Best Food Tours in Mexico

mexican authentic carnitas tacos with sour cream and corn tortilla shot with extreme selective focusDelve into Mexico’s rich culinary heritage as you travel to some of the country’s most renowned gastronomic regions. Ideal for gourmands of all ages, food tours offer a deeper understanding of the ancestral customs and age-old techniques used in authentic Mexican cuisine. Go off the tourist trail as you learn about Mexico’s diverse and fascinating cultures through its mouthwatering moles, artisanal mezcals and flavorful dishes that go beyond tacos and guacamole.

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or simply adore Mexican cooking, you can’t miss one of these amazing food pilgrimages which are sure to provide a renewed appreciation for how the locals live, cook and dine.

Here are some top food tours and culinary adventures in Mexico.

Taste of Puebla

Situated 75 miles southeast from Mexico City, the small hamlet of Puebla is considered a foodie’s paradise, and is popular for its roasted pork tacos and fried corn masa snacks. Embark on a three-hour culinary extravaganza that includes a trip to the town’s oldest central market, where you’ll learn how to pick out the freshest Mexican ingredients to make local staples. Feast on succulent tacos árabes filled with spit-roasted morsels of pork, fried bread sandwiches, sweet rolls and artisanal treats originally crafted by Puebla nuns. The tour finishes off with a sampling of artisan Puebla liqueur.

Yucatan Peninsula Chocolate Fantasy Workshop

This 3-day/4-night culinary workshop package is a dream come true for chocolate lovers. Join chef David Sterling in his award-winning Merida cooking school Los Dos for a delicious journey into the “Food of the Gods.”  Dedicated exclusively to cacao and chocolate, this tour teaches of the culinary importance of chocolate in the Yucatan, and how the ancient Maya roasted and prepared cacao. The workshop  includes trips to the local market, a chocolate museum and plantations where cacao beans are grown.

Cooking Workshop in the Riviera Maya

If you are traveling to Cancun or Playa del Carmen and want a unique culinary experience, head to Mexico Lindo where top chefs explain how to use traditional Mexican ingredients to create some of the country’s most notable dishes. The hands-on cooking class offers nine separate menus that focus on different regions and food specialties. Participants can choose from Central Mexico, Puebla, Yucatan, Coastal Seafood, Holiday Dishes, Corn, Tamales, Mexico Delights or Mexico’s Best Selection.

Oaxaca Culinary Tour

Let your gastronomic interests and passions guide you to Oaxaca, where customized food tours include hands-on demonstrations on how to grind and toast cacao beans using ancestral methods, making homemade tamales from scratch and learning the age-old methods to make spicy chorizo and tejate, the pre-Hispanic drink of the Gods. Culinary tours can accommodate groups of 6-18 people and also feature trips to colorful marketplaces, cooking classes with leading chefs and opportunities to dine in some of the best Oaxacan eateries and restaurants.

Street Food Essentials in Mexico City

The sprawling metropolis of Mexico City is the perfect backdrop for a food-filled adventure with one of the area’s most popular roving supper clubs. Experience regional specialties you’ll find nowhere else on Club Tengo Hambre’s ‘Mexico City Street Food Essentials’ tour. At just $90, this gastronomic escapade –held every Saturday–includes six stops to sample DF’s quintessential street fare.

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