5 Most Stunning Waterfalls in Mexico

Misol Ha waterfall on Chiapas, MexicoThanks to its unique geographic location, Mexico is brimming with magnificent natural wonders, from forest-covered valleys to desert canyons and magical cenotes filled with turquoise, mineral-rich waters. This amazing diversity in landscapes includes dozens of breathtaking waterfalls, some of them plunging hundreds of feet over sheer rock faces.

If you are inspired by the power of rushing water, try and plan a visit to at least one of these stunning cascades during your next vacation to Mexico!

Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachi earns the distinction as one of the highest waterfall in all of Mexico, second only to the Piedra Volada waterfall. Located in the state of Chihuahua, this impressive cascade looms 807 feet in the air, and remains one of the most popular attractions in the Copper Canyon. Basaseachi is fed by two rivers that dwindle during the fall and spring “dry seasons,” so plan a visit during the rainier months for a spectacular natural diplay.

Tzararácua Falls

One of the most famous natural attractions in Michoacan, the Tzararacua waterfall is an impressive site at more than 180 feet tall.  Descend to the base of this gushing torrent of water on foot or by horseback, where you can camp out for the night. The area is perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and tour operators even offer waterfall rappelling and zip-line adventures.

Agua Azul Falls

A two-hour drive from Palenque, the Cascadas de Agua Azul (meaning Blue Water waterfalls), are nestled in the heart of verdant rainforest.  What sets these falls apart from the pack are their gorgeous cerulean blue color, derived from a high mineral content. Various swimming holes invite visitors in for a refreshing dip beneath the cascading waters. Insiders tip: heavy rains from July-September churn up the silt, turning the normally clear aquamarine waters a tad muddy.

Misol-Há Falls

Jutting more than 100 feet skyward, the Misol Ha waterfall will blow you away with its otherworldly beauty. When you’re not posing for pictures, you can swim in the invitingly deep pool or explore a 20-meter long cavern that is tucked behind the falls. Misol Ha (which is Mayan for “waterfalls”) is an easy pit stop between Palenque and Agua Azul.  Wear sturdy anti-slip shoes if you plan on exploring the waterfall cave or lush natural surroundings.

Cola de Caballo Falls

Cascada Cola de Caballo (meaning horse tail in Spanish) is situated in Villa de Santiago, roughly 30 miles from Monterrey. The aptly named 82-foot cascade fans out over jutting boulders before crashing into a deep pool beneath. A paved trail leads the way to the waterfall which is flanked by green forested cliffs and rugged rock formations. Enjoy a picnic lunch beneath the cooling spray of Cola de Caballo waterfall which has many viewing platforms for great photo opportunities.

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