Rocky Point Rally – Who’s Who

Rocky Point Rally number fourteen is just around the corner (Nov. 6 – 9). Will there be a big turn out? Last years Rally topped seven thousand, which is pretty darned good. But you never know.

One thing for sure is that there are people in Rocky Point who always play a big part in the show, no matter what. As a Gold Sponsor for this years Rally, Seaside Reservations wants to take the time to recognise those who are always in the thick of it.

While you may see Jill Michell on her bike during the Rocky Point Rally, you are just as likely to see her behind a bar. Working.

“They asked us at the last minute if the band Mogollon could be in front of my bar a few years ago. Which was great, my little place on the Mirador was packed. Except we didn’t have time to stock up, so after a while we were full of people just sorta hanging out” says Jill.

This year, that won’t be the case. South Side Jillz, her new place, opens this month in time for the Rally. “This building was on the original Playa Hermosa, then they built the land out around it. It is a real piece of Rocky Point history, and I’d like to give back and get the place up and running” she says.

Located at the top of Calle 13, bright blue, can’t-miss-it South Side Jillz is a natural turn around point for bikers cruising the bars and other entertainment options the street has to offer. Count on finding pool tables and maybe the longest bar in town.

While we talk, we hear another bike roaring up the street. Max Fu stops in. He is part of the Rocky Point Riders, the towns own motorcycle club. Time to get some bike photos.

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