Restaurants in Rocky Point, Mexico

Rocky Point restaurants have undergone a transformation. In years past, you could find great shrimp or Mexican dishes, but not much more. Nowadays in Rocky Point, restaurants offer southern fried chicken, artisanal beers, paninis, pizza, strudel, and many other tasty surprises to enjoy on your next vacation. We like these places best: not only do they serve great food, but they’ve also been around a while and have lots of fans.

What To Eat At Puerto Penasco Restaurants

Like any coastal town, Rocky Point cuisine emphasizes fresh seafood. Eat like a local with these authentic dishes:

Other non-seafood dishes you may enjoy include:


Places to Eat in Rocky Point, Mexico

Here are a few of our favorite Rocky Point restaurants:


Guide To Gratuities For Rocky Point Dining

“La Propina,” or tips, are welcome in Mexico, as in the United States. Wait staff in Rocky Point restaurants are paid below minimum wage, so tipping 15% of the total bill (including tax) is customary.

You can always tip more if your service was exceptional. Tips can reach as high as 25% when special requests are made, “to go” containers are requested, or if your party dallies at the table a particularly long time.

If you are enjoying Happy Hour specials, be sure to tip based on the full price. If you are at the bar, $1-2 pesos per drink is fair gratuity.

If you plan to use a credit card, be sure to ask in advance if a cash tip is necessary. When tipping, use Mexican currency or US bills whenever possible, as US coins have no real value in Mexico.

Accommodations Near The Best Puerto Penasco Restaurants

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