Rally Maya Mexico

rally2Under the supervision of Benjamin de la Peña Mora, the Winner of the Pan-American award, the new edition of the Mexican Mayan Rally of the year will be celebrated this May 4th, reuniting the best of classic cars that are over 40 years old, in order to participate in this incredible event, the cars are required to be over 43 years old, pilots and owners are reminded that the rally is about regularity and not about speed. There are 4 different categories, a total of 1,200 km. divided in 6 days and 5 different stages.

rallyAt both; National & International level, this rally is very important since is a one of a kind Classic Regularity rally performed with financial contribution of Federal Government and the states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan, as well as organized by the Pan Am Race. The speed during the competition is previously set and the purpose is to maintain it for as long as possible, the designated average speed and the specific place of start depend on the organizers.

This year 110 classic cars from all over the world will offer a unique spectacle, with Cancun as the departure place, driving through the exotic places in southern Mexico; Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Campeche, Uxmal and Merida in timeless Vintage machines, that will bring out in every viewer, the passion for this magnificent sport.

With no doubt, the highlight of the Mexico Maya Rally is not only the participation of classical vehicles but also to raise sufficient funds that will be sent forward to the Association for Childhood Diabetes which is also leaded by Lic. Benjamin de la Peña and specialists in diabetes who work nonstop aiming to strategies that will prevent and stop the disease for children all over the world.

Mexico Mayan Rally is the perfect event for those who enjoy combining a thrilling unique activity that offers “The pleasure of traveling in time” and the passion to help.