Viva Condominiums

Comfortably seated against the beach and snugged by the tourist corridor of this wondrous land, a soft colored compound stretches around desertic landscapes and pristine pools. From the main entrance, where a low curb in the dark asphalt rises in white and spells its name, the low towers merge into the coarse sanded common grounds; cacti and palm trees adorn the paradisiac gardens alongside sapphire-colored pools and the stunning, ever-changing horizon that blends steel blue and turquoise skies with the fire opals that adorn the dusks and dawns.

Inside the grounds, a tennis court offers its ample, green surface gently guarded by a tall fence that makes sure stray balls will cause no disturbance in the common areas. The pool and decks offer a way into one of the most stunning sceneries in Baja: the glistening Sea of Cortez against the thick beach sand and the scraped hillsides that create monuments in the archipelago that is Land’s End.
From the shore, fishing, sunbathing, walking and meditation are common, catching anything from carps and roosterfish to serendipity and peace. Here and there, ray fish spread their fins and attempt to fly, only to splash back into the water with loud noises and stunning halos of mist. On the season, whales can be seen dancing and playing in the waters that feed their young and see the births of their newborn calves. And inside the comfort of the homes, life revolves around that very sentiment of tranquility that only the soft murmur of the crashing sea waves can provide. Blending in the soft, warm color of the desert around and the thick grains of the white-ish sand that coats the seashore, this wonderful compound marks a staple for “beach-side living”.
Arrive here, in the heart of the San José Tourist Corridor, where hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers are a swift walk away; where the estuary is in short sight and breathtaking beauty; where whales roam close to shore and send jets of salty breeze and breath into the skies; where the Sunsets ablaze the Sky every morn and sunset and the moon grows just above the surface of the sea and shines like a giant pearl in the sky. Here, where the heart yearns for more.
Arrive home at Viva Condominiums.