Explore San Felipe In A Most Delightful Way

Explore San Felipe In A Most Delightful Way

San Felipe is a beautiful and majestic part of coastal Mexico that should be experienced at least once in order to be fully appreciated. The area is just a short drive south of the border crossing with California. In many ways the area is still a remote desert community that maintains much of its original Mexican charm. Today, the area is exciting, dynamic and inviting.

Dressing In A Light And Comfortable Way

From Baja races to fishing and boat racing, the area is an outdoor lovers delight. Conveniently located to Southern California, San Felipe has seen an influx of travelers and vacationers that enjoy an affordable luxury vacation experience in tropical coastal Mexico. With an ideal climate and a desert atmosphere, travelers and vacationers can enjoy dressing in a light and comfortable way while taking full advantage of the areas impressive weather. Once considered simply a fishing port, San Felipe is now an exclusive vacation destination beyond compare.

Enjoying A Vacation In A More Relaxing And Complete Way

San Felipe offers many benefits when it comes to a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. From world-class restaurants to attractive and relaxing sandy beaches as well as exciting nightlife, the area has something for virtually everyone. Travelers and vacationers from across the globe are discovering that one of the best ways to enjoy San Felipe is to consider furnished vacation rental accommodations. This is a unique and innovative way of enjoying a vacation in a more relaxing and complete fashion. Few other accommodation options can come close to all that furnished vacation rental properties in coastal Mexico have to offer.

A Wide Array Of Amenities

Most impressive of all is the fact that these properties are privately owned, privately maintained and well appointed. These properties are also fully furnished and well stocked with a wide array of amenities such as linens, towels and kitchen supplies. This helps to ensure that vacationers have everything they need to enjoy a vacation like never before. Equally impressive is the fact that San Felipe has a large number of furnished villas, condos and private residential homes that are readily available for rent to vacationers and travelers. Few other experiences compare to experiencing coastal Mexico in a fully furnished vacation rental. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for exclusive San Felipe furnished vacation condos, villas and private residential homes.

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