Mexico safety

Personal safety in Mexico is one of the most important yet often distorted discussions about travel in Mexico. In general, Mexico is a far safer country to visit than most other countries on the planet.

It’s a sad fact public news media are often involved in sensational stories to boost ratings and sales. The term ‘sensationalism’ means knowingly exaggerating facts out of proportion. Bad news, even if it’s exaggerated, sells better than good news.

Mexico has been given considerable attention from the US news media recently, and that becomes readily apparent when we compare real statistics about crime rates here and elsewhere, including in the United States. reports the total number of crimes reported in Mexico was 1,516,029, ranking 8th in global statistics. Total crimes reported in the U.S. was 11,877,218, ranking 1st in global statistics. In other categories:

Mexico USA
Car Thefts 141,007 Ranked 5th. 1,246,096 Ranked 1st. 8 times more than Mexico
Drug Crimes 23,588 per 100,000 people Ranked 12th. 560.1 per 100,000 people Ranked 4th.
Gun violence: Homicides 3.6622 Ranked 7th. 2% more than United States 3.6 Ranked 8th.
Gun violence: Homicides: with firearms 20.6051 Ranked 17th. 39.5604 Ranked 7th. 92% more than Mexico
Gun violence: Homicides: Overall homicide rate 17.7735 9.1

Despite the crime statistics, your personal safety is important to us at Sea Side Mexico. Even though many crimes in Mexico are a result of drug cartel activity, taking recommended precautions will further improve your safety.