Beaches in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

Where are the perfect Rocky Point beaches? Did you know that there is more than one to choose from? The center of attention for most visitors on vacation, Rocky Point beaches are all easy to get to from your condo or luxury home. Here is a rundown of the places to toss down a blanket, put your toes in the sand, or splash in the waves like a little kid.

Rocky Point Beaches


Sandy Beach

This is the big one. Most of the larger resorts, like The Sonoran Sun, Bella Sirena, or Princesa de Penasco, are situated along Sandy Beach. Running in a straight line from east to west, Sandy Beach gently slopes into the Sea of Cortez. Staying nicely shallow, this beach lets you forget about swimming on calm days (which is most of the time). Since it’s the center of tourist activity, you will find a parade of vendors offering silver jewelry, hair-braiding, ice pops, fresh mangoes dusted with chile and lime, and more, especially on weekends. There are also horses available for a romantic sunset ride.

Out in the shallow waters, jet ski rentals and banana boats are waiting. Overhead, you may hear the buzz of ultralight aircraft. These planes wait by the road to Wrecked at the Reef, ready to take you for an unforgettable ride above the Puerto Penasco beaches.


Playa Hermosa

Sandy Beach turns into Playa Hermosa Beach at the Sonoran Sky Resort. The beach makes a gentle curve as it reaches the rocks along Hotel Penasco del Sol. Similar to Sandy Beach, Playa Hermosa has easy public access from the top of Calle 13. The Playa Bonita Resort hosts an annual Hobie Cat Regatta here in October. Seeing the colorful sailboats off shore makes this one of the most beautiful events on any the Rocky Point beaches.


Las Conchas

Las Conchas is on the east side of Whale Hill. It begins at the base of the hill as Playa Mirador, named for the local neighborhood there. Mi Playa is a section of beach set aside for easy public access, and it is located here. There are barbecues and palapas here. After Mi Playa, the beach passes in front of the Las Conchas area of single-family houses. This is a five-mile section of very nice beach, with stretches of sand as well as rocky reefs that are uncovered at low tide. These are great to explore with kids for crabs, baby shrimp, and octopus as well as shells and sand dollars. There are a number of places to easily access this beach. Sea Side Reservations offers furnished rental homes in Las Conchas. Click to make a reservation.


Playa Encanta

Las Conchas Beach ends at the mouth of a large estuary. On the other side begins Playa Encanto. While Las Conchas often feels like you have the whole beach to yourself, Playa Encanto always has that private-beach feeling. Fewer houses line Playa Encanta, and it is a longer drive out of town to get there, but nature-lovers and privacy-seekers will find it well worth the trip.


La Cholla

Jumping back to the very Western end of town, the little community of Cholla Bay is a great place to experience the extreme tidal swings of a Rocky Point beach Mexico is famous for. The waters of the bay recede at low tide, exposing clams and other sea creatures who live there. Just keep an eye open for when the tide creeps back!

Located in Las Conchas, the CEDO organization works to protect and study the oceans and beaches of Puerto Penasco. Visit them if you would like to learn more about Rocky Point’s natural environment.