Strategies To Consider When Traveling To Rocky Point Mexico

Strategies To Consider When Traveling To Rocky Point Mexico

Few other vacation experiences compare to spending time in warm and inviting Rocky Point Mexico. While there are many strategies that can be implemented to improve the overall vacation experience while visiting this delightful part of coastal Mexico, some are clearly more important than others. For example, carrying ammunition or guns into Mexico is strictly prohibited. In fact, this one act alone can result in incarceration in a foreign jail.

Filling Out The Proper Documents And Forms

Travelers to Mexico should make absolutely certain that no guns, ammunition or other associated accessories are present in a vehicle that is crossing the border into Mexico. Equally important is for travelers to ensure that they do not accept any type of work in Mexico without first filling out the proper documents and forms. It is also good to ensure that a Mexican insurance policy and the vehicle’s registration is on one’s person and not left in the car.

Proof Of Shots

In addition, those wishing to transport a boat, jet ski or ATV across the border into Mexico should make certain that they have all ownership documents with them at all times. Those wishing to bring a pet along on a vacation to Mexico should be sure to carry all documents from a veterinarian showing proof of shots. Once a vacation is over and travelers head for the border to return back to United States it is essential not to bring any fireworks, plants or wildlife back into the US. This can cause a delay or other serious consequences at the border when attempting to cross the border back into the United States.

Polite And Friendly

Finally, those making purchases in Mexico while on vacation should keep all receipts for each item purchased. These receipts may be requested by customs when preparing to cross the border. As an added note it is a good idea not to speed or break the law while in Mexico. Travelers should always be polite and friendly with all locals while in Mexico and with those working at the border. Follow these simple and smart strategies as a way to stay safe while visiting Rocky Point Mexico or other key coastal destinations throughout the country. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for a wide variety of Rocky Point Mexico furnished vacation rental properties such as condos, villas and private residential homes.

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