What Is There To Do When Visiting Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

What Is There To Do When Visiting Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

The easy answer to this question is to do whatever feels right and enjoy a Mexico vacation to the fullest. Puerto Vallarta is a special and inviting part of coastal Mexico that has much to offer. For example, Los Arcos National Marine Park is a beautiful and picturesque part of coastal Mexico that simply cannot be missed. The area consists of several small natural granite type inlets. These landmarks are situated just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

The Water Surrounding These Rock Monoliths

Standing majestically in the bay these large rock structures are a powerful testament to the incredible beauty of coastal Mexico. Worth noting is the fact that the water surrounding these rock monoliths is hundreds of feet deep and is considered some of deepest water in the area. Another unique aspect of these small islands is that they are known as a breeding area for a variety of indigenous seabird species. The waters surrounding the area are also teaming with a full variety of marine life.

A Thriving And Dynamic Area

The area is known for its spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. On another note, art lovers can enjoy many beautiful pieces of local art that are inspiring and delightful. Local artists have created beautiful mosaics and murals that are displayed throughout the region. In addition, downtown Puerto Vallarta is a thriving and dynamic area that affords visitors and tourists the opportunity to experience Puerto Vallarta up close and personal. The sights as well as sounds, colors and delightful smells of downtown Puerto Vallarta will leave a lasting impression on travelers from across the country and throughout the world.

Well Manicured And Closely Maintained

Finally, those that enjoy lighthouses will find the lighthouse on Matamoros to be well worth visiting. In terms of panoramic sights, few other locations in the area can compare. Photographers from every stretch of the world have taken advantage of the incredible photographic opportunities made possible by this well-known landmark. As an added note, the botanical gardens of Puerto Vallarta are another popular spot that many seasoned and first-time visitors enjoy. The botanical gardens are like a tropical jungle garden that is well manicured and closely maintained. In short, Puerto Vallarta is a priceless vacation destination well worth considering. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for furnished vacation homes in Puerto Vallarta.

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