Riviera Nayarit Makes for Special Vacations

A Special Vacation Is In Store When You Visit Riviera Nayarit

Surprisingly unique and secluded, Riviera Nayarit is considered one of Mexico’s vacation destinations that is the newest on the scene. Comfortably nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre Mountains, Riviera Nayarit is a paradise getaway that everyone should experience at one time or another. The area features coastlines that stretch for miles in a tropical paradise that is inviting, cozy and simply beyond compare.

Indigenous Animal Species

Convenience is an important aspect of visiting Riviera Nayarit as it is just a few minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Near-perfect climate includes an average temperature of the mid-70s year-round. Sunshine abounds virtually every day of the year in a unique place where colorful and lush vegetation and a wide variety of indigenous animal species will keep the most intrigued travelers amazed each and every day. In addition, Banderas Bay, which is known as one of the biggest bays in the world, offers unique sightseeing as humpback whales come to visit each year.

Beautiful Creatures Creating Powerful Waterspouts

These humpback whales are majestic and powerful and come to this unique part of the world to give birth each year. Anyone that enjoys nature and experiencing animals in their natural habitat will not soon forget viewing these massive mammals as they perform. Tourists can expect to see these beautiful creatures creating powerful waterspouts, performing impressive jumps and simply swimming with their newborns. Few other experiences in life can compare to seeing humpback whales in their most natural of activity in the wild. This is the type of experience that greatly exceeds anything that could be imagined when visiting many of the world’s zoos.

Excellent Activities Made Available To Visitors

In addition, golfers will particularly appreciate world-class courses that offer lush vegetation and professionally manicured greens that simply must be experienced as a way to be fully appreciated. Other unique activities include sport fishing, surfing and even a chance to swim with dolphins. Zip lines are another great way for visitors to enjoy being immersed in all that this amazing area of Mexico delivers. Aside from all the excellent activities made available to visitors, there is always the option of simply siting and enjoying a beautiful and relaxing tropical sunset on a crystal white sand beach. Contact Sea Side Reservations for the best in Mexican beach reservations and travel planning.

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