This is the second time we stayed at this resort and I can tell that this time was even better than the first time, our staying was simply wonderfull. I highly recommend it.

Staff was great, room was a good price. This is my 3rd time stay with you all, but this time Jorge offered is a 10% discount next time. Awesome.

Thank you Joe !!! We had a great time once again. The Place looks great!

I been going every year since 2009 and all the time it has been the Princesa de Penasco....Love your condos. I was there in this pass weekend and planning to go again in two , months JUNE 2013 WILL BE BACK!

I loved staying here and would recommend it to all my friends!

We used the restaurant Colin´s and loved it! Anna and the waiter who wore the big sombrero while he took orders from people on the beach, were fabulous and very friendly! We will definitely come back!

It would have been nice to have an atm to access US dollars from the lobby area. We were also wondering why they no longer have corona on-tap at the bar or even sold it at the little store there. That was great the last time we were there.

Durante mi estancia recibí muy buena atención de parte de todo el personal. Todo estuvo excelente!

Amazing vacation and will definitely be returning to your hotel. Thank you for a wonderful time!