Turtle nesting on Sandy Beach


Just in time for the Fourth of July, it appears that an Pacific Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) has come ashore on Sandy Beach to deposit her eggs! We see one or two of these events every few years, so it is pretty special. Olive Ridleys are found in the oceans throughout the world. The western coast of Mexico is one of the prime nesting areas, but it is more common to see them a lot further south, especially around Puerto Vallarta.

‘Arribadas’ are when masses of these turtles come together to give birth on one beach. Here in Rocky Point, this lone nesting site will be protected by the authorities to enhance the chances that the eggs will reach maturity (something that takes around fifty days, and produces up to one hundred eggs).

Visitors to town were walking Sandy Beach near Puerta Privada when they came across the turtle, wading out of the water. They made a call to the local police, who contacted Profepa, more or less Mexicos’ EPA. Minutes later, eggs tucked into the sand, the turtle hit the waves and was gone.

The nesting of this endangered species is a reminder of just how connected to the natural world Puerto Penasco is.

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