Exploring Rocky Point Mexico To The Fullest

Exploring Rocky Point Mexico To The Fullest

Rocky Point Mexico has many flavors, colors and sights along with sounds, however few areas of the region compare to the old port or the fishing market. This is still one of the top attractions in the area where visitors from around the world gather to enjoy excellent shopping and outstanding eating. From the annual shrimp Festival that is typically held during the month of January to the first weekend of November when the Harley Davidson biker rally occurs there is more to see and do in this part of Rocky Point than many other areas combined.

A Launching Point For Many Fish Charters

Even Cinco de Mayo festivals are routinely held in the old port. With a virtual unlimited number of excellent restaurants, the Old Port attracts a huge number of visitors every year. Some favorites of locals include the Friendly Dolphin and The Lighthouse to name just a few. The area also boasts a number of shrimp markets and is a launching point for many fish charters. In short, few other areas of Rocky Point can compare to the Old Port.

Sit Back And Relax And Enjoy The Beautiful Weather

Of course, few tourists and locals can talk about the area without bringing up the majesty and beauty of Sandy Beach. This is perhaps one of the best family beaches in the entire area. Sandy Beach is known for its multitude of hotels and resorts and is likely one of the most popular parts of Rocky Point. Sandy beach is also well known for its outdoor activities, water sports or simply being able to sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Easy To Reach From Many Points Within Arizona

There is little doubt that Puerto Peñasco has grown to become one of coastal Mexico’s most inviting an enjoyable vacation destinations. With people from across the country and around the world visiting the area each and every year it is clear to see that Puerto Peñasco will only continue to grow in popularity. Best of all, Puerto Peñasco is convenient to the US border and easy to reach from many points within Arizona. One visit is usually all that it takes to be sold on the incredible splendor that is Rocky Point Mexico. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about exclusive furnished vacation rental homes in Puerto Peñasco.

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