How Millennials Will Travel in 2018

Mountain biking rider with bike looking at inspiring sea and mountains landscape. Man cycling MTB on enduro rocky trail path at sea side. Summer sport, training fitness motivation and inspiration.How are millennials changing the travel industry? A new survey of adults aged 20-35 has generated some eye-opening revelations about millennial travel in 2018.

Endangered Ecosystems

Millennials’ heightened awareness of climate change translates into a desire for sustainable eco-tourism. This may include trips to places with fragile or potentially threatened areas, such as the Galapagos, the Arctic, Costa Rica, and Canada’s Columbia Ice Fields.   

Passports in Hand

Millennials, according to the survey, plan to head abroad more frequently than their older counterparts — nearly twice as often, on average. In all cases, the Caribbean (including Mexico), Latin America, and Europe are the most popular international destinations cited.

No Rollover Vacation Days

Millennials do not believe in letting any vacation days go unused: eight out of 10 take all their earned time, the most of any age group. Here’s a recent article that details all the reasons why taking a vacation is good for you AND your career.

A Remote Office

Three out of four millennials confessed that when they go on vacation this year, they plan to bring work with them. Just over half of baby boomers would be willing to bring the office with them.

Big Spenders

Millennials surveyed estimated they’ll be spending nearly $7,000 in 2018 for their vacations. Sounds like a lot? Maybe you’re a Gen-Xer: they’ll spend only $5,400 on their travel plans this year. 

Adventure Travel

Millennials are interested in adventure travel. From white-water rafting to mountain-climbing, over one-quarter of millennials are planning an extreme vacation in 2018.

Your Source for Mexico Memory-Making

Sea Side Reservations caters to millennials and travelers of all ages, offering incredible deals on vacation rentals at all the hottest destinations in Mexico, including Puerta Vallarta, Rivera Nayait, Cancun, and La Paz, just to name a few. Since 1996, we’ve been bringing property owners and guests together, offering affordable rentals in beautiful villas, furnished condos, and beachfront homes, steps away from all the attractions you want to experience. Let us help you rent a Mexican property and own an unforgettable memory!

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5 Jaw-Dropping Caves to Visit in Mexico

Misol Ha waterfall on Chiapas, MexicoThe recent discovery of the world’s largest flooded cave has put the spotlight on Mexico’s many amazing caverns, many of which can be explored by travelers. Underwater archeologists spent years exploring the caves of Sac Actun and Dos Ojos in Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula before connecting the two caverns earlier this year.

The find revealed an amazing web of underwater grottoes; now the explorers’ mission is to link Sac Actun with three other underwater cave systems. The discovery of the submerged labyrinth identifies a significant archaeological site spanning 216 miles (347 km) that illustrates the stories and customs of the Mayan civilization.

“This immense cave represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world,” says Guillermo de Anda, a researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History, in a statement issued in January of this year.

The Maya believed their caves served as conduits to communicate with their gods, so it is possible many historical artifacts will come to light in the depths of the waters.

Amazing Find Sparks New Interest in “Spelunking”

Whether you are new to caving or are an experienced spelunker (cave explorer), Mexico has many options from which to choose. Here is a rundown of five top caves and caverns to check out during your next trip south of the border.

1. Dos Ojos (Tulum)

Traditionally ranked #1 of the 30 nature areas and parks in Tulum, this spot is a magnet for divers and snorkelers. The crystal-clear water, about 77 degrees Fahrenheit (24°C) year round, is perfect for cooling off. Marvel at stalactites formed by centuries of flowing water. Guided tours are available through accessible parts of the cave, which stretches 38 miles (61 km) through the rock. 

2. Sac Actun (Tulum)

Another underground water paradise in the Riviera Maya. Your visit will certainly be a unique experience like no other, mystical and intriguing. You can snorkel or dive in this cavern, which is chock-full of formations. The cenote, or sinkhole, is set deep in the jungle and is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna.

3. Rio Secreto (Playa del Carmen)

Mexico’s newly-discovered underground river, near Playa del Carmen, Rio Secreto offers a fantastic journey into a unique system of underground rivers and ancient caverns that reveals both the passage of time and our planet’s innermost mysteries. Many tours here offer walking sticks, water shoes, and headlamps – take advantage of them for the best experience!

4. Santa Cruz (Akumal)

Its warm, crystal-blue waters offer a great place to relax and are very romantic, according to many reviewers. Originally a spa for Mayan royalty, the caves’ stalactites and stalagmites are awesome, and the underwater life is plentiful. Some tours provide you with a torch to light the way, adding to the unique atmosphere.

5. Grutas de Garcia (Monterrey)

These stunning and dramatic caves date back to more than 50 million years ago. About an hour’s drive from Monterrey, the caves are quite a distance from the parking area, and they offer a cable car ride to get there for a small fee. The natural formations in the caves resemble animals like a gorilla, a donkey, and even a dinosaur. 

Sea Side Reservations offers great deals on vacation rentals all over Mexico, including condos, resorts, and homes. Contact us today and let us help you book your visit to paradise.

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Top 4 Best-Kept Secrets in Cabo

Vacation on tropical lake Nichupte lagoon, CancunWhen it comes to vacationing in Cabo, Mexico, CasaGo would like to let you in on a few secrets. For over 2 decades, travelers have been taking advantage of our local expertise to find out where to go and what to do in many of Mexico’s hot spot destinations. Are you excited about visiting Cabo, but want to create a few unique experiences apart from the usual tourist spots? Here are 4 of Cabo’s best kept secrets.

Santiago Oasis

It is no surprise that the area surrounding Cabo–the Baja California Sur–is comprised heavily of desert. However, if you know the right routes you can find a beautiful natural oasis and waterfall. The Santiago oasis sits in the Sierra Laguna in the small town of Santiago, which is located near Los Barriles, between La Paz and the airport at San Jose del Cabo.

This spectacular natural oasis is great for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind natural wonder. The sights and sounds of the waterfall will lull you into peaceful communion with nature, and make for stunning photos. The Santiago oasis is situated on private property, but can be accessed by the public by first contacting the Rancho Ecologico.

Flora Farms

Flora Farms is THE spot for fresh and made-with-love food in Cabo. This restaurant embodies the farm-to-table philosophy; Flora Farms’ ingredients come directly from their garden and local farms, offering patrons a dining experience with ingredients that are handpicked that very day. Flora Farms is a top destination for in-the-know celebrities visiting Cabo, but is fairly unknown to the general public.

Desert Spa at Villa Arco

Indulge yourself to the max at Cabo’s most luxurious and pampering spa. The Desert Spa at Villa Arco is an award-winning, 31,000 square-foot facility featuring massage rooms, private Jacuzzis, full beauty salon, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The spa menu includes body wraps, hydrotherapy, and couples’ experiences. Highlights of their signature treatments include the Blissful Body Cocoon, Coconut Milk Immersion, and the Desert Rose Replenishing Facial.

El Pollo de Oro

El Pollo de Oro, which translates to “the chicken of gold,” is well known amongst Cabo locals for their delicious, succulent chicken. For years this restaurant has been a go-to spot for anyone looking for a tasty, expertly seasoned rotisserie chicken. Entering the restaurant, you will be hit with the mouth-watering aromas of the rotisserie chickens on display, and in no time you will be ready to order. You can order a quarter chicken, a half chicken, or a full chicken at unbeatable prices here. El Pollo de Oro has begun to gain more traction amongst tourists, however it is still a fairly unknown gem of Cabo!

Get your trip to Cabo started with CasaGo

Make your trip to Cabo happen with the help of CasaGo. We specialize in dream trips to Mexico at unbeatable prices. For more information on the best-kept secrets of Cabo, contact a CasaGo representative today.

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5 Amazing Things to Do in Rocky Point, Mexico

Breakwater at el Anclote beach in Punta MitaRocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, is quickly becoming a preferred destination among discerning vacationers. A short drive from Tucson, Phoenix and San Diego, this lively seaside town is not only easily accessible, its full of amazing things to do for both couples and families.

Indulge in the vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Rocky Point by ticking these activities off your Bucket List!

Enjoy a Tequila Tasting Tour

The family-owned Manny’s Tequila Factory in Rocky Point is an unsung wonder. Boasting more than five decades of tequila-making experience, they make small-batch “artisanal” tequila from 100% blue agave.  Visit the factory for an informative tour on the history of tequila production and chances to taste different varieties, including: triple distilled, blanco, añejo, reposado, antiguo, and gold. For something different, try one of their flavored tequilas made with coffee, apple, peach, quince, raspberry, caramel or almond.

ATV Four Wheeling Adventure

Crank up the fun on a four-wheeling adventure in Puerto Peñasco, where gorgeous beaches and rolling desert hills are begging to be explored. All-terrain vehicles can be rented by the hour (prices run $15-20), or booked through local tour companies who will guide you to the town’s best trails and sand dunes for quad riding.

Swim with Sea Lions

If the idea of playing with inquisitive, highly intelligent marine mammals appeals to you, book a boat tour to Isla San Jorge, home to a large colony of frisky sea lions. This once-in-a-lifetime experience features chances to snorkel or swim with sea lions and take in the island’s natural beauty and abundant bird life. Keep an eye out for brown-footed boobies, pelicans and frigates. This fun day trip is perfect for the entire family.

Kitesurfing at Cholla Bay

Kitesurfing is the latest craze in Rocky Point. A combination of para-gliding and wake boarding, this water sport delivers a huge adrenaline rush and requires no experience! The turquoise waters of Cholla Bay are the best spot to test your mettle. An oversized kite is clipped on to your body, as you glide over the waves on a double-sided board. By adjusting your kite, you can harness the wind even as it changes direction.   

Catch your own seafood dinner

Imagine reeling in a 20-pound grouper, or better yet, a massive yellowtail tuna. In Rocky Point, you can catch your own dinner either deep sea fishing or bottom fishing in the Sea of Cortez.  June through October are the peak months for offshore sportfishing, while inshore fishing around estuaries and rocky outcroppings is stellar year-round. With a bit of luck, you’ll be dining on fresh mackerel, red snapper or a tasty filet of sea bass.

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3 Top Mexican Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Vacation on tropical lake Nichupte lagoon, CancunWhen vacationing in Mexico, there is an eclectic range of unique activities to choose from — there really is something for even the most discriminating traveler. Nature lovers can indulge in whale-watching and coral reefs; night owls can opt for the beach parties in Cancun. Archaeological enthusiasts can explore the remains of ancient civilizations. For those who just want to relax on the beach, there are thousands of miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy!

Whether you plan to go to Rocky Point, Cancun, Los Cabos, or Puerta Vallarte, Mexico is larger than life, with the contemporary and the traditional existing side-by-side. A favorite destination, the country has a booming tourist industry. The three blogs highlighted below will help you to fully appreciate the invigorating vibe of Mexico.

Latin Journeys

Penned by Michael and Jennifer Lewis, this intriguing blog about Mexican cuisine and travel is jam-packed with advice for traveling south of the border. The writers are extremely knowledgeable and have traveled to more than 45 countries.  Sample excerpt: “On Cozumel, there are several spots on the west and south side of the island for good snorkeling, boat dives, shore dives and just plain swimming. Check out this video recently shot during a shore dive from one of the best dive resorts on the island, Blue Angel. We didn’t travel much more than 100 yards from the resort, we were diving in less than 30 feet of water and saw spotted eagle rays, tons of lobster, eels, and more.”

Mexico Retold

Susannah Rigg is a British expat currently living in Mexico. She fell in love Mexico even before she set foot there, captivated by the powerful stories of the ancient civilizations from a very young age. Her goal is to showcase Mexico’s true colors and celebrate the stories we don’t hear about in the news. She writes about the local cuisine, artists, attractions, and much more. Sample excerpt:  “When I first got to Oaxaca I was a bit unsure about grasshoppers or chapulines as they are called here. I tried them here and there but was never that into them. Nowadays, however, I love them and see them as a great source of protein. My favourite way to eat them is sprinkled on guacamole. They add a crunchy saltiness, which offsets the limey avocado flavour nicely…”

Roaming Around the World

Authors Heather and John are self-described travel addicts, and they’ve been on a grand adventure traveling the globe for the past four years, across 60+ countries including Mexico. They say they’ve been to Mexico more than any other destination. Sample excerpt: “…be sure to wander into Guanajuato’s elaborate network of tunnels. These subterranean streets were initially built as a means to divert flooding, but today they are instead used to divert traffic out of the historic city center. These tunnels all have sidewalks but we’d only suggest poking into the shorter ones. Leave the longer tunnels for the cars!”

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices of Mexican destinations, contact Sea Side Reservations and let us help you find the perfect vacation rental property close to all the attractions you want to visit.

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The Best Mexican Tourist Attraction You Never Heard Of

Ruins of Palenque, Maya city in Chiapas, MexicoFrom the sunny beaches of Cancun to the enchanting ruins of Teotihuacán, Mexico has plenty to offer visitors. But what if you’d rather head off the beaten path? There’s certainly plenty of options to choose from. Mexico is an incredibly beautiful country, filled with diverse attractions that are sure to please any nature lover, history buff, and thrill seeker. Start your trip planning by learning a bit about Palenque.

Ancient city of Palenque

Palenque is in the Mexican state of Chiapas. According to CNN Travel, it takes its modern name from a nearby 16th century Spanish town. Its Mayan name is thought to be Lakamah, which means “big water.” Palenque was excavated during the 20th century, and today visitors can marvel at the beauty of this once-busy political center. Archaeologists have dated the peak period for the city at 226 to 799 Common Era (CE). It’s thought that the city was abandoned by 900 CE.

It was in the back of the Temple of the Inscriptions that an archaeologist detected a hidden passageway, which led down to the tomb of Emperor Pakal. Scholars have used the rich treasure trove of hieroglyphs found at Palenque to uncover hundreds of years of Mayan history. And in fact, the ornately carved lid of the emperor’s tomb made a significant contribution to the conspiracy theories about the Mayan calendar and its predictions about the end of the world.

One particular group was so convinced that the world would end in December 2012 that they traveled to Palenque, some with one-way tickets. Undoubtedly, confusion reigned supreme the following day!

Cave of the Swallows

If you’re an adventurous type of traveler, consider heading to San Luis Potosi to visit the largest known cave shaft in the world. The Cave of the Swallows is so enormous that the Chrysler Building could fit inside it. The tallest side is an astounding 1,092-foot drop. The beauty of the rock formations inside the cave shaft isn’t the only reason why it’s enchanted visitors for years. Visit it at dawn or dusk, and you’ll see thousands of birds dive-bomb into it.


Also in the Mexican state of Chiapas lies the ancient ruins of Yaxchilan. It’s an impressive collection of structures located within the Lacandon Rainforest on the banks of the Usumacinta River. More than 100 monuments stand guard in this ancient city. You can thank Lord Shield Jaguar II, whose 60-year rule began in 681 CE, for some of the most impressive sculptures and buildings found here. Take note of the many carved lintels, some of which depict the sacred ritual of bloodletting. The elites of Mayan civilization regularly engaged in bloodletting ceremonies, as they were thought to maintain order.

Book luxurious, safe accommodations anywhere in Mexico

With Sea Side Reservations, you’ll have easy access to affordable accommodations wherever your travels south of the border take you. We’ve got it all—from major resorts to luxury condos. Once you’ve chosen your check in and check out dates, get in touch and our travel experts will sweat the details for you.

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Top Mexico Vacation Trends for 2018

2018 written on the sandIs booking a fun-filled Mexico getaway on the top of your 2018 New Year’s resolution list? Check out this list of the hottest vacation trends in Mexico for 2018, brought to you by the local travel experts at CasaGo. 

Puerto Peñasco

Recent travel data indicates that Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, has become one of the top travel destination spots in the world for Americans, right up there with Paris, London and Rome. Also known as Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco sits right on the water in the warm and sunny Baja region of Mexico. Rocky Point is the perfect getaway for vacationers looking to relax amidst endless natural beauty. There are a number of resorts, condos and villas overlooking the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez that are a perfect fit for families, romantic partners, and spring breakers. There are no shortage of things to do and see in Puerto Peñasco, which is famous for its beaches, day trips to nearby volcanoes and oyster farms, parasailing, golf courses, kayaking, jet skiing and more!

Vacation rentals over hotels

New tourism trends have developed in recent years, with more and more travelers looking for unconventional, off-the-beaten-path vacation experiences. One of the ways to guarantee a truly unique experience in Mexico is to book a house rental, instead of a hotel or resort. Choosing alternative accommodations allows visitors to soak up local flavor apart from the usual tourist crowds, and make a deeper, authentic connection to the people and places they come across.

From environmentally-friendly eco tours, to renting a secluded beach bungalow or house boat, more and more people are customizing and personalizing their Mexico vacation experience. 

Mexico City’s food scene

Mexico City has exploded recently on the international foodie scene, with visitors flocking here from around the globe to experience a culinary revolution. Cutting-edge chefs are reimagining traditional Mexican cuisine for contemporary palates. From street food (some companies offer guided tours of taco shops) to elite fine dining establishments, Mexico City has options to appeal to every taste and budget. New trends to look out for are fusion experiments — such as Japanese-meets-Mexican — and gourmet markets and food halls where the gastronomically adventurous can purchase rare speciality items. According to Lesley Téllez, the founder of Eat Mexico, “Some boundary-pushing chefs are re-examining what it means to make Mexican food in Mexico. Locals are enthusiastic, and it shows.”

Guadalajara’s art scene

From intimate workshops to commercial spaces, culture junkies can discover tomorrow’s art world stars today in Guadalajara. With a budding art scene rivaled only by that of Mexico City, Guadalajara itself is a work of art, with old historic architecture juxtaposed with new, modern buildings. Fill your days viewing sculpture, photography, painting and ceramics from new and established artists at top galleries such as Casa Rombo, Páramo Galleria, and Curro y Poncho. 

Want more information on how to get your Mexico trip started?

If you are interested in visiting Mexico in 2018 and want to find the best option for you, contact a CasaGo representative today. Whether you want to attend gallery openings in Guadalajara, try sushi tacos in Mexico City, or camp out in the Mexican wilderness, the team at CasaGo will help make your dream trip a reality at an unbeatable price. Our trained staff specializes in finding the perfect destination just for you!

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Top 3 Places to Party in Mexico on New Year’s Eve

Group of friends holding sparklers out on street at night. Going to be in Mexico during the last big celebration of 2017? We’ve compiled this list of the best places to party to bring in 2018!

1. Playa Del Carmen

New Year’s Eve in Playa Del Carmen is one of the most exciting times of the year for this picturesque, waterfront getaway. You can expect the party to flood out from the many clubs between 12th street and 10th avenue into the streets of Playa Del Carmen, as party-goers bounce from hotspot to hotspot. One tradition that makes New Year’s Eve in Playa Del Carmen unique: after the partying is all done for the night, crowds of people make their way to the sea shore to bask in the first rays of sunlight for the first sunrise of the new year. After a night of wild partying, it is truly a renewing, harmonious way to bring in the New Year.

2. Cancun

Cancun is a legendary destination for a reason; here, you’ll find not only some of the more marvelous natural beauties Mexico has to offer, but also an extremely inviting, lively, and friendly atmosphere to party in! During the day you can relax, bask in the warm sun, swim in the turquoise waters and explore the island, and then at night make the effortless transition into party-mode. Head to Cancun’s party central in the Hotel Zone and you will find top night clubs such as Mandala, Palazzo, Dady’O, and La Vaquita. These clubs will be jumping with party people from all over the world. And if you’d like to transition over to a big waterfront party, Cancun has just the place for you: The Mandala Beach Club, which hosts an annual New Year’s Eve after-party, where crowds flock to to keep the celebration going.

3. Mexico City

There are two ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico City: like the natives or as a tourist. If you want to do a little of both, you can with no added effort attached. For bringing in the New Year like a native, you will want to head to the historic locations like Centro Histórico and the Zocalo. These are the traditional celebration hubs of Mexico City. At the Centro Histórico and the Zocalo you can find local culinary delights and drinks, along with live entertainment. At the Zocalo, guests will have a clear view of the annual firework show.

For a more tourist-like celebration, there are numerous clubs and street parties that you will find in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods. In both neighborhoods you will quickly find multiple places to party as the majority of the clubs and restaurants will be hosting celebrations.

For more information on how you can partake in the partying in Mexico this New Year’s Eve in years to come, contact a CasaGo representative today. CasaGo has destinations in some of Mexico’s top party hot spots.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

vacation rental hotel balcony with a view of the oceanMove aside, hotels – vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular among travelers. Rental properties offer a number of advantages compared to hotel stays, such as expanded amenities, more overall space, and better value for your hard-won vacation dollars.

Vacation rentals are perfect for large group getaways and multi-generational family trips, allowing for plenty of space and breathing room.   

Rental condos, villas and homes are gaining traction in Mexico’s famous beach towns, not just for extended family holidays, but among Millennials and independent travelers, too. Statistics show that Millennials, who spend millions on travel every year, prefer vacation rentals over traditional hotels.

Whether you’re planning an action-packed holiday with friends, or a romantic escape, there are a few good reasons why vacation rentals offer more privileges and bang for your buck.

Rental properties offer more space

Travelers can enjoy more space for less money when choosing a vacation rental. Even 5-star resort accommodations with living room suites are bound to be smaller than a vacation home. This extra elbow room comes in handy when you’re in a large group and need some privacy, or a quiet place for the kids to nap.

Vacation rental amenities

Vacation rentals come with tons of private amenities you’ll seldom find in a hotel room. Imagine having a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal, or doing laundry as needed with your own washer and dryer. Some properties even feature hot tubs, swimming pools, fitness centers and golf privileges. These added amenities offer added convenience and flexibility.

Better value compared to hotels

A rental villa or condo will almost always boast more space and privacy than a hotel room, but at a lower cost. When you factor in hotel parking, fees for Internet service and dining out for all meals, vacation rentals are more cost-effective, especially when you can share the lodging cost among family and friends.  

Vacation rentals are more kid-friendly

Rental units make it easier and less stressful to vacation with children, particularly babies and toddlers who need a quiet place to nap. In addition to multiple bedrooms, some rentals feature game rooms, on-site playgrounds, high chairs and beach toys. If your kid throws a temper tantrum, you won’t have to worry about thin walls or bothering your hotel neighbors.   

More suitable for large groups

With several bedrooms, bathrooms, and common living areas, vacation rentals simply provide more space, leading to a happier experience for large groups. Why cram into a block of hotel rooms when you can spread out and enjoy the best of both worlds in a luxury condo or rental home? For help booking your next tropical getaway, call Sea Side for unbeatable deals on luxury vacation rental properties in Mexico. 

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Togethering: A Multi-Generational Travel Trend

Multi Generation Family Giving Children Piggybacks On Holiday Smiling To CameraThere are many travel trends making headlines this year, from rural tourism and volunteer vacations to foodie-inspired trips. But there is another movement making waves across the hospitality industry, giving a huge boost to tourism in Mexico and other vacation destinations: multi-generational family travel.

A survey conducted by Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell found that nearly 80 percent of all travelers took at least one holiday with extended family in the past five years, and these vacations often included other families as well as friends.

Dubbed “togethering,” this trend is fueled – at least in part – by increasing numbers of Millennial parents who want to reconnect with older relatives, or extended family they rarely get to see. It is not uncommon for large groups to include grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Togethering joins multiple generations

In addition, Millennials tend to favor “togethering” travel with their parent-friends and their children, resulting in an upswing of joint-family vacations. Travel industry experts predict that “togethering” will continue to gain traction as more families seek to spend leisure time with friends and relatives, enjoying new experiences together.

Data has also suggested that Millennials place more importance on “experiences” over “objects,” and prefer to spend their discretionary funds on large family holidays, allowing distant relatives across several generations to reunite in a communal experience.

In lieu of get-togethers in hometowns, more families are booking destination vacations, particularly around the holidays when they have extra time off. Hotel and vacation rental occupancy rates have been rising during Thanksgiving and Christmas, times when most families usually head home.

Multi-household vacation rentals

With its breathtaking beaches, fascinating culture and kid-friendly adventure tours, Mexico offers the perfect backdrop for “togethering.” From Oaxaca and Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta, travelers will find plenty of well-equipped accommodations that cater to large groups.

Some of the more popular lodgings are rental villas and condo units, which offer ample space for families and friends to relax together, and cook meals on their own time.  Moreover, vacation rentals tend to be more cost-efficient compared to an all-inclusive resort or hotel, sometimes by as much as 40 percent!

For those considering a “togethering” holiday south of the border, Sea Side Reservations has a wide array of vacation rentals in Mexico’s most enchanting towns, from Baja California to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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