‘Super Moon’ and Sea Turtles?

Sunday's 'Super Moon' rises over the beach in Las Conchas.

Sunday’s ‘Super Moon’ rises over the beach in Las Conchas.

Sunday night saw the rise of the ‘Super Moon’. Brighter and larger because it passes closer to the earth than at any time in the past 20 years,  the moon made a great show for those spending time here in Rocky Point. Tides are high too, as the natural world responds to the moons magnetic pull.

Our beach is currently the home for a nest of Pacific Olive Ridley sea turtle eggs. Laid last month, the eggs are due to hatch between now and the end of August. Environmental specialists here to over see the nest are speculating that the unusual moon may work it’s magic and cause the little guys to break out of their shells and head for the waves. While no longer full, the next two nights will still have lots of  lunar ‘pull’.

A Lunada is a traditional Mexican beach party to accompany full moons. Maybe tonights the night to celebrate the beauty of nature, gaze at the stars, and maybe witness one of natures most awesome events.


By Richard Scott

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