3 Best Cycling Routes in Mexico

Mountain biking rider with bike looking at inspiring sea and mountains landscape. Man cycling MTB on enduro rocky trail path at sea side. Summer sport, training fitness motivation and inspiration.At some point, most serious cyclists start dreaming of hitting the trails in Mexico. Much of the highways in Mexico aren’t necessarily ideal for cycling—very narrow shoulders—but most cyclists flock to Mexico for the backcountry views anyway. If you plan to hit the trails with a mountain bike, be sure to bring extra tubes and a well-stocked repair kit.

Punta Venado Mountain Bike Park

Mountain bike enthusiasts can’t leave Mexico without a visit to the Punta Venado Mountain Bike Park, which is located in Riviera Maya. It’s a relatively recent recreational endeavor, with miles of well-maintained trails for novice, intermediate, and advanced cyclists. At the end of 2014, the bike park reported having 16 miles of trails through jungle, and along mangroves, cenotes, and of course, the beach. Try not to bike too fast, as you might miss the wildlife. Bring a durable camera and get some shots of the spider monkeys.

The bike park is just a quick drive away from Cancun. If you’re coming from Cozumel, take the ferry. In addition to riding the well-groomed trails, this eco-adventure destination features plenty to do for those who love snorkeling, horseback riding, kite-surfing, and more.

Peto to Piste in the Yucatan

The Yucatan is a much-beloved destination of serious cyclists. The route from Peto to Piste is 96 kilometers. It’s a fairly easy route with predominantly flat terrain that passes through sleepy towns, some of which operate on the Mayan language, not Spanish. The route from Peto to Piste is a great choice for beginner to intermediate cyclists who are interested in experiencing Mayan culture first-hand.

Merida to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan

The colonial capital of Merida is about a four hour drive from Cancun. Arrange transportation for you and your bike to this drop-off point, but don’t get started cycling right away. Take some time to tour the market—a must-see for every new visitor. Then, head out on paved roads and enjoy views of the jungle as you head toward Izamal. It’s known as the Yellow City. As you might expect, the buildings are all painted a cheerful shade of yellow. Take a rest here and check out the Mayan pyramid of Kinich Kak Moo.

Continue on through the jungle and small villages until you reach Chichen Itza. This revered pyramid is far more heavily visited than Kinich Kak Moo. You could end your trek here, or, if you’re interested in extending your stay, continue on to the Mayan village of Uayma. It’s not far from the Cenote Samula, a sinkhole with a natural underground pool. Celebrate your journey with a swim to cool off.

Whether you’re interested in a cycling day trip or you plan a long-haul trek across Mexico’s beautiful countryside, you can find the accommodations you need with Sea Side Reservations. We are an industry leader in arranging safe, fully vetted accommodations for visitors throughout Mexico. Just let us know your check in and check out dates, and your destination(s), and let our travel experts handle the rest.

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