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San Carlos is a resort community located on Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, a 700-mile-long body of water that provides mainland Mexico with 70 percent of its fresh fish. Located just four hours from Nogales, Arizona, down Mexico Highway 15, this seaside paradise is a dream for snorkelers, divers, whale watchers, windsurfers, kayakers, boaters, fishermen, golfers, and beachgoers alike. The dramatic view of the mountains and the sea in this rare paradise, along with the modern conveniences and prime accommodations, will provide you with the relaxing and enjoyable vacation you seek.

Getting to San Carlos

Flying: San Carlos is located on the western coast of Mexico on the Sea of Cortez, just south of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The best source of transportation into the area is via the Hermosillo (HMO) airport. Air service is offered by several airlines in the US with connections through Mexico City or Phoenix, AZ to HMO. As of this writing, US Airways offers daily non-stop direct flights from PHX to HMO with direct non-stop returns to PHX. We suggest checking flights via Expedia or other online travel sites or contact your travel agent for more flights and details.

Driving: If you prefer to drive, the highway from Nogales, Mexico to San Carlos is considered safe and pleasant. People living in the Arizona area, the drive from Phoenix or Tucson down Mexico 15 through Nogales is considered safe, with interesting landscape and views along the way. Once in Hermosillo, continue south on Mexico 15 to connect with Sonora 17 Highway West. Stay west on Sonora 17 to the beautiful San Carlos. The total drive is approximately 8 hours if you prefer a beautiful adventure. There are service stations offering drinks, snacks, gasoline, and restrooms along the way. Pesos are required for the tolls. We strongly suggest speed limits be observed in the area of Hermosillo and San Carlos.
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Ground Transportation in San Carlos

Once you are in San Carlos, you can get around by:


San Carlos safety information

The U.S. State Department has issued the following advisories for traveling in San Carlos:


Important San Carlos contacts

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Medical care in San Carlos

Clinica San Carlos is where most visitors end up if they require medical care. They are fully equipped to handle all urgent traumas and specialize in cardiac care. Some US and Canadian insurances are accepted and most staff workers are bilingual. You can find the hospital at 96 Calle Marte — directly across the street from Banamex, San Carlos, in the heart of the luxury home rental district. Call 622-22-60062 for assistance.

You may also call Dr. Andrew Dalid Yakushevich who runs a family practice in Guaymas Norte and specializes in emergency medicine / general surgery at 622-115-9289. He can do house calls in San Carlos.


San Carlos weather & best times to visit Guaymas

Each season has its own special opportunities in San Carlos. The weather is generally mild all year round.


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