Exploring All That Puerto Vallarta Has To Offer

Exploring All That Puerto Vallarta Has To Offer

Considered by many dedicated travelers to be one of the most fascinating parts of coastal Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a travel destination that only continues to grow in popularity. Best of all, the area offers a wide variety of events, activities and attractions that will keep visitors coming back year after year. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not seriously considering Puerto Vallarta for an extended vacation, a weekend getaway or even as a place to purchase property.

Many Art Galleries Located Throughout Puerto Vallarta

From the Vallarta Race Cup Series that promises an exciting show on the water to an Old Town Farmer’s Market and the area’s premier garden and zoo tour, the possibilities are endless when it comes to experiencing Puerto Vallarta to the fullest. Art lovers will enjoy the many art galleries located throughout Puerto Vallarta as well as outdoor sculptures and a host of smaller locally made art that is always available for sale by street vendors.

Host To A Number Of Area Businesses And Restaurants

The area even hosts an annual Festival Sayulita that is considered by many to be a unique and special gathering for those who truly enjoy and love Mexico’s films, music, food and other unique local experiences. This international festival has attracted people from across the world and around the country for many years. In addition, the Annual Taste of La Cruz Expo & Fair is an event that is held each year in January at the Malecón and Xiriki Amphitheater of Marina Riviera Nayarit. This fun and exciting Expo is host to a number of area businesses and restaurants that make the event possible.

Few Other Coastal Mexico Vacation Destinations Can Compare

Another popular event that takes place each year is known as the Puerto Vallarta’s Carnival Parade. This event occurs each year in March and is so popular that many people actually custom tailor the vacation dates around this one particular event. This is especially true with regard to those that enjoy a more active and exciting type of vacation experience. From film festivals to visiting a zoo to exploring all of the natural wonders of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, few other coastal Mexico vacation destinations can compare. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for the best in furnished vacation condos, villas in private homes in Puerto Vallarta.

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Explore A Complete Coastal Mexico Vacation By Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Explore A Complete Coastal Mexico Vacation By Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a genuine coastal Mexico vacation destination that has intrigued and delighted travelers and visitors from around the world for decades. The area originally gained notoriety as many Hollywood stars adopted the area as the preferred vacation destination of years gone by. Tracing its history back to the 1960s, Puerto Vallarta was known throughout Hollywood circles as the premier vacation destination in coastal Mexico.

Family Getaway Or Business Excursion

The area enjoys a large number of visitors on an annual basis. Those who enjoy beautiful and lush tropical beaches simply need look no further than the coastal regions of Puerto Vallarta. With an ideal climate year-round and friendly locals as well as a host of outdoor activities, the area is perfect for vacationers enjoying a honeymoon, family getaway or business excursion. Regardless of the reasons for visiting Puerto Vallarta, one thing is certain and that is that the area is exclusive, luxurious and incredibly inviting.

Taking A Vacation Or Even A Weekend Getaway To An Entirely New Level

Perhaps one of the best ways to take full advantage of amazing Puerto Vallarta is to consider a furnished vacation property rather than a hotel or resort. More people than ever before that enjoy quality vacations are discovering that furnished vacation rental properties far exceed their expectations. Taking a vacation or even a weekend getaway to an entirely new level of enjoyment sometimes means simply considering a furnished villa, condo or private residential home that is enjoyed as a vacation accommodation. This type of accommodation affords a more at-home feel for those that simply have grown tired of the typical commercial hotel stay.

The Most Delightful And Rewarding Way

Best of all, Puerto Vallarta has a wide array of furnished vacation rentals to choose from. By simply working with the right property management company, vacationers and travelers from virtually everywhere in the world can experience Puerto Vallarta in the most delightful and rewarding way. This type of accommodation is unique because it provides a genuine cozy home feeling that simply cannot be experienced in a hotel. From condos to villas and homes, there are more options today than ever before when it comes to furnished vacation rental properties. Contact Sea Side Reservations for the best in Puerto Vallarta furnished vacation rental homes, condos and villas.

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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Travel Tips

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Travel Tips Every Tourist Should Consider

Considered by many to be one of the most delightful and inviting destinations in coastal Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has a long history of providing for an ideal vacation experience. As such, there are some essential vacation travel tips that every traveler should consider as a way to make a vacation that much more enjoyable. While many of these tips seem simple in nature they can ultimately serve to make a vacation more rewarding.

Recover From Jet Lag

One example is to always pack more than one bathing suit when traveling to coastal Mexico. This combined with having an adequate supply of sunscreen can go a long way in making the beach going experience more enjoyable. Equally important is to ensure that your body has had a chance to recover from jet lag for those that travel from other time zones. Typically speaking, it takes a day or two to recover from jet lag. Once the body has acclimated to the new time zone is much easier to handle the change in time.

Avoid Bringing New Shoes

Another great tip for getting the most out of any vacation experience to Puerto Vallarta is to frequently wash one’s hands. This can reduce the chances of contracting an illness while on vacation. From stomach viruses to a host of other undesirable conditions, dirty hands are notorious for causing a wide variety of illnesses in travelers. Another key aspect of getting the most out of any vacation is to avoid bringing new shoes along on a coastal Mexico getaway. The better option is to bring shoes that are broken in and comfortable. New shoes can cause blisters, broken skin and painful sores.

Creature Comforts Found At Home

Finally, packing lightly and packing in the right way can make a big difference in convenience and organization when it comes to vacation in Mexico. Packing smartly simply means knowing what will be available when arriving in Puerto Vallarta. In most cases, those that are staying in a furnished vacation rental will have access to towels, linens and a wide range of creature comforts found at home. This can greatly reduce the necessity for packing items that will already be available upon arrival. As an added note, insect repellent is always a good item to have while on vacation. Contact Sea Side Reservations for Puerto Vallarta furnished vacation rental properties.

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Discover A Tropical Paradise Vacation In Puerto Vallarta

Discover A Tropical Paradise Vacation In Puerto Vallarta

Travelers have many choices when it comes to a coastal Mexico vacation. As such, few areas can compare to beautiful and inviting Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The area has long been a favorite for many seasoned and experienced travelers that know quality when it comes to coastal Mexico vacations. First discovered by Hollywood stars, the area has quickly grown to become one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Mexico.

Many Hollywood Stars Actually Purchased These Properties

Hollywood stars began traveling to this beautiful and inviting part of coastal Mexico all the way back in the 1960s. In fact, several Hollywood major motion pictures were filmed in the area. This is perhaps what made the area so popular and so interesting to so many people in Hollywood. As time progressed, many Hollywood stars actually purchased properties in the area. Considered by many to be one of the most delightful and inviting coastal towns in all of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has much to offer travelers.

An Exciting And Thrilling Nightlife

The area boasts close to two million visitors each and every year. This in itself speaks volumes with regard to the quality of the experience that can be expected when vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. Known for beautiful beaches and a pleasant climate, Puerto Vallarta has attracted people from across the country and around the world year after year. In addition, the area has an exciting and thrilling nightlife as well as some of the best fine dining experiences found anywhere in Mexico. From traditional Mexican dishes to outstanding seafood, the possibilities are endless when visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Choosing A Furnished Vacation Rental Property

Puerto Vallarta is unique in many ways and especially in its topography. This coastal paradise wraps around a beautiful bay for more than 25 miles. Truly unique, Puerto Vallarta is a vacation destination in coastal Mexico that simply cannot be ignored by discerning travelers. Most importantly, choosing a furnished vacation rental property when visiting this unique coastal Mexico community is often the best option. Having all the luxuries of home while being on vacation is what travelers can expect when they choose a furnished vacation condo, villa or private residential home. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to explore your options with regard to Puerto Vallarta furnished vacation rental properties that are simply beyond compare.

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Benefits of Choosing to Visit Puerto Vallarta

The Benefits Of Choosing Puerto Vallarta For Your Next Vacation

People choosing vacations today have more choices and more options than have ever been available in the past. As such, it is important to choose carefully with regard to which resort area will best suit your corporate vacation plans or family vacation plans. One area in particular that has grown in popularity as a luxury vacation destination is without a doubt Puerto Vallarta. This particular area of Mexico has a long and interesting history even to the point where Hollywood celebrities and stars had first discovered this Mexican paradise as far back as the 1960s.

Accommodating Well Over One Million Visitors Each Year

Even more impressive is the fact that Puerto Vallarta is surprisingly affordable and relatively easy to access from anywhere in the country via either driving or by air. Accommodating well over one million visitors each year, Puerto Vallarta is a resort destination that offers tropical weather, friendly locals and a wide variety of other amenities. Excellent food, great shopping and exciting nightlife round out the Puerto Vallarta experience.

A Unique Coastal Region That Meanders Around The Bay

This thriving resort town offers a pleasant and inviting climate as well as a wide variety of fun things to do. Puerto Vallarta is a unique coastal region that meanders around the bay for over 25 miles. Beautiful warm waters, unique architecture and crystal white sand beaches all mean that your next vacation to this highly desirable resort destination will be memorable and immensely enjoyable. Best of all, accommodations whether it be beach houses, rental beach condos for other types of vacation properties, are surprisingly within the budget of many people today.

A Long History As A Vacation Resort Area

Explore all that this amazing part of Mexico has to offer by making plans to visit Puerto Vallarta on your next weekend getaway or longer extended vacation. Perfect for families and business travelers alike, Puerto Vallarta provides a year-round vacation resort feel that is second to none. As more and more people learn about all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer the area will only likely continue to increase in popularity. With a long history as a vacation resort area Puerto Vallarta is indeed a top pick for seasoned travelers in search of the ideal resort town. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals that offer affordable luxury.

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Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

The Best Things To Do While In Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Few other areas of Mexico compare to the intriguing and delightful area known as Puerto Vallarta. With a long history of providing unique vacation experiences for millions of visitors, Puerto Vallarta offers several things to do that are unique and enjoyable. For example, there is an area known as the Romantic Zone that is south of the Cuale River. With small streets, unique cafés and shops as well as restaurants and bars this is an area well worth visiting.

Interesting Promenade Situated Along The Coastline

Puerto Vallarta also has an area known as the Malecon that should also be experienced. This is essentially a boardwalk located in the central downtown area. It is a delightful and interesting promenade situated along the coastline with a pedestrian walkway. Stroll along and enjoy beautiful artwork and afternoon sunsets that are captivating and beautiful. In addition, Playa Los Muertos is a lovely and popular beach that is well over a mile in length. This meticulously manicured beach is inviting and relaxing and is perfect for an afternoon of beach fun and adventure.

Even An Occasional Iguana May Be Seen

Isla Rio Cuale is another great part of Puerto Vallarta that is also centrally located in the middle of the city. This extraordinary and unique part of town offers cobbled stone passages and old-growth trees. Even an occasional iguana may be seen peeking out from the branches of these unique and dense trees that have been around for very long time. The shopping market in this area offers a variety of items including clothing, handicrafts, jewelry and more. Few other places in Puerto Vallarta can compare when it comes to inspiring shopping and unique visual appeal.

So Prolific In Terms Of A Resort Vacation Destination

Mismaloya Beach is another amazing area that simply should not be missed while in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, this is the part of Puerto Vallarta where it all began. In terms of attracting tourists, this beautiful and inviting beach was the initial spark that led to this area becoming so prolific in terms of a resort vacation destination. Pristine beaches that meet with adjacent jungles as well as views of the Sierra Madre Mountains make this a special beach the world over. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for Puerto Vallarta accommodations that are affordable and luxurious each and every time.

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