One Of The Best Ways To Explore Art In Puerto Vallarta

One Of The Best Ways To Explore Art In Puerto Vallarta

As with other intriguing parts of coastal Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has its share of creative and beautiful artwork. In fact, the area is known for a wide variety of local artists’ work that offers artistic insight into traditional Mexico and Mexican art. One example of an event that has taken place in the past in Puerto Vallarta offering visitors and locals alike the opportunity to explore a host of art is the Centro Historico ArtWalk.

Viewing A Wide Range Of Art In A Variety Of Art Galleries

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the Centro Historico ArtWalk is that art lovers can view and compare a mix of artistic offerings during the event. Most importantly, the Centro Historico ArtWalk is a self-guided type of tour that includes 10 impressive downtown galleries. In addition, cocktail exhibitions can be actively enjoyed each and every Wednesday evening. With so much to offer when it comes to viewing a variety of art in a number of art galleries, it is hard to imagine not choosing to explore the art of Puerto Vallarta.

A Fun And Inviting Way To Absorb The Culture Of Mexico

Equally impressive when it comes to Puerto Vallarta is the free Malecón Sculpture Walk. This is a very popular and free sculpture walking tour in Malecón. The tour is made available by the Galería Pacifico and is a seasonal event that typically begins in November. Exploring many of the unique pieces of sculpture that are reminiscent of Mexico’s past and Mexico’s present day can be a fun and inviting way to absorb the culture of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta has become one of the most traveled destinations in coastal Mexico in recent years.

A Multitude Of Bargain Shopping Opportunities

The area is rich in culture, art and fine dining opportunities. Many exclusive Mexican restaurants that serve traditional Mexican cuisine from old world recipes are widely available throughout the region. This combined with an outstanding nightlife and a multitude of bargain shopping opportunities make Puerto Vallarta a likely choice for a vacation, weekend getaway or honeymoon. Even corporate business travelers can enjoy this unique part of coastal Mexico because of its incredible beauty and surprising affordability. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about impressive Puerto Vallarta furnished vacation condos, villas and private residential homes.

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