Mexico Native Dolores del Rio Honored by Google

Durango city at night with Urkiola mountainsMexico is a top destination for people looking for world-class entertainment. The country has a long, rich history of producing notable stars in entertainment, including Ricardo Montalban, Carlos Santana, and Dolores del Rio. In fact, Dolores del Rio was widely regarded as being the first Latino woman to make it in Hollywood. Google Doodle honored her recently by showcasing an illustration of del Rio surrounded by flowers on Google’s homepage. If you’re a film buff, consider visiting del Rio’s birthplace during your visit to Mexico. Durango City is impressive any time of the year, but consider planning your trip during mid-to late-July to early August for the annual festival, and be sure to check out other exciting festivals happening around the country.

Explore Dolores del Rio’s birthplace: Durango City

Durango City, also known as Victoria de Durango and Ciudad de Durango, is the capital of the Mexican state of Durango. This historic city of about half a million people was founded in 1563 by explorer Francisco de Ibarra. It’s a beautiful area to stroll through, with historic architecture that speaks to the city’s Barcelona, Florence, Madrid, and Paris influences. The richly styled Catedral Basilica de Durango (cathedral), which dates back to 1695, is widely considered to be among the most impressive architectural wonders in northern Mexico.

National Festival of Durango

Each summer, Durango City’s population swells to about 1.5 million, as visitors flock here for the renowned Feria Nacional de Durango (National Festival of Durango). This month-long event has been held here every year since 1929, which means it’s extremely likely that Dolores del Rio would have enjoyed the festivities. The schedule of events is subject to change each year, but generally includes music concerts, equestrian events, and other cultural attractions.

Mexican Film Festival

Earlier in the summer, from late June to the beginning of July, Durango City holds its annual Mexican Film Festival. Shorts, documentaries, and feature-length films compete for top honors. There’s also a category exclusively for short films produced within the state of Durango, called “Made in Durango.”

Popular events in the surrounding areas

Anxious for more exciting festival options? Take a short, three-hour trip from Durango and head south to Zacatecas in central Mexico. Zacatecas is an enchanting, historic town with roots as a 16th century silver mining town. It’s also famed for its lovely pink quarry stone, and it’s been designated as a World Heritage Site.

If you visit in April, check out the Festival Cultural de Zacatecas. It’s an exuberant celebration of Mexico’s cultural heritage, featuring music, dance, films, art exhibits, theatrical performances, and much more. If you visit in August, you can attend the international folklore festival—the Festival Zacatecas del Folclor Internacional, which features traditional dance, cuisine, and crafts from various states in Mexico and countries around the world.

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