Discover Mexico As It Once Was By Visiting Inviting San Felipe

Discover Mexico As It Once Was By Visiting Inviting San Felipe

A few other areas of coastal Mexico can compare to the splendor of San Felipe. Conveniently situated just a little over 100 miles south of the Mexican border crossing with California, San Felipe is a splendid and delightful part of coastal Mexico that must be experienced. Largely a remote type of desert community, San Felipe has approximately 25,000 full and part-time residents. While the population does tend to peak during certain times of the year, it remains relatively steady otherwise.

Mild Temperatures Throughout The Year

These noticeable peaks in activity in San Felipe are typically associated with such activities as Baja races, hunting and fishing season as well as boat races and many common major holidays. Even when the population numbers do swell in the area it still retains its small town feel. Those in search of a weekend getaway or even an extended vacation can enjoy all that San Felipe has to offer. With mild temperatures throughout the year, the area is ideal as a primary vacation destination any time of the year.

A Variety Of Activities And Ideal Weather

In many ways, the area still retains its fishing-port look and feel. This is because shrimping is one of the major industries that keep the economy stimulated in the area. While tourism is an important part of the economy, shrimping and other related activities are still as important as they were 100 years ago. With beautiful beaches, a variety of activities and ideal weather, San Felipe is a key destination for those that enjoy a memorable and enjoyable coastal Mexico vacation experience.

A Relaxing And Rewarding Travel Experience

Best of all the area has many delightful and impressive restaurants as well as a fun and exciting variety of nightlife related activities. With beautiful white sandy beaches, San Felipe is a travel destination that can make all the difference for those looking for a relaxing and rewarding travel experience. One of the best ways to get the most out of any coastal Mexico vacation is to consider a furnished vacation rental property as opposed to a motel or hotel or even a resort. This is a smart way to make a vacation even more enjoyable and more unique. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to explore your options with regard to San Felipe furnished vacation rental properties.

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