Labor Day Weekend Off Road and Turtles Return

The Midnight Wreck Off Road Race

The long last weekend of Summer is right around the corner. Southern Arizona Desert Racing brings two night off road excitement as the next in their series of events here in Rocky Point.

Things start on Friday August 29th with a poker run. The night races start with bikes, quads, and UTV’s. Two more races will be for trucks and pre-runners, then finally for cars and pro-trucks.

For More information, check out the SADR on Facebook.

The turtles are back!

We recently saw the natural process play out on Rocky Points’ beaches, as a sea tutle laid eggs only to have them fail to mature successfully. Our beaches are on the very edge of the range for the Pacific Olive Ridley to nest, so the failure rate is expected to be higher.

Now, just a couple of weeks later, another nest of eggs has been laid, this time further out of town heading towards the Mayan Palace Resort. A protective barrier has gone up, and we will all wait with crossed fingers. An average of 100 little turtles can hatch in approximately 50 days, give or take.

by Richard Scott

Turtle Protection.

Turtle Protection.


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