Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

The Best Things To Do While In Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Few other areas of Mexico compare to the intriguing and delightful area known as Puerto Vallarta. With a long history of providing unique vacation experiences for millions of visitors, Puerto Vallarta offers several things to do that are unique and enjoyable. For example, there is an area known as the Romantic Zone that is south of the Cuale River. With small streets, unique cafés and shops as well as restaurants and bars this is an area well worth visiting.

Interesting Promenade Situated Along The Coastline

Puerto Vallarta also has an area known as the Malecon that should also be experienced. This is essentially a boardwalk located in the central downtown area. It is a delightful and interesting promenade situated along the coastline with a pedestrian walkway. Stroll along and enjoy beautiful artwork and afternoon sunsets that are captivating and beautiful. In addition, Playa Los Muertos is a lovely and popular beach that is well over a mile in length. This meticulously manicured beach is inviting and relaxing and is perfect for an afternoon of beach fun and adventure.

Even An Occasional Iguana May Be Seen

Isla Rio Cuale is another great part of Puerto Vallarta that is also centrally located in the middle of the city. This extraordinary and unique part of town offers cobbled stone passages and old-growth trees. Even an occasional iguana may be seen peeking out from the branches of these unique and dense trees that have been around for very long time. The shopping market in this area offers a variety of items including clothing, handicrafts, jewelry and more. Few other places in Puerto Vallarta can compare when it comes to inspiring shopping and unique visual appeal.

So Prolific In Terms Of A Resort Vacation Destination

Mismaloya Beach is another amazing area that simply should not be missed while in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, this is the part of Puerto Vallarta where it all began. In terms of attracting tourists, this beautiful and inviting beach was the initial spark that led to this area becoming so prolific in terms of a resort vacation destination. Pristine beaches that meet with adjacent jungles as well as views of the Sierra Madre Mountains make this a special beach the world over. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for Puerto Vallarta accommodations that are affordable and luxurious each and every time.

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