All Roads Lead To San Felipe

All Roads Lead To San Felipe

Vacationers have many choices when it comes to coastal Mexico, however one area in particular that is comfortably situated on the Sea of Cortez is known as San Felipe. This unique part of Mexico is a little over 100 miles to the south of the Mexican border with California. With less than 25,000 full-time residents, San Felipe is a remote part of coastal Mexico that still holds on to its traditional roots.

Driving Distance Of Southern California

As a coastal region with a desert climate, San Felipe offers unique and invigorating weather and activities that are simply beyond comparison. From boat racing to Baja races and world-class fishing, San Felipe is an area that is enjoying a growing number of tourists especially during peak season. Best of all, the area is within driving distance of Southern California making it convenient and easy to access. From extended vacations to short weekend getaways, few areas compare in terms of convenience and affordability for a luxury resort vacation experience.

Excellent Restaurants With Delicious Local Fare

With a thriving economy, the area provides opportunities for both locals and visitors. It has an upbeat feel and air about it that is unique and definitive. The area is so popular that is known around the world for attracting many international visitors each and every year. From Californians looking for a quick weekend getaway to international travelers looking for an extended resort vacation, San Felipe is simply an area that must be experienced to be fully understood. Excellent restaurants with delicious local fare as well as fun and inviting nightlife makes this an area that has it all.

There Is Little Reason Not To Choose San Felipe

Those whose travel plans call for a visit to San Felipe will enjoy affordable vacation rental properties that are widely available throughout the region. Explore all that San Felipe has to offer by planning your next vacation for this popular and enjoyable coastal region of Mexico. World-class beaches, convenience in terms of easy access from Southern California as well as flight access means that there is little reason not to choose San Felipe for an exquisite and delightful get-away. Beautiful weather year-round along with friendly locals and a wide variety of activities all provide the perfect backdrop for the best vacation ever. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about San Felipe vacation rental properties.

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