Flights to Rocky Point, Mexico

Want to go to Rocky Point? For most people who visit Rocky Point, driving is the obvious first choice. The numbers show that most vacationers come from Arizona, with the majority of them originating in Tucson or the Phoenix metro area. With driving, in as little as three and a half hours, you can be lounging on the beach, soaking up rays and pina coladas. But there are also flights available to Rocky Point, Mexico. Here is a rundown of your options if you want to fly in.

Rocky Point Airport

This privately built airport, which was officially opened as Mar de Cortes International Airport in 2009, is one of Mexico’s international ports of entry. The airport is equipped for private and charter planes, although aircraft up to the size of a Boing 767 are what the airport is designed to handle. The Puerto Penasco airport is located about 20 minutes to the east of town.

Flights to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

Rocky Point has had regularly scheduled commercial flights in recent years, but currently, charter flights are the only option. Departing from Phoenix, Westwind Air Service offers on-demand charters to Puerto Penasco and other destinations in Mexico. Based out of Deer Valley Airport on Phoenix’s north side, the airline is known mostly for its tours to various Arizona landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon. With Westwind, you can book a flight with a group of six to nine passengers. Once in the air, the flight to Rocky Point is only one hour long. Westwind flies Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft.

Tourist Card Requirements

Flying to Rocky Point, you will need to meet certain requirements to enter Mexico. First, you will need to obtain what is referred to as a tourist card. The card is issued by the National Institute of Migration. Formerly known as an FMT, the tourist card is now officially known as an FMM, or Forma Migratoria Múltiple. In most, if not all, cases, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out a form to get an FMM on the plane, making the entry process much easier. You will need your passport, too.

Transportation on the Ground

Once you have landed, taxis are there to get you to wherever you are staying in Rocky Point. Another convenient choice is to pre-arrange to have a shuttle service drive you to town. Sea Side Reservations’ own Sea Side Shuttle can be waiting to take you to your luxury condo or furnished beach home. Comfortable and roomy, the shuttle can be reserved only by guests who are staying at one of Sea Side’s fine properties.

However you choose to travel to Rocky Point, Sea Side Reservations makes sure you have a great place to stay once you get there. Our experience and attention to detail make all the difference!