Barra De Navidad Is A Vacation Destination Like No Other

Barra De Navidad Is A Vacation Destination Like No Other

There is little doubt that vacationers have a number of options when choosing a Mexico vacation destination. From Cancun to Playa Del Carmen and a number of other key destinations, there is one area in particular that is considered to be one of the more quiet and more peaceful places to enjoy coastal Mexico. Barra De Navidad is a favorite among both experienced and first-time vacations.

Pleased With All That The Area Makes Available

Those that enjoy aquatic activities such as boating, fishing, diving, snorkeling, surfing and even boogie boarding as well as swimming and sunbathing will be pleased with all that the area makes available. In addition, the area has a unique street market that is always in full gear on Thursdays. The streets are blocked off and portable stands and tables are set up so that tourists and locals alike can shop for virtually anything imaginable. Those who enjoy “bird-watching” will also find that there are a number of cruises through the lagoon that are perfect for spotting unique indigenous birds.

A Great Place For Families With Children

Exotic waterfowl and well fed pelicans frequent the area and add to the mystique that is Barra De Navidad. Also worth noting is the Rancho Aurora Water Park. This is a great place for families with children. A wide variety of slides are available throughout the park that includes multiple pools and even a large wading pool for young children. From strolling on the boardwalk to walking barefoot on the sandy beaches, Barra De Navidad is one of the most delightful and inviting parts of Mexico.

Explore Coastal Mexico

Finally, one of the simplest pleasures that can be enjoyed in beautiful Barra De Navidad is to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful beach and all that it has to offer. Stunning views of the bay and an occasional dip in the invigorating waters of Barra De Navidad can do wonders for the mind, soul and spirit. With a near-perfect climate and friendly locals, there are few reasons not to choose Barra De Navidad as a preferred vacation destination when planning to explore coastal Mexico. The area only continues to grow in popularity as more people around the world discover this true gem of coastal Mexico. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for outstanding opportunities when it comes to Barra De Navidad furnished vacation homes.

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