Make Your Mexico Vacation Special And Unique

Make Your Mexico Vacation Special And Unique

Making any Mexico vacation special and unique sometimes simply means choosing the right coastal vacation destination. While travelers have many choices when it comes to spending time in tropical and beautiful coastal Mexico, one place in particular has gained the respect and admiration of people from around the world and across country. San Felipe is comfortably situated on the Sea of Cortez and is just a little over 100 miles south of the border crossing with California.

The Area Draws A Growing Number Of People Each And Every Year

This is an important consideration because easy access to this affordable and tropical vacation destination can make a vacation all the more enjoyable. The area enjoys wide variety of annual events that attract people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. From Baja races to hunting and fishing events as well as boat racing, the area draws a growing number of people each year as the word gets out about this special and unique part of Mexico.

Escaping The Cold Weather To Enjoy This Amazing Part Of Mexico

With comfortable and inviting temperatures and a climate that rivals some of the best vacation destinations in the world, San Felipe is an amazing choice when choosing a vacation for the family, a corporate event or a honeymoon. A genuine beach destination with a unique desert atmosphere allows visitors to enjoy light and comfortable clothing year-round. This is especially inviting for those traveling from northern destinations where snow seems to always be in the forecast. Escaping the cold weather to enjoy this amazing part of Mexico is easier today than ever before.

Plan Carefully When Choosing Your Coastal Mexico Vacation

With a thriving economy this fishing port that specializes in shipping has attracted visitors from across the globe for decades. The area features an energetic and vibrant nightlife as well as outstanding restaurants and beautiful crystal clear waters flanked by delightful sandy beaches. Seasoned travelers and novices alike have discovered this unique and charming part of Mexico. Take the time to plan carefully when choosing your coastal Mexico vacation and always consider San Felipe as a viable and affordable option when it comes to luxurious tropical vacations. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for exclusive furnished vacation homes, condos and villas in beautiful and inviting San Felipe Mexico.

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Choosing The Best Seaside Vacation Destination In Mexico

Choosing The Best Seaside Vacation Destination In Mexico

While travelers and vacationers in today’s modern world have many choices when it comes to exclusive vacation destinations, one region in particular has quickly grown in popularity over the years. Coastal Mexico has become one of the most reliable and dependable sources for outstanding vacation experiences that are affordable and impressive from start to finish. Few other areas can compare when it comes to tropical lush vacations that are within budget.

One Of The Most Sought After Vacation Destinations

One area of coastal Mexico in particular that has stood the test of time in this regard is San Carlos. While travelers and vacationers have many choices when it comes to coastal Mexico destinations, San Carlos is a unique beach town that is just a few hours south of the Arizona border. Because of its convenience and affordability, San Carlos has quickly grown to become one of the most sought after vacation destinations in all of Mexico.

Enjoy The Relaxation That These Beaches Offer

Often referred to as a beautiful beachside version of Sedona Arizona, San Carlos has towering mountains that plummet directly into the clear crystal blue waters of the majestic sea of Cortez. Most importantly, travelers and visitors from around the world can enjoy an abundance of activities far beyond simply relaxing on pristine beaches. While many choose to enjoy the relaxation that these beaches offer, others enjoy being actively engaged in a wide variety of outdoor sports. From snorkeling to diving and kayaking as well as deep-sea fishing, the possibilities are endless when visiting beautiful San Carlos.

The Area Attracts Seasoned And Novice Golfers

It is even possible to go snorkeling with a wide range of marine life or even kayak with sea lions and dolphins. With multiple marinas in the area and several launch ramps, boating is easy convenient and effortless in this beautiful part of Mexico. In addition, those looking for a championship golf course need look no further than San Carlos. The area attracts seasoned and novice golfers from around the world each and every year. In addition, tennis, shopping, dining and impressive nightlife round out the San Carlos experience. Those who enjoy mouthwatering fresh seafood will be amazed with the authentic Mexican restaurants that are found throughout the region. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about San Carlos furnished vacation rental homes, condos and villas.

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Mexico Travel Strategies For Visitors On Vacation

Mexico Travel Strategies For Visitors On Vacation

Exploring all that Mexico has to offer is easier and more affordable than it has ever been in the past. However, there are several Mexico travel strategies that vacationers should consider when traveling to this inviting and pleasant part of the world. For example, Mexico has specific liquor laws that should be abided by as a way to reduce the chances of having a problem while on vacation. Drinking is not allowed on the streets and the minimum age to drink in Mexico is 18.

Select A Lower Setting

Another important consideration when traveling to Mexico on vacation is the type of electricity that is used in the country. Mexico’s electrical systems are predominantly similar to US systems. Most electrical outlets provide 110 V AC, however, the majority of outlets use flat parallel blades as opposed to prongs. An adapter is always nice to have handy when traveling to Mexico. As an added note, small appliances and electronic devices may overheat when being used in Mexico. Select a lower setting on appliances to avoid this problem.

Exiting The Country

In Mexico the standard with regard to taxes is a 15% value added tax on most goods and services. In some other destinations such as Cozumel and Cancun the tax is only 10%. In addition, there is a tax on food and drinks that are consumed in a restaurant or other similar establishment. In most cases, this tax is 5% and is added directly to a food and drink bill. Another important consideration with regard to taxes in Mexico is that when exiting the country travelers can expect to pay a small exit tax that usually runs around $18.

Have A Conversion Chart Handy

With regard to tipping in Mexico, it is generally the same as it is in the United States. 15% is an adequate tip when dining out in casual and formal restaurants alike. Temperature in Mexico is measured in Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit while distance and weight is measured using the metric system. Those traveling to Mexico should have a conversion chart handy to make the necessary adjustments as appropriate. When using a telephone in Mexico it is important to remember that when dialing out of the country 001 must be dialed if attempting to call the United States. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for Mexico furnished vacation rental properties.

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Why Choose Mexico For Your Next Coastal Resort Vacation?

Why Choose Mexico For Your Next Coastal Resort Vacation?

As more and more people look for unique ideas in terms of vacationing, they are increasingly turning to the coastal regions of Mexico for affordable alternatives when it comes to tropical paradise destinations. As a great alternative to long flights to Hawaii or Puerto Rico, Mexico is closer to home and offers more opportunities to enjoy paradise than ever before. In fact, coastal Mexico is only continuing to grow in popularity with vacationers.

Typically More Advantageous To The Traveler

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Mexico for your next resort vacation experience is that in many instances it can be driven to as opposed to taking a flight. This can make a big difference in the overall vacation experience in that driving avoids all the hassles and troubles associated with modern air travel. From delayed flights to canceled flights and overcrowded airplane cabins, anytime air travel can be avoided it is typically more advantageous to the traveler. Best of all, border-crossing requirements into Mexico are easy and efficient.

The Benefit Of Being Off The Beaten Trail

Choosing Mexico for a coastal resort vacation simply makes sense because it is also incredibly more affordable and cost-effective. Getting the most out of vacation dollars is easy when choosing coastal Mexico destinations such as Cancun, San Carlos, Rocky Point and other beautiful beach destinations. Coastal Mexico also offers the benefit of being off the beaten trail and far less crowded. Anyone that has ever spent any time in Waikiki Beach during the high season knows the disadvantages associated with trying to enjoy paradise with thousands of other people at the same time. In short, Paradise is anything but paradise under these conditions.

Choosing Coastal Mexico For A Luxury Resort Vacation

Mexico offers an alternative to crowded popular travel destinations in that many locations like Bahia Kino are typically never crowded and never congested. These areas are in essence small fishing villages that evolved into quaint little resort areas. This is a perfect way to have a relaxing and quiet getaway for a family or even for newlyweds. Choosing coastal Mexico for a luxury resort vacation simply makes good sense in today’s overly complex world. From avoiding busy airports to avoiding congested and over crowded travel destinations, more people than ever before are choosing coastal Mexico. Contact Sea Side Reservations today for coastal Mexico accommodations that consistently exceed expectations.

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Planning A Vacation To Coastal Mexico

Considering Accommodations When Planning A Vacation To Coastal Mexico

Coastal Mexico offers more opportunities with regard to affordable vacationing than many other similar tropical destinations. For example, for many years Hawaii was the center of attraction when it came to an exotic beach resort destination. However, times have changed and while Hawaii is still beautiful and captivating, coastal Mexico offers far more benefits in terms of affordable luxury. Saving money on accommodations while not sacrificing quality is what is possible today in modern Mexico.

Work With The Right Property Management Company

In fact, being able to enjoy an elegant and luxurious vacation rental is easier and more accessible to more people than ever before. One of the keys to achieving excellent results in terms of finding the best deal on the best property in coastal Mexico is to simply work with the right property management company. While there are indeed many companies that offer a wide range of affordable accommodations across a wide variety of Mexican resort destinations, one company in particular has stood the test of time in terms of providing affordable luxury.

Friendly Customer Service And Attentive Representatives

Sea Side Reservations is a highly regarded and respected Mexico vacation rental property management company that consistently exceeds expectations of customers. More people than ever before are looking to a trusted and dependable property management-company for great deals on luxury properties in coastal Mexico. As such, Sea Side Reservations has quickly become a dependable and reliable source for the best that coastal Mexico has to offer. Saving customers money, time and trouble is what this premier property management company has been doing for many years. Best of all, friendly customer service and attentive representatives will let customers know that they are working with the right property management company.

A Property Management Company That Is Highly Responsive

Another important consideration with regard to accommodations when planning a vacation to coastal Mexico is ensuring that you work with a property management company that is highly responsive. A responsive company will typically quickly respond to customers needs regardless of the stage of their vacation. From the arrival phase to the bulk of the reservation to the checkout phase, an attentive and responsive property management-company will be easily accessible and always available to clients. Sea Side Reservations offers all this to customers and more when it comes to the best in coastal Mexico vacation rental properties.

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The Benefits Of Furnished Vacation Rentals In Coastal Mexico

The Benefits Of Furnished Vacation Rentals In Coastal Mexico

A growing number of travelers both internationally and within the US are turning to furnished vacation rentals in coastal Mexico as opposed to traditional hotels. This is a smart and innovative way to take full advantage of all the coastal Mexico has to share for a weekend getaway or even an extended vacation. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that furnished vacation rentals have much more to offer than single room hotels.

No Way Matched By Today’s Traditional Hotel Accommodations

Even more impressive is the fact that vacation rentals such as beachfront homes, beachfront condos and beachfront villas in a variety of destinations across Mexico are surprisingly affordable. Clearly considered affordable luxury, beachfront houses in coastal Mexico are simply beyond compare. Enjoying the benefits of having full-sized appliances, a garage and perhaps even a pool can in no way be matched by today’s traditional hotel accommodations. Best of all, when working with an experienced property manager that specializes in coastal Mexico properties, the possibilities of finding the ideal property greatly increase.

Industry Leader

The key to getting the most out of any furnished vacation rental is to work with the right property manager. While there are many property managers across the country, large and small, that offer specialized services with regard to vacation homes in Mexico only one stands out as an industry leader year after year. Sea Side Reservations has a proven track record for providing outstanding customer service when it comes to exclusive beachfront homes in Mexico. With a group of experts and specialists in a wide range of luxury properties throughout Mexico, Sea Side Reservations will find exactly what clients are looking for in terms of a Rental property.

Positive Customer Feedback

There is little question that the benefits of a furnished vacation rental along the coast in Mexico far outweigh anything that is offered by standard hotels. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about your options with regard to renting an exclusive and luxurious coastal Mexico beach house, condo or villa today. Repeat business, referral business and positive customer feedback lets prospective clients know that choosing Sea Side Reservations is a great option for a Mexican vacation that is second to none. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about a wide variety of beautiful rentals available in coastal Mexico.

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Discover A New And Interesting Mexico Vacation Destination

Discover A New And Interesting Mexico Vacation Destination

Seasoned vacationers and travelers that have explored many of the delightful coastal Mexico vacation travel destinations who are in search of a new venue have discovered Riviera Nayarit. Considered one of Mexico’s newer vacation destinations, Riviera Nayarit is an intriguing and inviting part of Mexico that is nestled comfortably between the Western Sierra Madre Mountains and the majestic beautiful Pacific Ocean. With a coastline stretches hundreds of miles, Riviera Nayarit is a beach lovers delight.

One Of The Biggest Bays Found Anywhere

Surprisingly close to Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit has abundant sunshine and the perfect climate for those in search of an ideal coastal Mexican vacation spot. In addition, the area offers a wide variety of natural wildlife viewing opportunities. For example, humpback whales pay regular visits to Banderas Bay (considered one of the biggest bays found anywhere). These majestic creatures travel to this area specifically to give birth. Vacationers from around the world can enjoy seeing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat when they choose to vacation in the lovely coastal region of Mexico known as Riviera Nayarit.

World-Class Golfing And Exploring Coral Reefs

Imagine swimming with sea lions and dolphins or simply taking a quiet stroll along a crystal-clear beach. All this and more is possible when your next vacation lands you in beautiful and friendly Riviera Nayarit. Sail fishing, snorkeling and surf boarding as well as world-class golfing and exploring coral reefs are a few of the other fun and interesting activities that can be taken advantage of when visiting this newest Mexico vacation destination. Perhaps one of the best ways to take full advantage of this unique part of the Mexican coastline is to consider a furnished vacation rental.

More Comfort As Well As More Relaxation

Those in search of an alternative to traditional hotel accommodations find that Riviera Nayarit furnished vacation rentals are a smarter alternative. They provide more comfort as well as more relaxation and more of a homelike feel then a hotel could ever offer. When choosing to rent a Riviera Nayarit vacation rental such as a condo, villa or personal residence, it is important to work with an experienced property manager that knows the area well. Sea Side Reservations is perhaps one of the most reliable and dependable Riviera Nayarit property management companies serving the region. Contact a property specialist today at Sea Side Reservations to learn more.

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Choosing The Best Little Beach Town In Mexico For Your Next Vacation

Choosing The Best Little Beach Town In Mexico For Your Next Vacation

There are certainly a wide variety of coastal Mexican resort locations to choose from when deciding upon a vacation destination. However, there is one part of Mexico in particular that stands out as unique and special in many ways. San Carlos is a delightful and inviting little beach town that is only four hours south of the town of Nogales in Arizona. This affords incredible convenience for those looking to drive to a beach resort for a long needed vacation.

Clear Blue Tropical Waters

The area is so unique that it has often been referred to as the “Sedona on the Beach.” This is due largely in part to the fact that the region is home to some of the most impressive and stately mountains that feature sheer drop-offs that disappear below into the clear blue tropical waters of the enchanted Sea of Cortez. San Carlos provides the perfect backdrop for a special and memorable vacation experience that is beyond compare. The area offers a multitude of activities for vacationers and travelers to enjoy.

Relaxing And Calming Vacation And San Carlos

From boating excursions to fishing trips and snorkeling outings, San Carlos has a unique outdoor activity for everyone. Kayaking, exploring local sea life in its natural habitat and other similar activities abound throughout the region. Best of all, a relaxing and calming vacation in San Carlos can be as simple as enjoying beautiful tropical beaches and warm ocean breezes. In addition, golf enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of 18-hole championship golf course options throughout the area. Outdoor shopping markets, art outlets and souvenir shops can be found almost everywhere.

An Industry Leader That Has Years Of Experience

When you choose the best little beach town in Mexico for your next vacation consider luxury accommodations in the form of San Carlos furnished vacation rentals. This is a smart and cost-effective way to ensure that your Mexico vacation is special in every way. An exclusive and luxurious beachfront home, condo or villa can easily and quickly change the entire dynamics of your whole vacation experience. When deciding upon this type of accommodations it is important to choose the right San Carlos property management-company. Sea Side Reservations is an industry leader that has years of experience in sourcing a wide variety of beautiful and inviting furnished vacation rentals throughout San Carlos and all of M

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Enjoying The Best That Coastal Mexico Has To Offer

Enjoying The Best That Coastal Mexico Has To Offer

Taking a long needed vacation in a beautiful place like coastal Mexico only requires a little bit of planning and working with the right property management group. The good news is that this kind of planning is easier than ever before thanks to the Internet. Finding a quality property management group that handles a wide variety of vacation rentals in coastal Mexico is as simple as contacting Sea Side Reservations today. Sea Side Reservations is a trusted and respected name in professional property management for resort locations throughout Mexico.

Typically More Affordable Than Most People Might Imagine

As a premier provider of the best in a wide range of property management services, Sea Side Reservations can help you achieve your objectives in creating the most enjoyable and memorable vacation possible. Best of all, choosing to rent a fully furnished vacation rental in one of Mexico’s coastal resort areas is typically more affordable than most people might imagine. For example, in many cases a furnished vacation rental can be more cost-effective as compared to a traditional hotel accommodation option.

Security And Privacy That Is Beyond Compare

Even more impressive is the fact that staying in coastal Mexico when working with an experienced property management team, vacationers can enjoy a level of safety and security and privacy that is beyond compare. Few other accommodation options compare to a vacation rental that is professionally managed by an experienced property management team like Sea Side Reservations. As a growing number of people are discovering the secret of furnished vacation rentals as opposed to hotels, the demand for these highly desirable properties will only continue to grow.

Working Closely With A Professional Team Of Property Managers

Getting in ahead of the crowd and renting a beautiful luxury furnished vacation rental in coastal Mexico is as simple as calling Sea Side Reservations or visiting the website today. From a long needed family vacation to corporate gatherings and even weddings, coastal destinations throughout Mexico are quickly becoming the preferred vacation destination around the world. Explore the possibilities that a vacation in Mexico make possible by working closely with the professional team of property managers at Sea Side Reservations. One enjoyable visit to coastal Mexico is all it takes to be a lifetime vacationer to this wonderful part of the world. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more.

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Useful Tips When Traveling To Mexico On A Vacation

Useful Tips When Traveling To Mexico On A Vacation

Nothing compares to a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in a coastal Mexican resort area. However, there are a few simple tips that should be considered when traveling to this intriguing and delightful part of the world. For example, it is always recommended that travelers purchase Mexican insurance when planning a vacation to Mexico. Whether you plan on driving to your Mexican vacation or flying in and renting a car, purchasing Mexican auto insurance is a smart and safe strategy.

Having A Mexican Car Permit Is Required

Another important consideration within regard to driving an automobile in Mexico is something known as a Mexican car permit. With the exception of driving in the state of Sonora, having a Mexican car permit is required when operating an automobile throughout Mexico. While some US automobile insurance policies do cover drivers in other countries like Mexico, the Mexican government simply does not recognize insurance from other countries. Always play it smart and get the required car permits and insurance required while in Mexico.

Daily Rates Are Available For Those That Infrequently Travel To Mexico

Typically speaking, Mexican auto insurance covers a host of similar items that would typically be covered in the United States. For example, Mexican auto insurance will usually cover everything from medical expenses to bodily injury and property damage as well as fire, theft, collision and a host of other common auto related items that are typically covered by insurance. If you plan on returning often to Mexico purchasing an annual insurance policy is probably the best option. However, daily rates are available for those that infrequently traveled to Mexico on vacation or for limited holiday excursions.

Avoid The Typical Pitfalls Of Standard Hotels

Planning a trip to Mexico for a wonderful beach vacation simply means taking precautions and getting the necessary insurance and permits. Best of all, once these technicalities are out-of-the-way you can enjoy a delightful and inviting beach resort of your choice. With that said, one of the best ways to experience a Mexican vacation at its very best is to consider a furnished vacation rental for your accommodations. This is a great way to avoid the typical pitfalls of standard hotels and enjoy luxury at its very best while on a Mexican vacation. Contact Sea Side Reservations today to learn more about furnished vacation rentals in coastal Mexico.

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