Great Diving Sites in Mexico

Mexico’s coasts are among the most beautiful waters for diving. The amazing coral reefs and undersea caverns are not just for the pros; even beginners can receive training and certification meeting internationally recognized standards at most diving centers in Mexico.

There are plenty of not-to-be-missed diving sites in Mexico. Read on to learn more about some of our favorites.

Playa del Carmen dive sites

Sistema Dos Ojos is one of the largest underwater cave complexes in the world – there is so much to see that for at least your first visit, you should cons/rivieranayarit/ider diving with a guide.

The cave system is enormous – over 300 miles long – and visitors can enter through 28 sinkhole entrances known in the area as cenotes (derived from a Mayan word meaning “sacred well”). The cenotes are found near Playa del Carmen, all along the Riviera Maya. “Dos Ojos” is Spanish for “two eyes” and the beautiful complex branches off into two separate caverns that in turn split off into elaborate passages. One passage leads to a breathtaking illuminated air-filled chamber while others lead to sights like stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Scuba diving near Cancun

Deep Blue Cozumel, near Cancun, is your window into colorful coral reefs and fish. The sparkling water off the coast of Cancun display the rainbow of marine life, allowing divers to see for 200 feet.

Beginning divers can enjoy the tropical reef life. More experienced divers can venture deeper into a series of caverns, connected in an intricate maze.

Dive Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit offers several exciting diving locations with an array of marine life experiences. The underwater mountain range of Las Marietas Islands Marine Reserve is exciting for beginners and was also a site explored by Jacque Cousteau. Six miles away, at the El Morro site, divers can take in sights of dolphins, manta rays, lobsters, turtles, and more. The challenging site offers an experience suited for more experienced divers. Also in the area is Los Anegados, another site suitable for more experienced divers. Get up close with nurse sharks in these warm waters.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro diver, there is much to take in under the waters of Mexico.

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