Visit Barra De Navidad Today

Visit Barra De Navidad Today

Situated on a quaint beach in coastal Mexico, Barra De Navidad is a small town that has a special kind of charm and a rich Mexican culture that is beyond compare. This inviting part of Mexico is found along the Costa Allegre, or what can often be referred to simply as the “happy coast.” In terms of location, Barra De Navidad is just south of Puerto Vallarta by about three hours. Privacy and incredible tranquility abound in this beautiful hideaway.

A Wide Variety Of Unique Shopping

With a population of less than 10,000 residents, Barra De Navidad offers visitors serenity, natural beauty and friendly locals. Perhaps most notable with regard to this delightful part of Mexico is it’s uniquely unspoiled and untouched beaches. Beachgoers and beach lovers that are in search of the perfect beach getaway need look no further than Barra De Navidad. Best of all, the area features a wide variety of unique shopping, outstanding dining and fun events. White sandy beaches ensure that miles and miles of beach strolling will be in store.

Enchanting Lagoons And Stunning Mountain Views

Other unique features of one of Mexico’s premier unspoiled resort destinations is the quaint little beach bars and a level of relaxation that is unsurpassed. More unique activities include Isla Navidad where golfers can enjoy one of the most lush golf courses found possibly anywhere in the world. This spectacular golfing destination includes captivating ocean views, enchanting lagoons and stunning mountain scenery. In addition, the area is known for great fishing and a host of local fishing charters that provide professional guidance to tourists in finding the best fishing spots in the area.

Mexican Paradise Vacation

Other key activities that are often enjoyed in this Mexican paradise include scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking, jet skiing and other outdoor activities that are exhilarating and fun. Even half-day volcano tours to what is considered to be one of the most active and highest volcanoes in the region can be part of any unique getaway to this beautiful part of Mexico. Bird watching and surfing are two other examples of the diverse activities made available to visitors of Barra De Navidad. Kayaking and snorkeling are also available to those wishing to take advantage of all that this unique area has to offer. Contact Seaside Reservations today to begin planning your next unique Mexican paradise vacation.

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