Another excellent stay at the Sky!!!!

I am very satisfied with the service, the attention of staff, Facilities. Everything was great. Congratulations on your service

We wouldn't stay anywhere else in Rocky Point. We love the Princessa!

The total of my reservation was $424 for 3-nights departing Thursday morning!! Overall all was very relaxing! Thank you for the hospitality! The housekeeping lady was on top of all!! SHE WAS EXCELLENT!! Thank You!!

The stay was awesome!

Great Stay.

Our hosts offered our stay at no cost beyond the $45 cleaning fee. We had a lovely time. No complaints - the experience was completely positive and enjoyable! Thank you!

difficulty in opening the microwave. No handle but when pressing the button to open; the door would not open. Someone with finger nails needed to open the door. Also, the coffee container spout was broken and sharp.

First time in this unit, it was very nice.