Nuevo Vallarta

Nestled between the tranquil Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de Vallejo mountains, Nuevo Vallarta is one of the most visited and exclusive beach destinations of Mexico.

Nuevo Vallarta is a lively destination with it five kilometer (three-mile) shoreline of golden beaches, where visitors can delight in the turquoise-blue ocean and fine sands as well as the various activities offered in this unbeatable climate.And of course, there is no better way to enjoy the late afternoon than by taking in a breathtaking sunset accompanied by the crashing waves as you read a great book.

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Condominiums Carla

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Great location, access to a beautiful beach, boats at the marina, nice restaurants…

Peninsula Resort

Peninsula Resort | Riviera Nayarit | Nuevo Vallarta

Be part of the modernity and tranquility in this beautiful beach of Nuevo Vallarta…

Rental Homes

Nuevo Vallarta Rental Homes

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A destination with notable real estate developments, whether set beachside, among beautiful trees or near exclusive golf clubs, Nuevo Vallarta is an irresistible invitation to establish this tropical paradise as your home away from home.

Nuevo Vallarta is also home to the most exclusive restaurants of the Riviera Nayarit with menus offering everything from the intense tastes of Mexican and regional cuisine to a la carte gourmet delicacies that guarantee a unique culinary experience.Nuevo Vallarta also offer a variety of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Options include beach sports, golf, scuba diving, surfing, yoga classes, gym equipment and sports fields and courts.

Also worthy of praise are the sophisticated spas where you can enjoy revitalizing treatments for mind, body and spirit such as hydrotherapy, sauna treatments, and hydro-reflexology, among others.

Nuevo Vallarta is home to two of the most important marinas in the country: Nuevo Vallarta Marina and Paradise Village Marina, which can accommodate close to 500 vessels.

Adventurous visitors can admire an important variety of flora and fauna of the region such as white herons, iguanas and a variety of fish species and birds.

With a warm, sub-humid tropical climate, Nuevo Vallarta is located where the fresh water of the Ameca River meets the salty waves of the Pacific, thus providing the ideal environment for a variety of bird species such as herons, ducks, pelicans and seagulls as well as numerous impressive reptiles that choose to make this their home.

True nature lovers will rejoice with the arrival year after year of hawksbill, Olive Ridley and leatherback turtles on the shores of Nuevo Vallarta. These incredible animals come to these golden sands to lay their eggs and in turn, preserve their species. For this reason, a turtle sanctuary has been established to guarantee protection for these turtles and their young from the dangers that they may encounter on their way back to the ocean.

Tourist Activities

Aquatics Sports

You can enjoy the Snorkel, Diving, The Fishing of Depth, Windsurfing, Excursions in Catamaran or Yacht, the classic Bananas, and the big speed of an aquatic motor bike.

Adventures withs Dolphins

The Dolphinarium of Nuevo Vallarta is provided with educational programs on Dolphins, which give you the opportunity to interact with these creatures. The program gives you the opportunity to swim and play with Dolphins and this program is called Dolphin Adventure, it is provided with a trainer´s program for one day wich allows you to learn about the Dolphins.

Turtles reservation

The tourist attraction of the camp of turtles will be provided by a conversation and the proyection of a video, later you will cover the beaches in company of a specializing biologist.


It is a water Park where the adventure is enjoyed by the big or small ones. In this park exist exciting tobogans that land in the pool and to have a relax time you can be in the slow river. Splash is the ideal park for all the family since it is a fun and exciting place to be.


There are 2 Golf courses: Vidanta Golf and The Tiger, these places are wonderful to be able to enjoy this big sport and they possess such big obstacles like lakes, rivers, sandgrounds, and others with a magnificent sight towards the sea.


Enjoy a horseback ridding in the jungle, you can ride towards the ranches on Nuevo Vallarta outskirts or also can go ridding on the beaches in a nice evening. A nice way to discover this Paradise.