Kayak Rocky Point And Take Full Advantage Of This Amazing Area

Kayak Rocky Point And Take Full Advantage Of This Amazing Area

There are many unique and clever ways to see all that Rocky Point has to offer. However, few modes of transportation compare when it comes to kayaking beautiful and spectacular Rocky Point. While there are a number of companies that offer kayaking services, Rocky Point Kayak has an established reputation when it comes to the best in kayak lessons, rentals and tours. The company even offers kids camps to those with children.

Harbor Seal Colony

One popular kayak adventure that many tourists enjoy is the full moon paddle. Kayakers venture out just prior to sunset to explore many of the area’s nocturnal marine mammals and amazing bird life. The tour takes visitors through a large harbor seal colony. In addition, when traveling by kayak it is far more likely to get up close and personal with marine life and birds in their natural habitat. In the absence of a noisy boat motor, tourists are able to more genuinely appreciate nature to the fullest.

Beautiful Crystal Clean Waters

Choosing the full moon paddle is a fun way to enjoy peace and tranquility that is so much a part of this region of coastal Mexico. Visitors will paddle back in the light of the moon while taking in the incredible scenery. Conversely, there is another popular tour known as the island hopper. This is an excellent way to explore the many islands dotting the beautiful crystal clean waters of Indian Arm. The tour lasts five hours and is expertly guided by staff with years of experience. Many tourists bring binoculars and cameras to capture the incredible scenery that is so reminiscent of the area.

Take Lessons At An Affordable Rate

All this and more is what can be expected when choosing to kayak the beautiful waters of Rocky Point Mexico. Best of all, those unfamiliar with kayaking can take lessons at an affordable rate. Everything from learning to roll to edging and bracing as well as capsize recovery are taught in comprehensive classes. There are many varied classes available including even an introduction to kayaking skills. With so much to offer in terms of being able to see this part of coastal Mexico up close and personal, it is hard to imagine not choosing to kayak the waters of Rocky Point. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for furnished vacation properties in Rocky Point.

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