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  • If you are thinking about investing money in real estate think Mexico

    unnamedWho is the number one country of the year in 2013? Mexico deserves to be one. There is no other country that has done more reforms in the past year then Mexico. Reforms in banking, taxation, education, telecommunication, oil industry and real estate. The latest reform for example will allow foreign and private investment in the oil sector. Mexico is one of the biggest producers of crude oil and reform of its national oil company Pemex would spill over into many other parts of economy. Reforms in Real Estate law will let foreigners for the first time ever own land outright in restricted  zone which is along the cost and near international borders. Only Mexican nationals can hold the title to land in the restricted zones right now. The new law already passed the lower house of the congress. This law will change the whole perception of buying real estate in Mexico. Lifting the beach front prohibition will bring another group of investors that don’t feel comfortable investing other wise. Obviously that would bring an economic shot to the region which is much needed which will boost the prices on the real estate.


    Sea Side Reservations Playa Del Carmen has a full time Real Estate adviser in our office that will be able to help you answer all your questions about owning real estate in Mexico,  Explore your investment options in the country with one of the best economies in the world.