservation and responsible tourism, offering travelers a unique cultural experience. Mexico, like many Latin American countries, has become one of the top destinations for eco-minded travelers who want to explore the great outdoors and marvel at Mother Nature’s wonders, with minimal impact on local communities.

Mexico’s eco-tourism industry has grown considerably over the past decade, offering visitors a slew of outdoor adventures and wildlife tours that showcase the country’s spectacular natural sites. Here are 4 amazing eco-adventures in Mexico to add to your bucket list!

Monarch Butterfly Migration in Michoacán

Journey to the rural forests of Michoacan, where millions (and perhaps billions) of monarch butterflies converge to spend the winter. Learn more about these phenomenal butterfly gatherings while visiting butterfly biosphere reserves in the charming towns of Patzcuaro and Morelia –a  UNESCO World Heritage City.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation

Witness another natural marvel on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, where thousands of Olive Ridley turtles storm the beaches to nest. The World Wildlife Foundation offers a backstage conservation tour that includes beach patrols, chances to watch female turtles dig their nests and lay eggs, plus the opportunity to help new hatchlings make their way to the sea. Most of the excursions center around Puerto Escondido and La Escobilla beach.

Chiapas Zipline Adventure

Some of Mexico’s most popular eco-tours also include hair-raising adventure. Chiapas is home to the exquisite Mayan ruins of Palenque, where stone temples rise hundreds of feet above dense jungle. Tour operators offer a combo adventure that includes a guided walk through the ruins, followed by a zip-line canopy tour and a hike to a 100-foot waterfall with inviting swimming hole.

Tulum Jungle Tour

The Tulum Jungle Maya excursion is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping, and boasts not one but three different adventure activities! After exploring the impressive archeological site of Tulum, which overlooks one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches (according to National Geographic), you’ll snorkel among rock formations in the world’s longest underground river. An all-terrain vehicle takes you deeper into the jungle where two more activities await: rappelling down into underwater caves and flying high over the rainforest via zipline. This half-day eco-adventure ends with a Mayan purification ceremony attended by a local shaman. If you’re staying in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or anywhere along the Riviera Maya, this tour is a must!

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8 Delicious Ways to Drink Tequila

gold tequila , lime and salt on wooden tableWhether you fancy 100 percent agave añejos or are just fine with Jose Cuervo, there are more ways to enjoy your tequila than the traditional day-glo margarita. While there’s a time and a place for this salt-rimmed cocktail – ubiquitous in every Mexican restaurant and cantina — here are eight new ways to enjoy the wonderful nuances of this underrated liquor while quenching your thirst.

Tequila Neat

A no frills option for a well-aged tequila that can be slowly sipped and savored pre-dinner – much like you would a fine scotch or brandy. Best sipped at room temperature. Look for these premium añejos: Pueblo Viejo Orgullo Añejo Tequila, Tributo, Tequila Añejo and Partida Añejo.


This refreshing tequila cocktail is citrusy and full of bright flavors. To make, simply mix:

  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 1/4 cup quality tequila
  • 1/4 cup club soda
  • 1 tsp. sugar


This heavenly concoction soothes the soul on a hot day. Mix up equal parts of fresh lime juice and silver tequila and add a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger. Stir in a teaspoon of agave syrup or cane sugar.

Cinnamon Tamarind Margarita

Slightly earthy and slightly spicy, this margarita recipe tastes best with a quality reposado or 100 agave tequila. In a mixing glass, add

  • 2 ounces agave tequila
  • 1 1/4 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 ounce lemon juice
  • 1/4 ounce Cointreau or orange liquor
  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup
  • 3/4 ounce tamarind juice or concentrate

Fill with ice, shake and strain into a glass. Run wedge of lime over the rim of the glass and dip in a mixture of cayenne pepper, salt and cinnamon.

Tequila-pineapple lemonade

This new twist on an old favorite promises a tangy yet sweet sensation, and it’s a snap to make. In a large pitcher, whisk together a half cup of simple syrup, 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of lime juice, 1 cup of pineapple juice and 1 cup of your favorite tequila.

Spicy chili margarita

Take the poolside margarita to a whole new level with this piquant recipe. In a shaker, add ½ part simple syrup, ½ part fresh lime juice, ¾ part orange liquor, 2 parts aged tequila and 3 slices of muddled red peppers. Shake well and pour over ice. Add a sprig of cilantro for added flavor!

Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

This brunch-friendly cocktail will dazzle your friends, and may become your go-to drink of choice.  Only five ingredients are needed: 1 part tequila, 1 part dry champagne, 2 parts orange juice (blood oranges are even better!) and a splash of grenadine. Garnish with a lemon or orange wedge.

Strawberry & Orange Tequila Fizz

This refreshing drink will transport your senses to the tropical beaches of Mexico and makes for a perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktail!  Muddle four fresh strawberries and a half teaspoon of sugar together in a glass jar. Stir in the juice of a half a lemon, half a lime and one orange. Mix in  half teaspoon of agave syrup and then strain the mixture over a tall glass filled with ice. Add 1 ½ ounces of good tequila and splash of sparkling water.

Additional Tequila Cocktail Resources:

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5 Great Reasons to Vacation in Puerto Aventuras

Situated in an idyllic bay on Mexico’s stunning Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras’ prime location is perfect for excursions to the region’s most exciting activities and highlights along the Caribbean coast. Whether you are planning an intimate girls’ getaway or a week-long family holiday, there are plenty of compelling reasons to vacation in the resort community of Puerto Aventuras. Here you will discover unspoiled beaches, crystalline waters and activities that cater to thrill-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts and those who love leisure sports.

Significantly less crowded than Spring Break hotspots Cancun and Playa del Carmen, this luxurious resort community is a well-rounded vacation destination. Here are five reasons you should start planning your escape to Puerto Aventuras Mexico today!

Luxurious resort amenities in Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is one of Mexico’s first planned communities boasting a deluxe marina, championship golf course and luxury tourist developments, all within a gated subdivision. For the occasional visitor, that means unparalleled access to first-rate resort amenities, boat charters, tennis courts, fairways, clubhouses, fitness centers, day spas and a wide selection of ocean view condos, bungalows and vacation rentals. Imagine having a full-service marina, a golf course designed by Thomas Leman and more than two miles of palm-fringed beaches just steps from your door!

Diverse activities

Thanks to its privileged location on the Riviera Maya, this 340-acre community promises a diverse range of activities and excursions that take advantage of the area’s secluded bays, pristine shoreline and spectacular natural beauty. Avid golfers can improve their game on the challenging 9-hole, par 36 Puerto Aventuras Golf Course. Snorkeling, diving and kayaking opportunities await at the nearby Xel-Ha natural water eco park. Even novice anglers rave about the offshore fishing at Puerto Aventuras, where you can book half and all-day adventures for chances to reel in outsized sailfish, dorado, bonito and wahoo. The Mexican Caribbean also boasts natural sinkholes (cenotes) and numerous jungle adventures just minutes from Puerto Aventuras.

Tulum ruins close by

Did you know that the famous Maya ruins of Tulum are just 30 minutes south of Puerto Aventuras? Open daily from 8AM to 5PM, this archeological wonder is built on a 40-foot bluff overlooking turquoise waters and facing the rising sun. Visiting the Tulum ruins and surrounding white sand beaches are an easy and interesting day trip.

Dolphin Discovery

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins or getting “hugged” by one, this is your chance to earn some serious bragging rights! Puerto Aventuras Dolphin Discovery is a family-friendly eco-park that caters to visitors of all ages, and also features chances to learn about and interact with playful manatees and sea lions.

Sophisticated Puerto Aventuras cuisine

Foodies can take heart when vacationing in this premier resort community, where talented chefs whip up everything from Italian pastas and fresh sushi to new takes on traditional Mexican favorites. Dig into casual beachside fare, or dress up for an elegant evening of gourmet eats at one of Puerto Aventuras’ top restaurants.

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Must See Aztec Ruins in Mexico

Ruins of PalenqueExplore the fascinating history and culture of Mexico’s Aztec civilization, which once held the most powerful Mesoamerican Empire that spanned more than 80,000 square miles through Mexico’s central and southern valleys. The Aztec kingdom rose in the 13th century and by 1519, more than 15 million indigenous people worshipped the Emperor Moctezuma II in the empire’s capital stronghold of Tenochtitlan.

Today, vacationers can take a step back in time by visiting some of Mexico’s spectacular Aztec ruins, renowned for their impressive pyramids and abundance of pre-Columbian artifacts. Discover the advanced scientific and technological skills of this Nahuatl speaking civilization by touring one of these archeological sites.


Situated less than 35 miles northeast of Mexico City, the vast ruins of Teotihuacan were thought to have been built around 100 BC. Today, this holy Aztec city contains some of the most architecturally significant pyramids constructed in the pre-Columbian Americas. If you only have time to visit one ancient ruin in Mexico, the massive monuments and richly appointed structures of Teotihuacan will not disappoint. This sprawling complex, which at its peak was the most powerful cultural center in all of Mesoamerica, contains sacred sites including the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon and the Avenue of the Dead – all built according to specific geometric patterns. It is worth noting that the Pyramid of the Sun, which towers more than 75 meters, is the world’s third largest pyramid (following those in Egypt). Several tour operators in Mexico City offer guided day trips to this otherworldly ruin, which can also be explored on your own.


The Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was built on an island on the western shore of Lake Texcoco. Founded in in 1345 CE, it was the religious center and later became the capital city for the ever-expanding Aztec Empire until its destruction by the Spanish conquistadors in 1521. Today, the remains of Tenochtitlan and the ancient lake bed lie beneath modern-day Mexico City. In the late 1970’s archeologists excavated a gigantic pyramid, named the Temple Mayor, near Zocalo Square. Over the years, some of the most beautiful artifacts and ancient pieces of Aztec art have been unearthed in these ruins, which can be seen at the Templo Mayor museum in Mexico City.


The Aztec ruins of Calixtlahuaca are modest in size, yet offer wonderful insight into the life and culture of this ancient civilization. Situated about two kilometers from Toluca, just west of Mexico City, this city has a number of well-preserved temples, pyramids and monuments that are dispersed across three small areas. Originally called “Matlatzinco,” this settlement was at one time a powerful capital in the Toluca Valley. Visitors can explore the city’s residential dwellings and housing compounds, a distinctive circular temple, altars and palace remains. Because Calixtlahuaca is off the beaten path, there are fewer tourist crowds.

Aztec Ruins of Mexico Resources: 

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Best Food Tours in Mexico

mexican authentic carnitas tacos with sour cream and corn tortilla shot with extreme selective focusDelve into Mexico’s rich culinary heritage as you travel to some of the country’s most renowned gastronomic regions. Ideal for gourmands of all ages, food tours offer a deeper understanding of the ancestral customs and age-old techniques used in authentic Mexican cuisine. Go off the tourist trail as you learn about Mexico’s diverse and fascinating cultures through its mouthwatering moles, artisanal mezcals and flavorful dishes that go beyond tacos and guacamole.

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or simply adore Mexican cooking, you can’t miss one of these amazing food pilgrimages which are sure to provide a renewed appreciation for how the locals live, cook and dine.

Here are some top food tours and culinary adventures in Mexico.

Taste of Puebla

Situated 75 miles southeast from Mexico City, the small hamlet of Puebla is considered a foodie’s paradise, and is popular for its roasted pork tacos and fried corn masa snacks. Embark on a three-hour culinary extravaganza that includes a trip to the town’s oldest central market, where you’ll learn how to pick out the freshest Mexican ingredients to make local staples. Feast on succulent tacos árabes filled with spit-roasted morsels of pork, fried bread sandwiches, sweet rolls and artisanal treats originally crafted by Puebla nuns. The tour finishes off with a sampling of artisan Puebla liqueur.

Yucatan Peninsula Chocolate Fantasy Workshop

This 3-day/4-night culinary workshop package is a dream come true for chocolate lovers. Join chef David Sterling in his award-winning Merida cooking school Los Dos for a delicious journey into the “Food of the Gods.”  Dedicated exclusively to cacao and chocolate, this tour teaches of the culinary importance of chocolate in the Yucatan, and how the ancient Maya roasted and prepared cacao. The workshop  includes trips to the local market, a chocolate museum and plantations where cacao beans are grown.

Cooking Workshop in the Riviera Maya

If you are traveling to Cancun or Playa del Carmen and want a unique culinary experience, head to Mexico Lindo where top chefs explain how to use traditional Mexican ingredients to create some of the country’s most notable dishes. The hands-on cooking class offers nine separate menus that focus on different regions and food specialties. Participants can choose from Central Mexico, Puebla, Yucatan, Coastal Seafood, Holiday Dishes, Corn, Tamales, Mexico Delights or Mexico’s Best Selection.

Oaxaca Culinary Tour

Let your gastronomic interests and passions guide you to Oaxaca, where customized food tours include hands-on demonstrations on how to grind and toast cacao beans using ancestral methods, making homemade tamales from scratch and learning the age-old methods to make spicy chorizo and tejate, the pre-Hispanic drink of the Gods. Culinary tours can accommodate groups of 6-18 people and also feature trips to colorful marketplaces, cooking classes with leading chefs and opportunities to dine in some of the best Oaxacan eateries and restaurants.

Street Food Essentials in Mexico City

The sprawling metropolis of Mexico City is the perfect backdrop for a food-filled adventure with one of the area’s most popular roving supper clubs. Experience regional specialties you’ll find nowhere else on Club Tengo Hambre’s ‘Mexico City Street Food Essentials’ tour. At just $90, this gastronomic escapade –held every Saturday–includes six stops to sample DF’s quintessential street fare.

Additional “Mexico food tours” resources: 

  1. Journey Mexico, COOKING CLASSES IN CANCUN AND RIVIERA MAYA https://www.journeymexico.com/blog/cooking-classes-cancun-riviera-maya
  2. EatMexico, Puebla Food Tour https://eatmexico.com/tour/puebla-tours/
    ​IN OAXACA, MEXICO http://www.oaxacaculinarytours.com/
  4. ClubTengoHambre, Mexico City Street Food Tour http://clubtengohambre.com/mexicocity
  5. com, CHOCOLATE FANTASY WORKSHOP http://www.los-dos.com/class-options/verarticulo.php?IdArticulo=244544
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Best Sportfishing Destinations in Mexico

Deep sea sport fishing.Every year, thousands of tourists head to Mexico for some of the world’s best deep sea fishing. More than 600 species, including big trophies like black marlin, populate the country’s beautiful fishing grounds. Whether you’re a casual angler or a die-hard enthusiast, Mexico’s 6,000 plus miles of coastline offer plenty of dream locations to cast a line. Here are some of the top destinations for amazing sportfishing.

Los Cabos

Anglers from around the globe flock to Los Cabos, where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez host a bounty of sailfish and marlin (blue, black and striped). In fact, Cabo San Lucas has earned the honors of being nicknamed “the marlin capital of the world!” Other stand-out catches include mahi mahi, wahoo, yellowtail, roosterfish and corvina. The fishing in Cabo San Lucas is excellent year-round, but if you’re hoping to reel in a black marlin, plan your fishing vacation between May and October.

Puerto Vallarta

Celebrated for its balmy beaches and sublime scenery, Puerto Vallarta is another world-class fishing location, where charters offer unforgettable deep sea fishing expeditions into the fertile waters beyond the Bay of Banderas. Beyond billfish and marlin, anglers can expect to find bonito, tuna and monster red snapper (which make for a delicious dinner!)


Mazatlan is another prime destination for both light tackle and deep sea fishing. Famed for its marlin-rich waters, this coastal hamlet is on every angler’s radar. Offshore fishing trips provide ample opportunity to land swordfish, wahoo and yellowfin tuna, as well as some of the biggest black marlin ever hooked! For family fun, consider a light tackle fishing trip, where experienced captains will help you catch grouper, snook, roosterfish, trigger fish, and mojarra. 


The charming village of Zihuatanejo, located mid-way between Acapulco and Manzanillo, is a favorite among fishing devotees who come for the sailfish that run from March-February. Rumor has it that marlin can tip the scales at more than 500 pounds, and large schools of mahi mahi and tuna can be found just 10 miles offshore. Other prime catches include roosterfish, mackerel, bonito, snook and wahoo.

Riviera Maya

Cozumel and Cancun are two of Mexico’s most famous resort towns that also boast superb angling throughout the year. The high season for marlin fishing is April through August while sailfish numbers peak from March through June. Half and full-day charters depart from Isla Mujeres and the docks of Cozumel. Wahoo, barracuda and grouper are plentiful and large in the waters off Playa del Carmen, as are amberjack, shark and king fish.

Mexico Sport Fishing Resources:

  1. WideOpenSpaces, 5 DEEP SEA FISHING DESTINATIONS TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST http://www.wideopenspaces.com/5-deep-sea-fishing-charter-destinations-add-bucket-list-pics/
  2. FishFisheMe, TOP DEEP SEA FISHING DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD http://www.fishfishme.com/blog/top-deep-sea-fishing-destinations-world/
  3. MexPerience, Sportfishing in Mexico https://www.mexperience.com/travel/outdoors/sportsfishing-in-mexico/
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Mexico Sets New Record: 35 Million Tourists in 2016

Recently named “the best international destination for family travel,” Mexico continues to lure tourists from far and wide, thanks to its fascinating culture, stunning beaches and great value for money. There’s good reason to have an upbeat outlook on Mexico tourism: recent figures from the Mexican Tourism Board show that a record-setting 35 million international tourists visited the country in 2016, marking a 9 percent jump over the previous year. To put these numbers into perspective, the average tourism growth rate is just 3.9 percent, according to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Mexico Tourism Up: 35 million visitors in 2016

“Mexico’s sustained, fast growth is a testament to the incredible quality and diversity in our tourism offering and the hard work for the entire industry, both internationally and domestically,” Tourism Board CEO Lourdes Berho, offered in a recent press release. To maintain this momentum and build upon these impressive numbers, Beho says that plans are underway to assure that tourists have ample reason to re-visit Mexico, whether on a family holiday, a honeymoon or a vacation with friends.

Traveler feedback gathered by the Mexico Tourism Board indicates a bright future for this diverse nation renowned for its Mayan ruins, friendly locals and amazing cuisine. A whopping 86 percent of polled visitors told tourism officials they would like to visit Mexico again within the next 6 months, and 94 percent said their trip “exceeded their expectations.”

The data reflects not only a surge in international visitors, but an uptick in overall traveler spending. The tourism board reports visitor spending spiked 10.4 percent over 2015, which is another boon to the local economy (more than 9 million Mexicans work in the tourism sector). These increased revenues may be due in part to longer visitor stays, with most tourists booking vacations for at least 7-10 days.

Mexico garners accolades as family-friendly destination

Much more than a Spring Break party destination, Mexico offers something for travelers of all ages and interests. From the sun-drenched beaches of Playa del Carmen to the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, there are so many options to find your ideal “escape.”

Given its wealth of eco-attractions and breathtaking natural wonders, it’s no surprise that Mexico garnered accolades at the 2017 Travvy Awards. Mexico was bestowed the Gold Medal for family travel, and the Silver for Best Travel Destination.

By 2021, the Mexico Tourism Board is hoping to attract some 50 million international visitors, and at this rate it’s entirely possible!

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
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