Beach Bocce Ball in Las Conchas


Just another beautiful day in Las Conchas.

Just another beautiful day in Las Conchas.


Concentrate. Be the ball. Feel its’ weight as you hold it, ready to throw. All eyes are on you (OK, there are only six eyes total, everyone else is over at the beer tent). You wind up, swing your arm forward and release.

The bocce ball sails through the air, heading for the the other ones sitting in a clump just a few feet from the lazy ocean waves. If it lands where I want it to, it will nudge the other guys ball aside and I will have the points to win. If not, well there’s always the beer tent.

I can’t watch!

Bocce Ball is is a game that goes back to the Romans. Two teams try to get their balls closest to the target. Usually played on grass, this coming October 4th marks the return of the Las Conchas Beach Bocce Ball Tournament.

Get your friends together and make your own team, and spend the afternoon on the beach at beautiful Las Conchas. On the east side of Rocky Point, Las Conchas is mostly houses instead of Sandy Beach’s condo towers, and has a more ‘get away from it all’ feeling as well. Seaside Reservations can help you book your stay here.

The Community Relations Comittee of Las Conchas sponsors the event, with proceeds going to the many local charities that they support. Food and drink will be available to help you enjoy a lazy day at the beach with good friends.

Opening my eyes, I squint into the setting sun. Where’s my ball? Did it bury so deep in the sand that I can’t see it? Did I win?

I look towards the ‘crowd’. Not over there. Could it be? Scanning the shore, I catch the last glimpse of the red ball as it rolls into the foam of the Sea of Cortez. Oh well, like they say, you are only competing against yourself. Stupid ball!

The Las Conchas Beach Bocce Ball Event happens October 4th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm. You can get directions at the main gate to Las Conchas.

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