Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky


It’s high tide, and the waves lap close to the deck where you are seated. More like swinging, actually. A row of individual hammock/chairs spin in the soft breeze, and you spin right along with them. If only someone would hand you a Pina Colada…As if by magic, a hand stretches out in front of you, holding a long cool glass topped with a cherry. Beads of moisture cover the glass, letting you know it is cold, cold, cold. Beach vibe perfection.

The Tiki Bar at the Sonoran Sky Resort sits right on the sand, lounge chairs and hammocks shaded from the afternoon sun. People staying at the resort can choose to slip into the pool above the bar when they want to cool off. Heck, they will even keep serving you! Open to the public, people often walk down from other places where they are staying.

One of the few spots to have a drink right on the beach (why is that?), the Tiki Bar is a casual little place that you just might like. Reserve your stay at the Sky with Seaside Reservations.


by Richard Scott

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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Condo or Beach House – what’s your preference?

Make the first cup of coffee, throw open the door, and walk right out onto the beach. A light morning breeze cools your face as you look left, then right. A dozen pelicans wait at the waters’ edge, sure that some fish will show up soon. Someone is walking their dog about a half mile away. That’s it. Stretching to the horizon in both directions, the beach is yours. But they said this was going to be a busy weekend. Is it always this quiet in Las Conchas?


Book your stay in Rocky Point with Seaside Reservations, and you will have a lot of options. The classic getaway usually involves a swanky condominium perched above the Sea of Cortez in one of the many high rise developments available. It’s a great way to go – all that you need to have a good time is right where you are. Between the beach, pools, swim up bars, and the comfort of your own patio, you’ve got the bases covered.

Sandy Beach’s high rises are just West of the center of town, while the rows of houses in Las Conchas are just to the East. A house is great if you want a a big family or two to stay in the same place. At the same time, smaller places are available too. Either way, the lower density makes even the predictably busy times like the Fourth of July or Labor Day seem quiter. Come down on an off weekend, and you could literally have only a handful of people as far as you can see. And you are still close enough to town to hit the hot spots, or smile as you see how easy it was to avoid them!

Whatever you prefer, let Seaside Reservations help you select a great place to stay. Don’t forget, we also offer a concierge service exclusively to those who book with us.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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The Altares of Dia de Los Muertos

The sun fades as young people walk the path under the trees. Candles are being lit here and there. Each new light brightens the space around it, which shines with a different color. Orange chrysanthemums, turquois and purple skulls. A cross of white sea salt rests on the ground, next to a jet black dog. As the sky darkens, more candles are lit, reflecting colors onto the under-side of the branches.

November begins in Mexico with the Dia de Los Muertos. The ceremonies of ‘the Day of the Dead’ are meant to coax the spirits of loved ones to return, and spend time with those who remember them. Altares (Alters) offer a chance for the spirits to be guided back to us, and give those in this world a way to express their love through the many details involved in making the Altares.

Students from Puerto Penascos’ Cobach (similar to a junior college in the states), take part in the annual Altares building workshop and contest. Dozens of students and their families learn in great detail this very special part of Mexican culture, then present their labors of love to the publlic.

As judges take notes, family members demonstrate the depth of their knowledge of the traditions of Dia de Los Muertos, some dressed as Calaveras or Catrinas. Common elements include the smoke of insense, a black dog who will be there to guide the spirit from the other world, and water for spirits thirsty from their long journey.

Mixed with the ceremonial neccesities are many personal touches. The guitar Grandmother played. A baseball jersey. Tequila pored and waiting. Every real thing is attached to a story. The hat pulled from it’s resting place in the back of the closet begins to emit memories. From the memory, comes stories. Sharing them is how the ones we remember come back.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
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Classic film ‘Viento Negro”


Rocky Point regulars know – every once in a while, a strong wind will blow into town and stay for a few days. A famous film from the Mexican Cinema is set in one of these storms, out in the dunes of the Pinacate Biosphere reserve.

‘Viento Negro’, or Black Wind, was made in 1964 and tells it’s story around true events that happened during the construction of the railway that connected the State of Baja California with the rest of Mexico.

As part of National Conservation Week (October 27th through 31st), the Cine Club of Puerto Penasco presents the film during  its’ regular Tuesday night event, CineMartes. Every week, the patio of Puerto Viejo Coffee shop finds a gathering of film buffs, as well as those who like to enjoy a pleasant outside event while the weather is so nice.

Admission is free, and the film starts at 8:30pm. Puerto Viejo is located in the Old Port, one block off of the Malecon on Calle Zaragoza, across from the main church.

Monday, October 27th, 2014
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Players Sports Bar


Most people know Jerry Canez from all of the catering he does for local weddings. Or from teaching culinary courses at the local university. His real home base though is Players Sports Bar. Yes, he finds time to offer a place for local sports fans to unwind with a cold beer and some good food.

On a recent night, some of us went to check out Players. As expected, there were plenty of big screen T.V.’s on the wall so you could be immersed in the game of your choice. Not being a particularly big sports fan, I came to check out the food!

Specifically, we went to try the wings. Wings seem to be universal, and Rocky Point has a lot of places claiming to offer the best. Knowing Jerry’s cooking from events he has catered, I figured his were a good bet.

We started with a hamburger, just because. What’s nice about the hamburgers here is that Jerry’s makes their own buns,l

and it shows. Flavored with herbs and spices, they really make the burger special. The wings come in a variety of flavors – barbeque, atomic, etc. We decided to try two of the unusual ones. First was the Tamarindo.

Tamarindo, if you haven’t tried it, is a citrusy – brown sugary syrup that is used in a lot of Mexican cooking. Sweet and tart, here it is mixed with tiny crushed chiltepin chiles. These can be super hot, so we asked for medium. Good choice. A nice mix of flavors, but not too spicey.

Next up was the habanero chile with pineapple. The pineapple is pureed till it is like an apple sauce. To this sweetness is added the famously fiery habanero. This one we for sure wanted to back off the heat. No problem, as it turned out. In fact I could have used a little more. But what a great combination of flavors! For those who like ‘hot’, This could be your new favorite.

If you thought there was nothing new to satisfy a chicken wing craving, try Player’s Sports Bar.

Players is located on Blvd. Benito Juarez, the main street. It is on the right coming into town, just past the Plaza de la Madre and a block before Burger King. You can contact them at 638 115 0983.

Friday, October 24th, 2014
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Choosing Rocky Point Mexico For A Vacation

Choosing Rocky Point Mexico For A Vacation

Making a decision with regard to a vacation destination sometimes requires doing a little bit of research. For those considering a coastal Mexico vacation, Rocky Point is perhaps one of the top picks for anyone that enjoys peace and solitude while not sacrificing other amenities such as nightlife, dining and shopping. Best of all, Rocky Point is just a 4 Hour drive from Central Arizona and takes advantage of the new coastal highway that makes the trip easy, safe and convenient.

One Of The Most Preferred Vacation Beach Destinations

Rocky Point was once considered a simple little fishing village but has grown to become a popular beach vacation destination that is affordable, safe and enjoyable. In fact, many resorts have recently opened in the area and others are under construction. This is a clear indication that the area is quickly becoming one of the most preferred vacation beach destinations in all of coastal Mexico. The area boasts many vacation rentals and other types of accommodation that are impressive and affordable.

Offering Some Of The Finest Fare Found Anywhere In Mexico

In addition, the area has a variety of activities that can keep even the most discerning vacationer busy. This includes everything from deep-sea fishing to parasailing and shopping as well as golfing and scuba diving. The list goes on with a wide variety of delectable restaurants offering some of the finest fare found anywhere in Mexico. Fresh Mexican dishes based on old traditional recipes as well as some of the most delicious seafood dishes offered anywhere in the world are available right in Rocky Point Mexico.

Many People Are Even Buying Second Homes

Most vacationers that have experienced Rocky Point would agree that once having visited this local fishing village community it is difficult to not return over and over again. Perhaps most notable of all is the clean and pristine beaches that transport vacationers back to a time to when beaches were still in their natural and pure state. Explore all that this amazing part of Mexico has to offer by planning your next vacation to delightful and inviting Rocky Point Mexico. The area has become so popular in recent days that many people are even buying second homes in this amazing coastal Mexico community. Contact Sea Side Reservations for the absolute best in furnished vacation rental properties in Rocky Point.

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
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Exploring All Options With Regard To Activities In Rocky Point Mexico

Exploring All Options With Regard To Activities In Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point is a special and unique part of coastal Mexico. The area has a wide variety of dining options, nightlife and incredible raw beauty that simply cannot be ignored. From crystal clear beaches to ideal weather year-round, Rocky Point is an amazing place that offers a delightful vacation experience for people from across the country and around the world. This unique part of coastal Mexico has only continued to grow and popularity in recent years.

A Beautiful Scenic Ride

Outdoor activities in Rocky Point can take a vacation to an entirely new level. For example, ultra light adventures are a great way to experience flying in the most basic sense. Seeing Rocky Point from an ultra light aircraft is an incredible and rewarding experience for anyone that is not afraid of heights. A beautiful scenic ride with an experienced pilot can provide a vantage point over the beautiful coastal city of Rocky Point that would otherwise not be possible. Surprisingly affordable and convenient, choosing an ultra light of experience is well worth the effort when visiting Rocky Point.

Enjoying A Beautiful Mexican Sunset

Rocky Point also offers a wide variety of inviting sunset cruises. These unique cruises allow vacationers to sit back and relax and enjoy a wonderful experience that will not soon be forgotten. Enjoying a beautiful Mexican sunset can be as simple as scheduling a sunset-cruise on your next Rocky Point vacation. Best of all, most sunset cruises include live entertainment and excellent food and beverages. In addition, kite surfing is a popular outdoor sporting activity that is exhilarating and thrilling at the same time.

Spa Resorts That Offer Unique Spa Treatments

Many local businesses even offer kite surfing lessons. Rocky Point also provides a variety of annual events such as the motorcycle rally that can be enjoyed by all. Other fun and exciting activities include a great nightlife that offers a wide variety of dancing opportunities. In addition, golfers will enjoy some of the finest golf courses in coastal Mexico when visiting Rocky Point. Finally, as with other parts of Mexico, Rocky Point offers a range of spa resorts that make available unique spa treatments for even the most discerning vacationer. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about beautiful and inviting Rocky Point furnished vacation rental properties that are simply beyond compare.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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Rocky Point Rally – Who’s Who

Rocky Point Rally number fourteen is just around the corner (Nov. 6 – 9). Will there be a big turn out? Last years Rally topped seven thousand, which is pretty darned good. But you never know.

One thing for sure is that there are people in Rocky Point who always play a big part in the show, no matter what. As a Gold Sponsor for this years Rally, Seaside Reservations wants to take the time to recognise those who are always in the thick of it.

While you may see Jill Michell on her bike during the Rocky Point Rally, you are just as likely to see her behind a bar. Working.

“They asked us at the last minute if the band Mogollon could be in front of my bar a few years ago. Which was great, my little place on the Mirador was packed. Except we didn’t have time to stock up, so after a while we were full of people just sorta hanging out” says Jill.

This year, that won’t be the case. South Side Jillz, her new place, opens this month in time for the Rally. “This building was on the original Playa Hermosa, then they built the land out around it. It is a real piece of Rocky Point history, and I’d like to give back and get the place up and running” she says.

Located at the top of Calle 13, bright blue, can’t-miss-it South Side Jillz is a natural turn around point for bikers cruising the bars and other entertainment options the street has to offer. Count on finding pool tables and maybe the longest bar in town.

While we talk, we hear another bike roaring up the street. Max Fu stops in. He is part of the Rocky Point Riders, the towns own motorcycle club. Time to get some bike photos.

Monday, October 20th, 2014
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Why Choose Rocky Point For Your Next Coastal Mexico Vacation

Why Choose Rocky Point For Your Next Coastal Mexico Vacation

There are many reasons to choose Rocky Point Mexico for a memorable and rewarding vacation experience. For example, the area has some of the most beautiful and inviting beaches found anywhere in Mexico. Rocky Point is situated on the northern shores of the Sea of Cortez and is just a few hours drive from Arizona. In fact, many people have come to know Rocky Point as Arizona’s beach.

Daily Beach Activities

The area is clearly a resort community and is one of the best cost-conscious alternatives to California’s expensive coastal cities. Enjoying an exclusive beachfront vacation experience is easier and more affordable when considering all the Rocky Point has to offer. With a wide selection of accommodations and a variety of daily beach activities, Rocky Point simply makes smart sense for the discerning traveler or vacationer. Best of all, Rocky Point is surprisingly affordable for those even on a limited budget.

Tequila Or Shrimp And Fish

Providing an unsurpassed level of relaxation, the area offers vacationers a sense of peace of mind that could not otherwise be found. With an unlimited number of shops offering a wide range of cultural wares from pottery to blankets, the area is perfect for even the most seasoned of shoppers. Imagine purchasing a bottle of unique local tequila or shrimp and fish that was caught the same morning. The Sea of Cortez truly has many natural wonders that can keep vacationers busy exploring for days and even weeks. The area has quickly grown in popularity due to its diversity and beauty.

Championship Golf Courses

Those wishing to explore their options with regard to outdoor activities find jet skiing, deep-sea fishing and four wheeling as well as sailing and other outdoor activities widely available throughout the area. Golfers will especially enjoy Rocky Point because of its championship golf courses that are all professionally manicured and that rival some of the best championship golf courses in the world. Rocky Point is a unique destination unto itself that has gained the attention of even the most seasoned vacationers throughout the world. One visit is usually all it takes to be sold on this amazing part of coastal Mexico. Friendly locals, affordable prices and natural beauty that are second to none have made the area what it is today. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for Rocky Point furnished vacation rental properties.

Sunday, October 19th, 2014
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