‘Super Moon’ and Sea Turtles?

Sunday's 'Super Moon' rises over the beach in Las Conchas.

Sunday’s ‘Super Moon’ rises over the beach in Las Conchas.

Sunday night saw the rise of the ‘Super Moon’. Brighter and larger because it passes closer to the earth than at any time in the past 20 years,  the moon made a great show for those spending time here in Rocky Point. Tides are high too, as the natural world responds to the moons magnetic pull.

Our beach is currently the home for a nest of Pacific Olive Ridley sea turtle eggs. Laid last month, the eggs are due to hatch between now and the end of August. Environmental specialists here to over see the nest are speculating that the unusual moon may work it’s magic and cause the little guys to break out of their shells and head for the waves. While no longer full, the next two nights will still have lots of  lunar ‘pull’.

A Lunada is a traditional Mexican beach party to accompany full moons. Maybe tonights the night to celebrate the beauty of nature, gaze at the stars, and maybe witness one of natures most awesome events.


By Richard Scott

Monday, August 11th, 2014
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Which Coastal Mexico Beach Resort Will You Choose?

Which Coastal Mexico Beach Resort Will You Choose?

Planning for a vacation is an important time when choosing the ideal destination can make all the difference in how your vacation ultimately turns out. The good news is that there are many excellent choices with regard to coastal Mexico beach resort areas. One region in particular that has grown in popularity in recent days is known as San Felipe. This highly desirable coastal Mexican paradise is comfortably nestled on the Sea of Cortez a little over 100 miles south of the US border.

Increased Tourist Activity During Peak Season

Considered somewhat of a remote and lightly populated desert community, San Felipe is a friendly and welcoming community that is conveniently within driving distance to a number of US cities and especially Southern California. Ideal for a weekend getaway as well as an extended vacation, San Felipe sees increased tourist activity during peak season when the Baja races, boat racing and other big events are scheduled. Once considered a quaint little fishing port, San Felipe is now a favorite vacation destination.

This Is The Perfect Opportunity And The Perfect Time

Many real estate investors have discovered the potential that this beautiful part of Mexico offers. A host of luxury custom homes and other impressive properties have been built throughout the region leading the way for luxury waterfront vacation rentals. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity and the perfect time to take full advantage of a wide variety of furnished vacation rental properties in coastal Mexico. The area features a host of inviting restaurants that make available classic Mexican specialties which are traditional, tasty and affordable. Crystal-clear water and clean sandy beaches round out the San Felipe experience.

Outstanding Customer Service And Incredible Attention To Detail

One of the best ways to find the right furnished vacation rental in San Felipe is to work with an experienced San Felipe property management team. One property management team that specializes in this region of Mexico is known as Sea Side Reservations. The company delivers outstanding customer service and incredible attention to detail when it comes to finding the perfect furnished vacation rental in this delightful coastal Mexican city. Contact Sea Side Reservations to explore the possibilities that are available to vacationers and travelers in enchanted and inviting San Felipe. One visit is all it takes to be sold on this beachfront paradise.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014
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Why Has Mexico Become Such A Popular Vacation Destination?

Why Has Mexico Become Such A Popular Vacation Destination?

There are many good reasons why Mexico has indeed become one of the most popular destinations for vacationers as compared to other locations around the world. For beginners, Mexico has an extensive and varied range of activities that affords travelers and vacationers more options than would be possible in other places around the world. Perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches, Mexico offers more outdoor-activities than most would imagine.

A Family Vacation And Virtually Any Other Type Of Excursion

From boating to fishing and water skiing as well as hiking, horseback riding and exploring, Mexico has something for everyone. The region is also rich in a wide range of cultural and historical attractions. From a corporate getaway to a family vacation and virtually any other type of excursion, Mexico has everything that a traveler could possibly want or need. With exclusive beach resorts and many luxury furnished vacation rentals such as condos and villas, Mexico gives travelers great flexibility in terms of planning a vacation. Newlyweds or those simply looking for a more romantic type of get away will enjoy the peaceful splendor that Mexican beachfront property has to offer.

An Organization That Knows Resort Properties Intimately

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that a delightful Mexican vacation can be more affordable and more luxurious than most would initially imagine. Working with an experienced property management company can go a long way in finding the perfect property to suit your unique vacation needs. A seasoned Mexico property management organization that knows resort properties intimately can help vacation planners in making a more informed decision when planning a trip. Best of all, furnished vacation rentals in Mexico are often comparable in cost to traditional hotel accommodations.

Exclusive Golf Resorts Are More Accessible And More Affordable

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that planning a trip to Mexico is far more organized and efficient when you choose to work with an experienced property manager. Popular beach resorts, spa resorts and even exclusive golf resorts are all more accessible and more affordable than ever before when visiting Mexico. Regardless of what time of year that you choose to travel, working with an experienced property management company is essential. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to explore a wide range of options with regard to furnished vacation rentals in coastal Mexico.

Saturday, July 19th, 2014
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2014 Rocky Point Rally


Plan ahead now for one of Rocky Points’ best loved annual events. The Rocky Point Rally is coming this November 6th through 9th. Last year there were around 5000 registered, but many non-riders come to enjoy the over the top party atmosphere that descends on the city. Mardi-Gras and Spring Break rolled into one, the Rally brings bikers from as far away as Canada.

And it really is a non-stop show. The fun starts before even arriving in town with the Across the Border Poker Run. Last year, riders went out to tour the Pinacate Biosphere Reseve, and this time it will be offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday Night will see the band Mogollon take the stage, as they have for the past few years. The Malecon sees lots of action all weekend. The street is perfect for cruising your bike past the crowd. The bars and restaurants over flow with revellers, and burn out contests rule the day.

Bikes flow back and forth between the Malecon and Calle13, which see just as much action. Here is where the Toy Parade starts as well, where bikers give out toys and toss candy to super happy local kids. Charity is a large part of the Rocky Point Rally. Last year more that $9000 dollars was raised for local organizations like La Montana School (helping children with special needs), The Red Cross, as well as for the the firefighters. No trip to Rocky Point would be complete without a sunset cruise, and there is one just for registered bikers on Saturday Night.

Just a few years old, the Rocky Point Rally is starting to gain some real notice throughout the world of cyclists. People are invariable blown away by the sights and sound of a Rally by the sea, and efforts to promote the event are getting tthe word out to more and more bike afficionados. Some of this years sponsors who are making the Rall a success include Sea Side Reservations, Playa Bonita Resort, Mexpro Insurance, and Law Tigers, Motorcycle Lawyers.

*The 2014 Rocky Point Rally will begin Thursday, November 6th, and run through Sunday, November 9th.

*To find out more about scheduled events, where to stay, and to keep up with the latest Rally news, check out RockyPointRally.com



Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
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