Puerto Vallarta Taco Festival Returns for 2nd Year

There are few Mexican dishes as tempting and delicious as a lovingly-prepared taco on a handmade corn tortilla, topped with fresh guacamole, salsa and your choice of perfectly-spiced meats. If you happen to be traveling to Puerto Vallarta, you can eat your fill of authentic tacos asada, chorizo and pastor along with freshly caught shrimp, lobster and fish at the town’s much anticipated Taco Fair.

On September 16, Puerto Vallarta proudly hosted its 2nd annual Taco Festival, which showcased the delectable offerings of local taquerias. This family-friendly event not only provided ample opportunities to sample true Mexican cuisine at its finest and cheapest (tacos for 50 cents!), festival-goers were treated to presentations about the history of the taco and the musical stylings of Puerto Vallarta’s Huichol group. Plus, admission was free!

Taco Fair supports local producers

On why he chose September 16, Taco Fair organizer Edgar Cisneros told the Puerto Vallarta Daily News that the long holiday weekend would attract not only tourists in the area, but local denizens as well. “It’s a way to celebrate Independence Day, the festival is dedicated to the taco, which is a very Mexican product,” he explained.

If you happened to miss this year’s Taco Festival, don’t despair! Plans are already in the works for the Puerto Vallarta Taco Fair 2017. Here are just some of the activities and attractions offered at this year’s bash:

  • Taco tastings with escamoles (a kind of ant larvae) and even grilled crickets!
  • Tamer restaurant offerings of tacos with marinated and grilled pork, beef, shrimp and fish
  • Tacos featuring elements of molecular cuisine
  • Presentations from local chefs
  • Other traditional culinary treats from local restaurants
  • More than 20 vendors in attendance
  • A variety of microbrews
  • Live music & family fun

Whether you prefer your tacos with a spicy kick of jalapeño or a savory yet mild pico de gallo, Puerto Vallarta invites you to discover the exquisite flavors of this humble street food that nourishes the body and soul.

If you’re planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico soon and want to experience the world’s most heavenly tacos al pastor– head to El Carboncito, a small but popular taco stand – especially among the late night crowd. Just follow the scent of slow-grilled meats in El Centro’s Calle Honduras; you won’t be disappointed.

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