How Millennials Will Travel in 2018

Mountain biking rider with bike looking at inspiring sea and mountains landscape. Man cycling MTB on enduro rocky trail path at sea side. Summer sport, training fitness motivation and inspiration.How are millennials changing the travel industry? A new survey of adults aged 20-35 has generated some eye-opening revelations about millennial travel in 2018.

Endangered Ecosystems

Millennials’ heightened awareness of climate change translates into a desire for sustainable eco-tourism. This may include trips to places with fragile or potentially threatened areas, such as the Galapagos, the Arctic, Costa Rica, and Canada’s Columbia Ice Fields.   

Passports in Hand

Millennials, according to the survey, plan to head abroad more frequently than their older counterparts — nearly twice as often, on average. In all cases, the Caribbean (including Mexico), Latin America, and Europe are the most popular international destinations cited.

No Rollover Vacation Days

Millennials do not believe in letting any vacation days go unused: eight out of 10 take all their earned time, the most of any age group. Here’s a recent article that details all the reasons why taking a vacation is good for you AND your career.

A Remote Office

Three out of four millennials confessed that when they go on vacation this year, they plan to bring work with them. Just over half of baby boomers would be willing to bring the office with them.

Big Spenders

Millennials surveyed estimated they’ll be spending nearly $7,000 in 2018 for their vacations. Sounds like a lot? Maybe you’re a Gen-Xer: they’ll spend only $5,400 on their travel plans this year. 

Adventure Travel

Millennials are interested in adventure travel. From white-water rafting to mountain-climbing, over one-quarter of millennials are planning an extreme vacation in 2018.

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