Roger Clyne opens Banditos on Sandy Beach

imageThe word was out. Rumour had it that Roger Clyne would be taking over The Hut, a popular watering hole along Rocky Points’ Sandy Beach. Confirmation came from the Mexican Moonshine page on Facebook . . .

Ladrones, libertines, lushes and lovers,

For those who seek
high spirits, positive vibrations & good medicine
in the finest company:
come slip away and steal some time for yourself,
find shelter in the shade with party-going peacemakers in our prodigious palapa,
come relish Mexican Moonshine margaritas,
revel in mirth, music and merriment!

Where “the good guys and the bad guys never work past noon,”

we’ve a place for those who “do the don’ts & don’t the do’s,”

when you “gotta go a little loco to stay sane,”

while you let “your heart and your cup overflow,”

and delightfully declare that

“life is grand, love is real, and beauty is everywhere!”

We offer refuge and refreshment,
a respite for the rebel soul!

Come tip big with pesos and besos
at our humble hide-out,
our second home,
which we will name simply
and simply name,


Here’s to Life!

Clyne and the Peacemakers have played here before, from Circus Mexicus to solo sets by Roger (see the recent article). With stages inside and out, Banditos promises to be a focal point for live music in Puerto Peñasco. Banditos big palapa roof is easy to spot when staying in Rocky Point.

by Richard Scott

Mexico Reservations

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