Mexico’s Award-Winning Tequila

Mexican law states that no spirits can be labeled “tequila” unless they are produced in one of four states, the most notable being Jalisco. Often dubbed the champagne of Mexico, tequila comes in reposados, anejos and blancos — but all varieties are distilled from the sugary juices of the blue weber agave. Unlike fine wines or scotches, tequila doesn’t get better with age. In fact, many of today’s luxury tequilas offer the distinctive, refined flavors of a long-aged brandy or rum, after only a few months of sitting in oak barrels.

Today’s award-winning artisanal tequila offerings are on par with craft beers. There is absolutely something for everyone. Whether you prefer to sip on an amber-hued anejo over ice, or mix up the tastiest margarita this side of Cancun, there’s a tequila made just for you.

Let’s take a look at five contenders that have each garnered accolades at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and have passed muster for an exceptionally smooth finish.

Tequila Trago Reposado

Made in Los Alambiques Distillery in Central Mexico, Trago Reposado is perfect for crafting top-shelf margaritas and has subtle hints of caramel and vanilla flavors. Many attribute the quality of this fine spirit to the soil and weather conditions where the blue agave is grown, in the highlands surrounding Jalisco.

Tequila Siete Leguas

Siete Leguas is an estate grown tequila that is carefully aged in white oak barrels (from 4 months to 7 years) to render its full flavor and unique smoothness. The secret to this clean, rustic taste are the traditional methods used to harvest and process the agave. A mule-drawn millstone crushes the cactus heart and copper stills are used to remove impurities. Enjoy a glass, neat on the rocks, and you might detect notes of spearmint, cinnamon or pine.

Tequila X.Q. Añejo

Renowned for its trademark “X” shaped bottle, X.Q. Anejo is aged for 36 months and is recommended for those who savor the taste of a 100% blue agave, high quality tequila. You may notice aromas of jalapeño, toffee and wood spice.

Tequila Tapatio Blanco

Just like champagne, tequilas come in all varieties and price points. Attractively priced for its sophisticated finish, Tapatio blanco is surprisingly full-bodied and spicy. Enjoy this spirit in Mexico’s most famous cocktail— simply shake with fresh lime juice and a splash of triple sec.

Avion Silver Tequila

This impressive un-aged tequila has won the Gold metal not once but twice at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Tasty all by itself or in your favorite mixed drinks, Avion Silver is praised for its intense herbal notes of rosemary and mint, which is followed up with subtle hints of pineapple and grapefruit.

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