Top 10 Foods to Try During Your Mexico Vacation

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Mexico is a land characterized by its sun-drenched beaches, Mayan ruins and adrenaline-filled outdoor pursuits. What many visitors fail to anticipate before their vacation is the smorgasbord of mouthwatering regional cuisine awaiting them, whether exploring the Riviera Nayarit or the Spanish colonial town of  San Jose del Cabo. No matter where you travel, you’ll have no trouble finding at least one gastronomic experience that speaks to the local culture and flavor.

Here are 10 incredible “must try” dishes to add to your Mexico culinary bucket list.

Chiles en nogada

Perfect for lunch or dinner, chiles en nogada is both tasty and colorful. Mild poblano chillies are filled with a mixture of spiced chopped meats and fruit, and topped with a creamy walnut sauce.


This ancient snack, dating back to the Aztec era, is especially popular around the Christmas holidays. Most tamales are savory, and prepared with corn dough filled with chopped pork, chicken and vegetables and/or cheese and then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.


This rich, dark sauce is one of the most popular complements to Mexican dishes, and can contain more than 30 ingredients! Chile peppers make up the base of this sauce, which is flavored with spices, nuts, chocolate and fruits. Some of the most classic moles are mole negro and mole poblano, served in the Oaxaca and Central Mexico.


Tostadas are popular appetizers, or make for a great light lunch. Corn tortillas are fried in vegetable oil and then topped with refried beans and cheese, ground chicken or beef, or even ceviche.

Tacos al pastor

This authentic dish remains a best-seller on menus across the country, and is created by placing thin slices of perfectly roasted pork on a corn tortilla. The tacos are topped with coriander, diced onions and a pineapple garnish.


For a taste of Mexican comfort food, try this traditional breakfast staple. Chilaquiles feature triangles of lightly fried corn tortillas, piled high with your choice of scrambled eggs, cheese, or pulled chicken and a hearty topping of green or red salsa.


Almost every street corner in Mexico has a vendor selling perfectly cooked corn on the cob, or elote. Some serve the kernels in a cup, and others serve the cob on a stick, to be eaten like a Popsicle. Elote is usually eaten with a combo of lime, chili powder, or cheese and sour cream.


This rich, hearty stew is made with dried large white corn kernels (hominy), pork shoulder, onions, garlic and a mixture of herbs and then simmered for hours.

Enchiladas Verde

Various versions of enchiladas were first made by the Maya, who wrapped fish in corn tortillas. The modern enchiladas “verde” generally use flour tortillas, which are stuffed with cooked chicken and topped with a bright tomatillo sauce augmented with serrano chilies – perfect for lunch or dinner!


Just about everyone is familiar with guacamole, perhaps Mexico’s most famous side dish! Guacamole flavors vary from region to region, but the most traditional is made with ripe avocados, onion, lime juice, tomatoes, chili pepper and garlic.

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