5 Amazing Things to Do in Rocky Point, Mexico

Breakwater at el Anclote beach in Punta MitaRocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, is quickly becoming a preferred destination among discerning vacationers. A short drive from Tucson, Phoenix and San Diego, this lively seaside town is not only easily accessible, its full of amazing things to do for both couples and families.

Indulge in the vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Rocky Point by ticking these activities off your Bucket List!

Enjoy a Tequila Tasting Tour

The family-owned Manny’s Tequila Factory in Rocky Point is an unsung wonder. Boasting more than five decades of tequila-making experience, they make small-batch “artisanal” tequila from 100% blue agave.  Visit the factory for an informative tour on the history of tequila production and chances to taste different varieties, including: triple distilled, blanco, añejo, reposado, antiguo, and gold. For something different, try one of their flavored tequilas made with coffee, apple, peach, quince, raspberry, caramel or almond.

ATV Four Wheeling Adventure

Crank up the fun on a four-wheeling adventure in Puerto Peñasco, where gorgeous beaches and rolling desert hills are begging to be explored. All-terrain vehicles can be rented by the hour (prices run $15-20), or booked through local tour companies who will guide you to the town’s best trails and sand dunes for quad riding.

Swim with Sea Lions

If the idea of playing with inquisitive, highly intelligent marine mammals appeals to you, book a boat tour to Isla San Jorge, home to a large colony of frisky sea lions. This once-in-a-lifetime experience features chances to snorkel or swim with sea lions and take in the island’s natural beauty and abundant bird life. Keep an eye out for brown-footed boobies, pelicans and frigates. This fun day trip is perfect for the entire family.

Kitesurfing at Cholla Bay

Kitesurfing is the latest craze in Rocky Point. A combination of para-gliding and wake boarding, this water sport delivers a huge adrenaline rush and requires no experience! The turquoise waters of Cholla Bay are the best spot to test your mettle. An oversized kite is clipped on to your body, as you glide over the waves on a double-sided board. By adjusting your kite, you can harness the wind even as it changes direction.   

Catch your own seafood dinner

Imagine reeling in a 20-pound grouper, or better yet, a massive yellowtail tuna. In Rocky Point, you can catch your own dinner either deep sea fishing or bottom fishing in the Sea of Cortez.  June through October are the peak months for offshore sportfishing, while inshore fishing around estuaries and rocky outcroppings is stellar year-round. With a bit of luck, you’ll be dining on fresh mackerel, red snapper or a tasty filet of sea bass.

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Top Mexico Vacation Trends for 2018

2018 written on the sandIs booking a fun-filled Mexico getaway on the top of your 2018 New Year’s resolution list? Check out this list of the hottest vacation trends in Mexico for 2018, brought to you by the local travel experts at CasaGo. 

Puerto Peñasco

Recent travel data indicates that Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, has become one of the top travel destination spots in the world for Americans, right up there with Paris, London and Rome. Also known as Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco sits right on the water in the warm and sunny Baja region of Mexico. Rocky Point is the perfect getaway for vacationers looking to relax amidst endless natural beauty. There are a number of resorts, condos and villas overlooking the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez that are a perfect fit for families, romantic partners, and spring breakers. There are no shortage of things to do and see in Puerto Peñasco, which is famous for its beaches, day trips to nearby volcanoes and oyster farms, parasailing, golf courses, kayaking, jet skiing and more!

Vacation rentals over hotels

New tourism trends have developed in recent years, with more and more travelers looking for unconventional, off-the-beaten-path vacation experiences. One of the ways to guarantee a truly unique experience in Mexico is to book a house rental, instead of a hotel or resort. Choosing alternative accommodations allows visitors to soak up local flavor apart from the usual tourist crowds, and make a deeper, authentic connection to the people and places they come across.

From environmentally-friendly eco tours, to renting a secluded beach bungalow or house boat, more and more people are customizing and personalizing their Mexico vacation experience. 

Mexico City’s food scene

Mexico City has exploded recently on the international foodie scene, with visitors flocking here from around the globe to experience a culinary revolution. Cutting-edge chefs are reimagining traditional Mexican cuisine for contemporary palates. From street food (some companies offer guided tours of taco shops) to elite fine dining establishments, Mexico City has options to appeal to every taste and budget. New trends to look out for are fusion experiments — such as Japanese-meets-Mexican — and gourmet markets and food halls where the gastronomically adventurous can purchase rare speciality items. According to Lesley Téllez, the founder of Eat Mexico, “Some boundary-pushing chefs are re-examining what it means to make Mexican food in Mexico. Locals are enthusiastic, and it shows.”

Guadalajara’s art scene

From intimate workshops to commercial spaces, culture junkies can discover tomorrow’s art world stars today in Guadalajara. With a budding art scene rivaled only by that of Mexico City, Guadalajara itself is a work of art, with old historic architecture juxtaposed with new, modern buildings. Fill your days viewing sculpture, photography, painting and ceramics from new and established artists at top galleries such as Casa Rombo, Páramo Galleria, and Curro y Poncho. 

Want more information on how to get your Mexico trip started?

If you are interested in visiting Mexico in 2018 and want to find the best option for you, contact a CasaGo representative today. Whether you want to attend gallery openings in Guadalajara, try sushi tacos in Mexico City, or camp out in the Mexican wilderness, the team at CasaGo will help make your dream trip a reality at an unbeatable price. Our trained staff specializes in finding the perfect destination just for you!

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