Exploring All That Puerto Vallarta Has To Offer

Exploring All That Puerto Vallarta Has To Offer

Considered by many dedicated travelers to be one of the most fascinating parts of coastal Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a travel destination that only continues to grow in popularity. Best of all, the area offers a wide variety of events, activities and attractions that will keep visitors coming back year after year. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not seriously considering Puerto Vallarta for an extended vacation, a weekend getaway or even as a place to purchase property.

Many Art Galleries Located Throughout Puerto Vallarta

From the Vallarta Race Cup Series that promises an exciting show on the water to an Old Town Farmer’s Market and the area’s premier garden and zoo tour, the possibilities are endless when it comes to experiencing Puerto Vallarta to the fullest. Art lovers will enjoy the many art galleries located throughout Puerto Vallarta as well as outdoor sculptures and a host of smaller locally made art that is always available for sale by street vendors.

Host To A Number Of Area Businesses And Restaurants

The area even hosts an annual Festival Sayulita that is considered by many to be a unique and special gathering for those who truly enjoy and love Mexico’s films, music, food and other unique local experiences. This international festival has attracted people from across the world and around the country for many years. In addition, the Annual Taste of La Cruz Expo & Fair is an event that is held each year in January at the Malecón and Xiriki Amphitheater of Marina Riviera Nayarit. This fun and exciting Expo is host to a number of area businesses and restaurants that make the event possible.

Few Other Coastal Mexico Vacation Destinations Can Compare

Another popular event that takes place each year is known as the Puerto Vallarta’s Carnival Parade. This event occurs each year in March and is so popular that many people actually custom tailor the vacation dates around this one particular event. This is especially true with regard to those that enjoy a more active and exciting type of vacation experience. From film festivals to visiting a zoo to exploring all of the natural wonders of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, few other coastal Mexico vacation destinations can compare. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for the best in furnished vacation condos, villas in private homes in Puerto Vallarta.

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